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The Best Men’s Fashion Brands On Earth Today (For Every Item)

  • Feb 13, 2024
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The Best Men’s Fashion Brands On Earth Today (For Every Item)

The modern retail market is dominated by jack-of-all-trades labels attempting to offer all things to all men, and doing none of it particularly well. That’s fine if you’re happy to just wear whatever, but if you’re the kind of guy who likes quality garments with real stories and heritage behind them, there are far better places to spend your money.

Some labels have spent decades if not centuries honing their respective crafts and becoming leaders in their fields. These are the brands that either picked a lane and stuck with it, or produced a specific product so brilliant that it became their whole identity. We’re talking menswear’s Coca-Colas, Rolls Royces and Apples – the labels that are the biggest and/or best at what they do.

It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but below is our pick of the brands that we feel are masters of their crafts. Whether it’s creating the perfect everyday sneaker or producing the world’s finest cashmere, these are the names you need to know.

Levi’s: Jeans

Does Levi’s produce the best denim on the face of the earth? Absolutely not. There are thousands of independent brands out there making superior jeans, but this Californian label laid the template for all of them.

Key styles like the 501 and the trucker jacket are legendary, having been imitated a million times over, and while the mainline range is mostly average in terms of quality, the brand still produces plenty of top-tier denim through its archive-inspired Levi’s Vintage Clothing arm.

Quite simply, it’s the most iconic brand for jeans there is.

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Arc’teryx: Shell Jackets

Based at the gateway to Canada’s wilderness in North Vancouver, Arc’teryx is perfectly positioned to develop the greatest outdoor gear in the world. And while it may not have invented the Gore-Tex shell, it certainly perfected it. The brand actually started out making climbing harnesses, but after branching out into other areas of outdoor apparel, waterproof shell jackets quickly became its most popular products.

There’s no shortage of brands making jackets out of Gore-Tex, but Arc’teryx’s forward-thinking approach to design, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality have made it the go-to for those who push their outerwear to the limits in the toughest conditions on earth.

Not only that, its dead-bird logo has become a common sight in fashion circles too, making Arc’teryx one of the hottest labels of the moment.

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Barbour: Waxed Jackets

If you’ve ever been to South Shields in the northeast of England, it may not have struck you as a likely home for a royal-warrant brand that is routinely worn by aristocrats and members of the landed gentry. But that’s where Barbour has been crafting its famous waxed jackets for well over a century.

Musty-smelling rainwear is Barbour’s USP, and everything from the check lining of its jackets to the distinctive circular zip pulls have become instantly recognisable and utterly iconic to anyone who knows their outerwear onions.

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Schott NYC: Leather Jackets

Schott NYC’s leather jackets are some of the best in the world, and have inspired countless copycats over the years. The Perfecto motorcycle jacket was born in the 1920s, and became a global symbol of rebellion when it was worn on screen by Marlon Brando in the seminal 1953 film The Wild One.

This cropped, belted jacket with its asymmetric styling, zippered pockets and epaulettes was the first of its kind when it launched, and it has since come to define motorcycle jacket design. It’s the original and best, and Schott NYC is the brand behind it.

Make sure to check out the A-2 flight jacket too, which is a legend in its own right.

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Canada Goose: Parkas

Love the brand or hate it, Canada Goose’s parkas are sought after for a reason. These bombproof coats are now a common sight in upmarket urban areas, but they were designed for the harshest conditions on the planet.

They’ve long been the go-to for Arctic researchers, wildlife photographers, explorers and anyone else who works and operates in extreme sub-zero temperatures, and now that the brand has announced it is phasing out its controversial use of fur, you can rock its coats relatively guilt-free.


Red Wing: Work Boots

Since 1905, American brand Red Wing has been making the roughest, toughest leather work boots in the business. These are boots built for the long haul and designed to take a battering as they go. They’ve become famous for their rugged good looks, bombproof build quality and almost infinite repairability.

Red Wing boots also have the benefit of looking the part with just about any casual outfit you could imagine. They’re the type of boots you can wear day in, day out, and they’ll only improve with age.

Team them up with a pair of raw denim jeans and a well-fitting plain white tee for a classic casual look.

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R.M.Williams: Chelsea Boots

Historic Australian label R.M.Williams started out making handmade footwear for farmers, bushmen and blue-collar workers, but you’re more likely to find its Goodyear-welted boots clip-clopping around city streets than outback ranches these days.

The brand’s elasticated Chelseas are famous for their artful build quality, and for using high-end leather that develops a beautiful patina over time. They’re unique in their construction too, being made from a single piece of leather, which gives them a distinctively clean look that wears well with anything from jeans to tailored pants.

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Brunello Cucinelli: Cashmere Knitwear

With a nickname like the King of Cashmere, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that this Italian stealth-wealth brand makes some of the finest garments in the world, using some of the most luxurious woollen fabric known to man.

From scarves to sweaters, Brunello Cucinelli’s cashmere knitwear is unrivalled both in terms of its quality and its frankly ludicrous prices. Still, if you can afford to pay them without worrying then why not buy the best?

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New Balance: Lifestyle Sneakers

When it comes to comfy everyday sneakers that look as good as they feel on foot, no brand does it better than New Balance. With iconic models like the 990, the 574 and the 550, the Bostonian footwear brand is one of the few labels that’s held in equally high regard by pensioners and fashion-savvy youngsters alike.

The key to New Balance’s success is its knack for blending style and comfort. The brand’s lifestyle sneakers are known for their support and cloud-like cushioning, but they’re also famous for their design and aesthetics. This is perpetuated by an ever-present stream of high-profile collabs that help to fuel the hype and keep NB at the top of the game.

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Common Projects: Luxury Sneakers

Sneakers were still very much considered sportswear when the Common Projects Achilles Low first launched back in 2009. They were worn casually, but they were nowhere near as widely accepted in society as they are today. Back then, most clubs and bars would deny entry to anyone wearing a pair of white leather tennis shoes, but the NYC label changed all of that when it decided to reinvent sneakers using design elements borrowed from dress shoes.

The Achilles Low was the first sneaker made with premium materials and traditional hand-stitched construction. It was a game changer, taking sneakers from strictly sportswear to something that could legitimately be worn with tailoring or tracksuit bottoms.

Countless brands have attempted to cash in on the winning formula since, but Common Projects will always be the original and best.

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Inverallan: Chunky Knitwear

Scottish brand Inverallan has been making some of the most robust knitwear in the game since the 1970s. Its chunky fisherman sweaters are the stuff of legend, and while some are produced in bulk for retailers, many of the garments sold directly by the brand are one of a kind.

Each Inverallan sweater takes approximately 70 hours to hand knit, and the quality is far beyond most other labels. We think they make excellent buy-it-for-life propositions, thanks to their heft, durability, and the fact that they’re unlikely to fall out of fashion in our lifetimes.

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Oliver Peoples: Eyewear

American eyewear brand Oliver Peoples has long had a reputation as the leading name in luxury specs and sunglasses. It is responsible for many iconic frame designs that have been imitated again and again by lesser labels.

Unfortunately, Oliver Peoples was acquired by eyewear conglomerate Luxottica a while back, which some claim led to a decline in quality, but regardless of whether that’s true or not, the name still carries a lot of weight and the key styles that brought the brand to prominence remain staples within the range.

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Patagonia: Fleece Jackets

The fleece jacket is a comfy casual staple that every man should own. It’s great as a mid-layer in freezing weather, perfect as an outer layer for keeping cosy in the cold and thanks to the ongoing gorpcore trend, it’s finally managed to shake off its undeserved uncool reputation.

If you’ve spent any time searching for the perfect fleece to add to your wardrobe, chances are you’ve come across Patagonia’s. The Californian outdoor brand’s Synchilla and Retro-X fleeces have been around under various guises for decades, and they’re still two of the most iconic fleece designs out there today.

Those pullover and thick-pile styles with contrast pockets you’ve seen elsewhere? They probably wouldn’t have existed without Patagonia doing it first. So why not skip the rest and buy the best?

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Burberry: Raincoats

Few garments can claim as rich a heritage as that of the Burberry raincoat. Designed by Thomas Burberry in the early 1900s, this revolutionary piece of outerwear made use of materials that were highly technical at the time to seal the rain out. It gained popularity as a military issue coat during the First World War and was later adopted by urban professionals who needed something elegant yet functional to keep their expensive tailoring dry.

Today, Burberry’s raincoats are as popular as ever, with numerous styles, a thriving secondary market, hordes of celebrity wearers and even a Royal Warrant. Unfortunately, they’re also eye-wateringly expensive, but that’s to be expected when you’re buying the best.

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Orlebar Brown: Swimwear

British resortwear label Orlebar Brown changed the men’s swimwear game with the introduction of its premium ‘tailored’ swim shorts more than a decade ago. A far cry from baggy board shorts or bulging budgie smugglers, these high-end swimmers were flattering, smart and versatile enough to pair with a shirt and loafers without raising any eyebrows.

They were the first real beach-to-bar shorts, demystifying vacation packing for stylish men with inadequate baggage allowance around the world, and as far as we’re concerned, they still haven’t been bettered.

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Sunspel: T-shirts

The eternal quest for the perfect T-shirt is a largely personal affair, but the closest we’ve ever come to a widely available and objectively excellent plain tee is with those made by British luxury basics brand Sunspel.

Sunspel’s high-end T-shirts are made in England and follow the script for what makes a great tee to the letter. The fit is immaculate, the quality is next level and the premium fabric hangs beautifully on the body.

Plus, there are several different types to choose from, so whether you like them thin and floaty or reassuringly thick and heavy, your preferences will be well-catered for.

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Turnbull & Asser: Dress Shirts

When a brand’s garments have been worn numerous times by both James Bond and the Royal Family, it’s safe to assume said label is a British institution.

This is very much the case with historic shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser, whose beautifully tailored dress shirts have been the best in the business since its founders first opened the doors of their iconic Jermyn Street shop more than 150 years ago.

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Camber: Sweats

Sweatpants, sweaters and hoodies should be built for cosiness. For us, that means making them as thick and fleecy as possible. Unfortunately, the vast majority of brands seem happy to cheap out and use subpar materials, which more often than not results in thin, flimsy garments that don’t stand up well to years of sofa-based abuse.

An exception to that rule is Camber. The American basics brand specialises in heavyweight blank sweats that don’t compromise on quality. They’re pricey for what they are, but they’re the best you’ll find in terms of fit, durability and cosiness, which for us makes them the only real choice when hunting for heavyweight essentials.

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G.H. Bass: Loafers

Founded in 1876, USA footwear brand G.H. Bass was responsible for the popularisation of the penny loafer. The label released its iconic Weejuns shoe in 1936, and the style quickly caught on at schools and colleges across the States, quickly becoming part of the unofficial Ivy League uniform.

Over the decades that followed, G.H. Bass has continued to riff on the original penny loafer, keeping it fresh and relevant with new twists, while keeping its core models consistent. Are there other brands out there making great loafers? Sure, but in terms of heritage, value and reputation, G.H. Bass always sits at the top of the pile.

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Henry Poole: Dinner Jackets

One of the founding tailors on Savile Row, Henry Poole has been creating highly exclusive bespoke tailoring for London’s most discerning men for well over 200 years. In that time, the company’s most notable contribution to the world of menswear was the creation of the original modern dinner jacket, as commissioned by Edward VII in the 1800s.

Henry Poole’s dinner jacket set the template for all men’s evening wear to follow, and it’s very much still the gold standard today.

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