Why Men Should Use Instagram Dating

  • Jul 11, 2023
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Why Men Should Use Instagram Dating

Instagram dating is now a reality. For most men who use this app, it’s a place to just invisibly simp on women. This is a waste of a valuable resource. Instagram can be a powerful tool in your hands, or it can be a total waste of your time, and even worse, it can make you look low-value. On Instagram, how you’re seen by both men and women depends on the quality of your digital presence. With an effective profile, people will perceive you as a high-status individual who commands respect. And by learning specific strategies to maximize reach – such as engaging with others’ content or increasing your followership – one can outshine most users and create life-changing opportunities for yourself. These opportunities are all in terms of dating, relationships, and social standing. Ultimately, having that extra edge could unlock greater success within the sexual marketplace than ever before! The World Has Changed – Perception Is Reality It’s been said that the modern world has opened up an “illusion” of reality, and this has never been truer than in the age of social media. With an endless stream of photo-shopped images and curated posts, what we see on social media can often be a far cry from what is actually true. Unfortunately, perception has become reality in many cases; we judge people and situations based on their online presence rather than looking beyond that to get the full story. In this way, it’s no wonder why they say “perception is reality”! You Must Adapt To The New World Or Get Left Behind If you are like me and prefer a more traditional way of Game, then I totally understand. But if you ignore this then you are ignoring one of the biggest laws of a high-value man: You must be able to adapt. You must be able to become like water and flow with whatever the universe throws at you. The reality is that most women today are on Instagram, that is the reality. Instagram is the new town square for women. This is not a place where we try to show our high IQ levels, but it is a place where we show our ability to play mind games by getting into woman’s imagination. Now, this does not mean you don’t need a traditional Game, of course, you do, there are still a lot of opportunities to meet women, but not using the Instagram dating opportunity is like leaving money on the table. And one last point about traditional Game. You will still need your social dynamics skills,because guess what? The goal is to get the women from Instagram and meet them for a date. If You Are Still Focusing On Tinder, You Are Playing a Losing Game, Focus on: Instagram Dating With the online dating climate of Tinder heavily weighted toward men, those seeking a more balanced dating platform need only turn to Instagram. Global usage shows that over half of all users are male, while almost fifty percent are female. 75.8% of all Tinder users are men, and only 24.2% are women. On Instagram on the other hand,51.6% of all users are men, and 48.4% are women. The reality is that Tinder is now a sausage festival,time to move on. The Perception Of A High-Value Man Instagram Profile Template If you are new to the Game,start a brand new profile. We are going to start from scratch. Keep the golden rule in your mind, perception is reality. So even if you are not a high-status man yet, we want to create the perception that you are. Fake it till you make it, but only if you are actually doing the work to get better. If you are a loser just dabbling with success, then stop reading now. We want men who are doing the work to get in the Game of life and win. That being said, we will start with 20 pictures, that is it. Then you can slowly start building on that solid foundation. And obviously, you need good pictures. But what makes a good Instagram picture? Obviously, more expensive brands look the best, but you can still look good and stylish if you stick to basic guidelines. You can buy stylish clothes at stores like Zara that look good but is very affordable. But these pictures must follow the following guidelines: Stick to masculine colors like black, or dark blue for your shirts.You can try other colors but make sure it’s well fitted and tasteful.  Take 5 pictures in cafes by yourself having a coffee, checking your phone, or reading the paper. You can wear stylish sunglasses if sitting at an outside table. Take 5 pictures in bars and clubs hanging out with friends and women. 5 pictures on vacation, preferably abroad at an exotic location. Do the best you can, if you can’t travel then get a nice sunset on top of a famous building. Just make it work.  5 lifestyle pictures, for example, you in the gym, you standing next to a supercar, at a pool or gym, and a picture with a pet, preferably a cute puppy. This is your main profile now, so only post good pictures. Quality over quantity, do not post average pictures. You only post aesthetic profile pics for Instagram. Approach this as a science experiment. See which picture gets the best responses and remove the ones that get no reactions, but give it time to develop. Remember, it’s a new profile. Also, don’t rush this. Take some time and take really good pictures. Rather do it properly in terms of building the foundation of your profile. Make a list of good locations where high-value men spend their time, dress well, and go drink a cup of coffee there and take a few pictures. Take a few wardrobe changes so you don’t look exactly the same in all the pictures. Or you can spread it out over a few days. The point is to make your foundational 20 pictures extremely good to make a good impression. The Halo effect is real and looks matter, so do this right. Later you can just add more pictures as you build your value and have more interesting experiences. But again, build a solid foundation. Remember, attention is the new currency. We dont care about influencer attention, we care about meeting high-value feminine women. Attention And The The Female Imagination Some of you might say, “John, that’s stupid, those types of pictures won’t work.” Yes, you will say that because you are looking at it like a man with no imagination. You have to think about it from the perspective of a woman. Women, most of the time, are not rational, they filter reality through their emotions. What most guys do not know about women is that their imagination is their most powerful and treasured tool, both for finding a mate and for their own entertainment. Women will get triggered by high-value men, and they will immediately start creating a story about that man in their imagination. She will start placing you in the movie in her imagination. And if you dont fit into that story, then you didnt trigger enough attraction through her emotions. The bottom line is that you need to create a story through your Instagram profile that sparks her imagination. Your pictures should be the dry grass that sparks her imagination and fires up that big oven in her mind that is her imagination. Our masculine frame should be so strong that she will see herself in the mental picture that you created. As I mentioned before, women love fantasy, and that’s why they love movies like Fifty Shades Of Grey. How do we spark her emotions? Well, we should sprinkle man of value qualities all through our profile. Remember, everything a man does signals to women who he is. All these signals tell a woman about your value. You can message her by showing the following in your profile: Your Looks You have resources Social Value (friends, connections) You look dangerous (Not scary, but someone that could be her protector) Fun Good Lifestyle But you also have a caring side (show a puppy in a picture) The whole point is to be a holistic man of value. As I mentioned before, you might not be a man of value yet at all levels, but you must at least be working towards that goal. So all of you reading this will be at different levels. So work with what you have and keep on developing. And until then, work on your masculine frame and fake it until you make it. But, do the work! The Goal Is To Get Pretty Instagram Girls Through Attention Let me spell out the modern social media dating reality: The more attention you get, the more women and sex you will get. In modern social media, attention is everything. A great way to get more attention is to be controversial, so every now and then, post something edgy. For example, post a meme that most guys would not post for the fear of being judged. But we are not most guys. We want to have a profile that penetrates her psychology in terms of triggering ancient attraction switches. One of those, is men that are fearless. And if you mix humor into that, it’s a powerful combination to meet more sexy Instagram girls. Build Up Your Social Proof – Have Options With Pretty Instagram girls The world has changed, but old principles still apply. You need social proof the same as you always did. Instagram will give that to you. Whether it’s in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Miami, Cape Town, Sydney, or Paris. It’s all the same. Social proof is now ironically the main currency for success with modern women, and having a powerful Instagram game gives that to you. Building Your Instagram Profile Location, Location,Location Yes, location matters, if you are living in the middle of nowhere, then this is not going to work. You want to be in a city. Like with all dating, it’s a numbers game. The reality is a lot of women will flake on you, but many will not. However, if you live in a small town, then you will just not have the numbers on your side. That is reality. Preferably a big city. But a medium to a large city is fine. Then you must focus on your city of choice. Don’t try to be the man everywhere, being the man everywhere will come automatically as your value grows. And yes, as I mentioned earlier, you must be a man of value or in the process of becoming a man of value. But let’s get back to the location. For now, focus on your city, so it’s easy for you to connect with women on Instagram and go on dates. That is the whole point. We don’t want to spend our whole life only talking online, we want to meet these Instagram girls in real life. Before you move on to the next step, make sure your profile is set up with at least 20 solid photos. Reconnaissance First, we need to do some reconnaissance or research. With that, I mean you need to figure out where the hip and cool places are where the high-value individuals in your city hang out. Do some online research or ask some friends about the best bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes in your city. Then find the Instragam pages of those places and see who tagged themselves at those locations. Start Following Women At Those Locations Now you have the hot locations and now you will find all the hot women. Follow as many women as possible, but limit your following to 100 a day or you might get blocked by Instagram. Then slowly start building up your account. Some women will follow back, and a lot of them will not, especially at the beginning. Don’t worry too much about only following the hottest women you can find. Remember, once a woman follows you, you can become friends with her hot friends and build your social value by having a variety of friends in your profile. Remember, it’s all about social value and building up connections. Start Messaging So, as I mentioned earlier, the whole point of Instagram is to meet women, not just talk to them online. This means we need to start messaging them. Your whole messaging strategy should be based on one mindset: Be bold and determined. Don’t play the Disney character that most betas try to be when they talk to women. Don’t be a suckup, it doesn’t matter if you are online, don’t look like a weak loser. Most betas start with “Oh, you are so beautiful” and “Oh, you are so gorgeous”. Just stop!! That’s weak and boring. We want to start with a remark or quistion that is a humorous neg. That means we are making a remark that is kind of rude but mixed in with humor that takes the edge off it, so it doesn’t seem over the top. For example, “Do you always look like a pain in the ass in your pictures? Or is it just this one?” It’s something most guys will not ask, so it will get her attention and spike her emotions. This is one example of a message. You can build your own style of messaging, but just follow the golden rule: Do not be a weak simp. Be bold and determined in your approach. You dont want to keep on talking with her for weeks. After a bit of talking, ask her out for a drink or coffee. If she says yes, the great. If she doesn’t, no big deal, move on to the next one. It’s all a numbers game. But as your value grows, you will get more and more yes answers from Instagram girls. You must have an abundance mindset as a high-value man, and when you live in Abundance, you have options. Always Have Options: Instagram Will Give You That. Our old friend Rollo Tomassi in his book, The Rational Male, talks about the importance of having options. He says there are very few things more attractive to a woman than a man that has options. This is also the reason why a man who lives in scarcity and simp for women is so unattractive. Having options means that even if your date or relationship doesn’t work out, then there is another woman behind her that is ready to take her place. And having options becomes really powerful when your current girlfriend or wife knows you have options. And with Instagram, you can build up this perception of having options the more you grow your account and, more importantly, the more you grow your value. If you have an interesting life and you share that on Instagram, then you will always be in demand. This is the irony of modern life is that men have been conditioned to act weak and simp for women their whole lives. They have weak frames and fail consistently in their relationships. Their whole understanding of relationships and the psychology of women is wrong, and they dont know it. They do not realize that 20% of high-value men in the world get most of the high-value women. They dont understand that they, too, can live in that world if they are willing to do the work, but more importantly, they believe that it’s possible. In fact, that is the most important part, you must believe it’s possible. If you dont believe it’s possible to live a great life, then nothing will change. This is the sad reality. Many men who read this article will not believe the truth behind these words, and they will ignore it and go back to their depressing lives. They will then see high-value men around them do exactly as I described, but they still won’t believe it. However, there is a handful of men who has courage and determination that will bet on themselves to win in this game of life and start taking action and live the life they always wanted. Life is too short too not to have a lot of fun. And life is not a lot of fun if you don’t get to meet a lot of high-value women. But you must be willing to educate yourself and build your value. The Reality Of Hypergamy One last part of this puzzle to make you understand the reality of women a bit better. Women are hypergamous by nature. Hypergamy is something that is deeply ingrained into the DNA of women. It’s something they evolved with. It’s a type of survival framework that gave women an unconscious monitoring system to scan for high-value men and also warn them of low-value men. Why do women have this system? Well, if a woman has a baby with a low-value man, then she and her baby will be in danger. So she must scan as best as she possibly can for the best man she can get. The more beautiful she is, the harder she will scan. There are other variables, too, like the time of the month and her age. But the bottom line is Hypergamy is real, and that is why Instagram fits so perfectly into a woman’s hypergamous nature. It gives her time to observe the frame that a man presents to the world through his Instagram profile and make a decision based on that. This might sound insane to many, but this is the world we live in now. And ancient female survival system that s being filtered through Instragram. It’s both funny and a reality in the modern world. Now, you can cry about this and complain about how unfair it is, or you can take advantage of the reality the modern world created. Remember, you have the knowledge and the tools on this website to build value and raise your value. And right now, you also have the opportunity to build a great Instagram profile that will funnel beautiful women into your world. The opportunity is yours to take or let it go past you, and you stay exactly the same Your choice! Conclusion. If you want to learn more details about how to build your Instagram profile into something that will get a lot of attention, then I recommend you check out Submission Secrets and earn all the other secrets to trigger a woman’s imagination. Until next time.
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