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The New Wave of Men’s Tailoring: Relaxed Shapes Dominate

  • Sep 26, 2023
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The New Wave of Men’s Tailoring: Relaxed Shapes Dominate

In the ever-evolving landscape of men’s fashion, the slim-fit suit—a staple for years—now shares the stage with a more relaxed, casual silhouette. The red carpet has become a theater where this sartorial shift is most vividly displayed. Luxury designs for 2023 and 2024 embrace this relaxed aesthetic, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to be well-suited.

Jacob Elordi: Towering in Bottega Veneta

Jacob Elordi, the 26-year-old actor, stood like a modern-day Goliath at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. The Priscilla star’s towering 6’5″ frame was elegantly draped in a pre-fall 2023 Bottega Veneta ensemble. 

The blend of viscose and silk suit featured a semi-relaxed cut that breathed new life into the traditional suit silhouette. A patch pocket added a touch of whimsy, making Elordi’s look a compelling argument for the relaxed shape’s return to the limelight.

Chase Stokes: Color in Michael Kors

Chase Stokes illuminated the pink carpet at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey. Dressed in a Michael Kors Collection outfit, Stokes wore a red poppy bonded wool gabardine Chesterfield coat that was a showstopper. 

Beneath the coat, an open black silk shirt and relaxed-cut pleated trousers in white wool gabardine created a harmonious blend of colors. The ensemble showcased how a relaxed shape can still make a bold, sartorial statement.

Will Sharpe: Roomy Elegance in Bottega Veneta

Will Sharpe, the rising star from The White Lotus, graced Vogue World 2023 in London with a classic and contemporary look. Dressed in Bottega Veneta’s pre-fall 2023 collection, Sharpe wore a Prince of Wales jacket and trousers that seemed to float around him. 

The voluminous cut, paired with a stretch rib cotton tank top and Spada loafers, demonstrated how relaxed tailoring can still exude a sense of refinement and sophistication.

Justin Timberlake: Sophistication in Dior Men

Justin Timberlake, the pop icon, made a memorable appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey. Wearing tailored separates by Dior Men, Timberlake’s ensemble was a masterclass in relaxed elegance.

A navy blended cotton tweed jacket was paired with beige blended wool tweed pants and black leather boots. The look was a nod to the casual, relaxed aesthetic reshaping the world of men’s tailoring.

Relaxed Shapes Ahead

The red carpet has spoken: relaxed shapes are not just a fleeting trend but a meaningful shift in how men approach tailoring. This new wave of relaxed silhouettes offers a fresh, casual take on the classic suit, proving that elegance and comfort can coexist.

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