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Unconventional Date Ideas for the Modern Couple – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

  • Jan 18, 2024
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Unconventional Date Ideas for the Modern Couple – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

Today’s post is about fun ways to spend time together and create shared memories.

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When it comes to dating in the modern era, it can be difficult to find someone with the same
values and ideals as you. That is why the getting to know each other step is crucial when you are planning on romantically linking up with someone.

When you do find a person that you want to get to know on a romantic level and see if you
are compatible, you can take one of two routes – because not everyone can navigate the dating rigmarole with ease. Some people can end up letting their anxiety and nervousness trouble them when meeting someone new.

The first way is going with the conventional date ideas like visiting a coffee shop, going for dinner, having a picnic, watching a movie, etc. Here you can devote your time to know one another without any distractions. Alternatively, you can switch things up and do something a little different, something that will help you get to know each other better through activities. We have compiled a list of alternative ideas for a date that you can go on with your partner.

Go on a scavenger hunt

This is a fun way to spend time together while finding out about each other. You can either
create your own hunt or find a company that creates these types of activities for groups of
couples. It will be a memorable and unique experience, and you will both see each other in a
fun and exciting light.

Take a cooking class together

You can book a couple of spots in a cooking or baking class together. You will have an opportunity to bond while learning something new for both of you. This will also help you get to know each other while doing something fun that will stand out in your memory.

Taking a craft class

Similar to the idea of a cooking class, doing an activity together makes a great icebreaker that takes the pressure off you when getting to know someone. Conversation can flow more easily in these situations and won’t feel forced. You will also get to see a creative perspective of your date that most usually won’t.

Go shopping

When we say shopping, we don’t mean heading out to a mall and spending the day browsing stores. Make an effort to go out to flea markets, farmers’ markets, pop-ups, and places that are different. Not only will you be spending time in a casual setting and getting to know each other, but you will also be able to discover more things that you both take an interest in and score a few deals in the process.

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Go on a day tour.

This way, your whole day will be preplanned, and all you need to do is prepare for this trip
and spend time with each other, discovering a new place. Sharing a new experience together
will create a unique bond and something that you can look back on fondly.

Just want to go out and do something?

Sometimes you don’t want to experience a date with another person but want to feel special and go out to something adventurous, there are options for that too.

Solo Dates

Planning an outing for yourself, just as you would for a date, but you treat yourself to a good
time. You can do something simple or go all out. It’s anything that will make you happy.

Parallel play

This is an activity that stems from toddler behavior, whereby children will be in each other’s
company but doing their own activities. This has been adopted by adults who want company
present, but don’t necessarily want to interact with each other. You can do things together,
while still doing your individual activities.

Inviting a plus-one

Wanting to go out on a date without any romantic connotations attached is perfectly acceptable in modern-day living. You can go on friend dates, or you can enlist the assistance of a male escort to be your company on your day out. These offer strictly platonic activities without worrying about trying to impress the next person or feeling too self-conscious.


Navigating the world of dating and being an adult in the 21st century is not easy. However,
there are innovative ways to meet people and connect with others while still having fun and having a memorable time out. From solo dates to scavenger hunts, there is something that will help break the ice and offer a unique shared experience between two people.

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