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Top 10 French Terry Towelling Clothing Pieces For Men

  • Aug 16, 2023
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Top 10 French Terry Towelling Clothing Pieces For Men

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to have noticed the unrelenting proliferation of terry cloth garments in menswear over the last few summer seasons.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise either. The only reason to raise eyebrows is to wonder at why it hasn’t been an intrinsic part of our warm-weather wardrobes ever since the 50s when the likes of Sean Connery and Cary Grant made it popular.

What Is Terry Cloth?

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Terry cloth originated in 19th century France. The word ‘terry’ comes from the French verb ‘tirer’, meaning ‘to pull’, a reference to how it is constructed: by pulling long knots of cotton through dense, woven pieces of cloth, creating a fabric which is looped on one side and smooth on the other.

Unrivalled in its absorbent prowess, terry cloth effortlessly wicks moisture away from the body, making it the perfect summer companion. Its textured surface has a wonderfully soft and tactile feel, rendering it a stylish canvas for a myriad of silhouettes. It’s playful yet refined, maintaining a relaxed air without compromising on sophistication, as you’ll see below.

The Essential Men’s Terry Cloth Lineup

Terry Cloth T-Shirt

Simple yet effortlessly effective, the terry cloth T-shirt is no-brainer for your summer wardrobe, being super easy to integrate into your holiday outfits or simply as a textural addition to your off-duty looks.

You can pair it with tailored shorts for a laid-back daytime getup or wear it with chinos and an unstructured blazer for an understated evening look while on holiday.

Crew neck styles work best, while neutral tones such as navy, beige and sky blue will help you get the most use out of this stylish garment.

Terry Cloth Shorts

A leisurely alternative to standard shorts, terry cloth shorts bring a tonne of textured allure to your summer outfits. Interestingly, a number of brands have released terry cloth sets this year, featuring terry cloth shorts with complementary terry tees or polos.

They are an effortless way to elevate a beach-bound look with a touch of smart uniformity. That said, if matching sets aren’t your thing, you can wear terry cloth shorts with a crisp white tee to give the looped texture the best chance to make a statement.

Terry Cloth Polo Shirt

Bridging the gap between a classic polo shirt and contemporary comfort, the terry cloth variant has a breezy nonchalance about it. Polos are great whichever way you shake them, but in terry cloth format they take on a playful vibe.

The soft collar construction and looped textural pile makes them a great piece to complement chino shorts or even as a dressed-down foil to tailored trousers in the evening.

Terry Cloth Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

While we’re on the subject of polos, we couldn’t not include the long-sleeved iteration. In merino wool, it’s a shape that has become a smart yet sophisticated alternative to the traditional shirt, but when cut in terry cloth it becomes so much more laid back.

There’s something surf-inspired about it, hence why it feels right at home in a resortwear wardrobe, worn with casual shorts and espadrilles.

Terry Cloth Sweatshirt

Redefining cozy aesthetics, the terry cloth sweatshirt infuses the streetwear silhouette with a touch of casual resort-inspired style.

Lightweight and extremely tactile, the terry sweatshirt delivers a tonne of texture to your off-duty looks, and will segue seamlessly into your loungewear rotation, too.

Wear it with cotton chinos or chino shorts in the summer to give your smart-casual holiday outfits a tactile upgrade.

Terry Cloth Blazer

The pièce de résistance perhaps? It’s certainly one of the rarer garments you’ll find on this list, but as athleisure has crept into all aspects of our style lives, it has given rise to some really interesting hybrids – the terry cloth blazer being one of them.

But can you really combine tailoring principles with a cloth that was originally designed for towels? Absolutely. The terry cloth blazer is a masterstroke of suave innovation. Seamlessly straddling formal and casual realms, it encapsulates the fabric’s versatility in a single, stylish silhouette.

Ralph Lauren has created a number of iterations, as has Oliver Spencer, while menswear hustler Matt Hranek also once collaborated on a version with Armor Lux.

Terry Cloth Cuban Collar Shirt

What’s really fun about adopting terry cloth into your wardrobe is seeing it cut in menswear silhouettes that it has up to now seemed to swerve.

One such garment is the Cuban collar shirt, which is usually reserved for breezy cotton twills or poplins, and of course, linen.

Fusing the timeless charm of the Cuban collar with the comfort of terry cloth brings a whole new energy to the vintage silhouette, making it feel really modern and different.

Terry Cloth Tracksuit Top

The relentless march of athleisure shows no signs of abating even if the runways are starting to pivot to a more tailored aesthetic. Comfort is king, which makes the terry cloth tracksuit top the emperor of a sports-inspired casual wardrobe.

The textured facade adds an unexpected dimension to the streetwear shape, and harks back to the velvety tennis track tops of the 70s by the likes of Sergio Tacchini and Fila.

Terry Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt

The short-sleeve shirt is an essential summer garment no matter what fabric it is constructed from, but suffice to say it’s usually made from cotton or linen.

A terry cloth version completely changes the vibe to something inherently more fun and casual. The textural element gives your summer looks a greater degree of dimension, whether you dress it up with smart cotton chinos or opt for a more relaxed look with shorts.

Terry Cloth Hoodie

If any of the garments in this curation have been borrowed from surf culture then it’s the terry cloth hoodie. If you surf, why wouldn’t you own a terry hoodie? Absorbent, warm and stylish, it is the perfect amalgamation of form and function.

You can style it as a beach-ready piece, or use the texture factor to give you something different with baggy jeans. Either way, nothing beats it for laid-back comfort.

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