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Withernot Heritage Rugby Shirts | The Coolector

  • May 23, 2024
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Withernot Heritage Rugby Shirts | The Coolector

There are some pieces of menswear which, quite simply, don’t go out of fashion and classic, heritage style rugby shirts are a prime example. Well, you don’t have to go rooting around vintage clothes shops to add a haul of these awesome tops to your wardrobe rotation because the guys at Withernot have an unparalleled selection of heritage rugby shirts to choose from. We’ll take 10.

Withernot were founded by Patrick Hill and they released their first classic rugby shirt back in 2020 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. Back in the 70s, rugby shirts found an unexpected new purpose: rock climbing. Their twill collars protected against neck abrasion from climbing ropes, while their durable rubber buttons and heavyweight knit fabric withstood scrapes and tears.

This practical functionality led to a surge in popularity for rugby shirts throughout the 70s and into the 80s, making them a staple for climbers and adventurers alike. It is these classy shirts that Withernot are striving to recreate and, from what we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ, they’re doing it with aplomb. Withernot rugby shirts maintain the same signature heavyweight construction but now feature new stripe designs and bright, bold, modern colours.

Over time, your Withernot rugby will break in and softly fade, achieving that ideal worn-in look. These shirts are perfect for crisp mornings on the trail, relaxing after a long day, or looking sharp for that Friday afternoon Zoom meeting. Priced at $125, the Withernot Heritage Rugby Shirts truly are built to last (the brand is based upon the founder’s father’s rugby shirt that he took to college) and you’ll be wearing these excellent tops for many years to come yourself.

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