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Tested: The Very Best Slip-On Shoes for Men in 2024

  • Mar 22, 2024
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Tested: The Very Best Slip-On Shoes for Men in 2024

Whether you’re aiming for something more accessible, more comfortable, or more minimal, there are an endless number of reasons to pick up a pair of slip-on shoes — especially at this time of year. In theory, there is nothing more ideal than a shoe that doesn’t need to be tied, and that applies to everyone from preschool children to the oldest of men. Seriously, it doesn’t get more convenient than being able to slip your feet in and go on with your day, which is why these low-profile kicks have grown to be such a popular choice through the years. So, do yourself a favor and check out our versatile guide to the men’s best slip-on shoes.

How We Tested

Our mission to uncover the best slip-ons was a journey that blends comfort, style, and practicality. We delved deep into the construction and craftsmanship of each pair, leaving no stitch unturned; from the quality of the leather to the durability of the soles, we gathered a collection of picks from brands we trust after surveying the landscape and speaking with colleagues.

After getting our hands on our carefully selected picks, we got to work inspecting each pair of slip-ons off the feet, paying close attention to the design, build quality, and anything that jumped out at us. Then, it’s time to put them on and take them for a spin; starting with a walk around the office (both inside and outside) to gauge the cushioning and overall supportiveness of each slip-on. Considering the big draw with slip-ons is, well, their ability to be slipped on and off, we made sure to test how easy it was to do so with each pick. Breathability is another important factor we pay attention to during this process, and we make sure to test each pick, both with and without socks, to judge how breathable they really are. We also take style into consideration as well, noting the versatility of the slip-ons we tested, and wether or not they work in formal settings, casual fits, or everything in between.

Measurements: I’m 6’2″ and wear a size 11 (or a size 10.5 if the shoes run big). Each pair of shoes you see in this guide is a size 11, and the available sizes listed are for men. Considering my sort of half-size measurements, I try to be as objective as possible when I make sizing recommendations and take into account how wide my feet are when giving this feedback.

Upper: Going for high-quality materials like leather, suede, or canvas not only gives you a longer-lasting upper, but also a personalized fit as they form to your feet over time. 

Midsole: Depending on your needs (lounging, hiking, etc.), you may want a cushioned midsole for extra support/comfort. But if you’re just looking for a pair of beaters to wear by the pool or around the house (akin to Crocs or Adilette slides), then cushioning isn’t quite as important.

Outsole: While slip-ons aren’t generally meant to replace your sneakers or hiking shoes, having enough traction to tackle multiple terrains is still useful. What’s more important is having an outsole that’s designed for extended wear, which something like the Salomon Rx Moc 3.0s has, for example. 

Fit: You want a fit that’s snug yet comfortable, allowing you to slip the shoes on and off without any fuss. Even though they’re slip-ons, you don’t want them slipping around while you’re wearing them. 

Breathability: Even if you plan on just wearing your slip-ons around the house, having enough breathability is important as it prevents moisture build-up and keeps your feet comfortable. 

Style: Slip-ons really come in all shapes and sizes at this point, from more formal picks like Seavees’ Huntington Middie to sneaker-inspired picks like Vans’ Classic Slip-On Checkerboard Shoe.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip

  • Super classic style and look
  • Surprisingly easy to slip on and off
  • Versatile styling options compared to other slip-ons

Best Sneaker Slip-Ons: Chuck Taylors might be the most iconic high-top silhouette of all time, but Converse offers plenty of different styles that still maintain the label’s classic look. Take the Chuck Taylor All Star Slip, a stretchy slip-on take on an old classic with elastic bands at the tongue and OrthoLite cushioning for comfort you can rely on. 

Taking heavy inspiration from the iconic Chuck Taylor silhouette, this slip-on take may look and feel like a sneaker (I guess it technically still is), but it’s made to be slipped on and off as easily as any slip-on. Before we get into the fit feel, let’s run through the construction: you’re getting a classically Converse canvas upper to give you that unmistakable look, and Ortholite cushioning (which feels exactly like every other Chuck Taylor, both high and low tops). The real star of the show here is the laceless, stretchy upper, which uses elastic bands at the tongue to make the shoe form to your feet. Immediately after putting these on, I didn’t experience the sometimes constricting feeling that Chuck Taylors can have if they’re too tight, and they were super easy to slip on (a lot easier than they might look). I also really liked the laceless look and the fact that Converse didn’t ditch the eyelets; it gives the silhouette a really unique look that stands out from the pack. Fit here was true to size with a bit of extra room thanks to the elastic band, and the lowkey look really lends itself to a lot of styles.

As much as I love Chucks, they aren’t really known for being the most breathable shoes, which means this slip-on take isn’t quite as breathable as other picks on the guide. Also, these aren’t really great for wearing barefoot; not only does it look a little weird, but the ankles can chafe against your skin and feel pretty uncomfortable. As for the hands-free slip-on test, these weren’t too tight, but the thin ankles required me to use my hands. 

Verdict: Taking a classic silhouette and giving it the slip-on treatment, these Chucks are perfect for anyone who wants the ease of a slip-on with the style of a classic sneaker. They’re also surprisingly easy to take on and off, despite the sneaker-y look of the shoes. 

Upper: Canvas
Cushioning: OrthoLite
Outsole: Rubber
Sizes: 3-13
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

Vans Classic Slip-On Checkerboard Shoe

  • Absolutely classic look
  • Still a super solid skating shoe
  • Great daily drivers/beaters
  • Can get hot in warm weather

Best Classic Slip-Ons: If the first thing you thought of when opening this guide was Vans, then you’re in the right ballpark. There is no label as ubiquitous as the SoCal staple brand when it comes to slip-on shoes. Composed of nothing but a canvas upper and rounded out with Vans’ trademark rubber waffle outsoles, these iconic, 45-year-old low-tops have been worn to the point that they speak for themselves, but we have no problem discussing them a bit further.

Vans’ Slip-On silhouette is one of the most iconic silhouettes of all time, and a true staple in the skate/streetwear scene (and our very own SoCal). In our humble opinion, the checkerboard colorway is the quintessential look, so that’s what we went for in this guide. You’re getting a canvas upper with some elastic on the sides for stretch, and padded collars, which really go a long way (especially if you’re using these as your daily drivers), and they’re finished with that iconic rubber waffle outsole. As for the fit here, these are definitely on the narrow side and can be a bit tight in the upper if you have bigger feet. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend going a half size up. That said, if you plan on skating in these, it’s better to go with something that’s on the tighter side.

Cushioning has never been the strong suit for this silhouette (or any Vans silhouette, for that matter), but that’s what makes them popular with skaters and lifters. With that said, I’d recommend looking for a more supportive option if you’re going to be on your feet for extended periods of time. These can also get pretty hot in warm weather (especially if you’re wearing thicker socks) and aren’t really the best barefoot option if that’s your speed (although many people still rock it that way).

Verdict: As one of the most iconic slip-on silhouettes of all time, you really can’t go wrong with this silhouette. What it lacks in support, it more than makes up for with style and timeless aesthetic, and if you’re a skater, these have been a safe and reliable pick for decades now.

Upper: Canvas
Cushioning: None
Outsole: Rubber
Sizes: 6.5-17
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

Lusso Cloud Scenario Slip-On

  • Really nice built-in arch support
  • Incredibly lightweight and waterproof
  • Lots of cushioning for comfort
  • Ankles can ride up when wearing with socks

Best Croc Alternative: Rugged shoes can be comfortable too, and that’s why Lusso built the Cloud Scenario Slip-On. It’s waterproof all the way around and made with a soft blend of rubber and partially recycled IP-EVA foam. Molded arches and a textured interior provide support and comfort for any condition, and the outsole features a flex groove tread pattern to improve traction, especially on wet surfaces.

Founded in 2020 by Chris Noyes, Jon Buscemi, and Robert Dyrdek (yes, that Rob Dyrdek), Lusso Cloud has been quietly yet effectively making a name for itself in the slip-on scene, and one of the label’s most popular silhouettes is the Scenario Slip-On scene here. They’re made entirely of foam (IP-EVA, to be exact) that’s super lightweight and waterproof, making this a formidable Corc alternative that definitely looks more sophisticated. Support here feels really nice, especially with the molded arch in the footbed, and I had no problems slipping them on and off (without hands, too). These shoes definitely shine with socks off, though, letting you feel the textured footbed, and allowing you to actually take advantage of the water resistance if you head to the pool. As for the label’s claims of “360° comfort” and “comfort nirvana,” I found that these were definitely among the most comfortable slip-ons in the guide, but it doesn’t quite oust HOKA as the king of cushioning. 

These are advertised as running a half-size small over on Lusso Cloud’s site, and I can confirm this after wearing them for a while. Especially with socks on, these felt just a tad too tight, so I recommend going up a half size pretty much across the board. Also, I found that the heels would ride up with each step while I was wearing socks; not a super big deal, but something worth noting. 

Verdict: Taking aim at the famous Croc silhouette, Lusso Cloud has managed to pull off a more refined take on a waterproof, foam slip-on, while giving you plenty of cushioning and arch support. 

Upper: IP-EVA
Cushioning: IP-EVA
Outsole: IP-EVA
Sizes: 3-16
Manufacturing Origin: China

HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe 2

  • HOKA cushioning that just feels incredible
  • Perfect post-workout choice
  • MetaRocker for smooth strides

Best Recovery Shoes: HOKA’s footwear selection is well-known as some of the most supportive (and comfortable) shoes you can get, but this isn’t reserved for just the running silhouettes. The HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe 2, for example, boasts a compression-molded EVA midsole and a memory foam heel for an incredibly soft and supportive foothold, bolstered by an early-state MetaRocker for a smooth stride every time.

HOKA has been dominating the shoe scene with some of the most supportive silhouettes you can get and is steadily expanding its offerings to reach beyond running. The HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe (2, as this is an updated version), for example, is purpose-built for post-workout recovery and traveling, made with a breathable mesh upper and a compression-molded EVA midsole for that unmistakable HOKA cushioning. You’re also getting memory foam around the heel with an elastic band (which is super nice, especially with the tighter fit here), and it’s finished with an early-state MetaRocker for a smooth stride. Earning a “Plush” rating on HOKA’s cushion scale, it should come as no surprise that these are by far the most supportive slip-ons the guide, and they just felt incredible to walk around in. As for the ease of wearing, there’s a little pull tab on the upper that makes putting these on a lot easier, because they’re definitely on the tighter side. 

These really just ran too small on me, which is surprising because most HOKA silhouettes are true to size. Either way, I recommend going a half size up anyway, as these aren’t meant for running, and the extra room is nice. They were also a bit narrow, too, but my feet are on the wider side, so this could just be a personal thing. I recommend wearing these with socks, as they aren’t really designed for bare feet, and doing so will definitely cause them to wear down faster. 

Verdict: HOKA does it again with a pair of supremely comfortable shoes built with cushioning that you really don’t get with other labels. 

Upper: Mesh
Cushioning: Compression-molded EVA
Outsole: Rubber
Sizes: 7-14
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

Merrell Jungle Moc

  • Merrell’s sticky rubber outsole gives you great traction
  • Really iconic outdoor look
  • Super easy to put on and take off
  • Need to treat the suede for waterproof protection

Best Outdoor Slip-Ons: While slip-ons are generally built with comfort in mind, that doesn’t mean they can’t have some utility either. The Jungle Moc from Merrell is a great example of durable comfort. It has a Gold-rated suede upper, double stretch gore, and Merrell’s sticky rubber outsole providing durable traction for multiple situations. These could easily accompany you on the trail and have no problem taking on the city.

You’ve probably seen your dad rocking these on a camping trip, and there’s a good reason for that; Merrell’s outdoor silhouettes are some of the best and most reliable you can get, and while the Jungle Moc hasn’t quite transcended into “fashion” territory, we’re here to praise its outdoor capabilities and 20 years of trusted performance. It starts with a suede upper with double stretch gore that makes these surprisingly easy to take on and off, an EVA midsole for support, and Merrell’s famous sticky rubber outsole giving you plenty of traction. You’re also getting a Merrell Air Cushion in the heel for shock absorption, and I really felt that extra support in my strides. The NXT-lined footbed cover gives you some added odor protection as well, and it’s made with recycled material (along with the footbed) for added sustainability. Support here was honestly some of the best I felt and rivaled HOKA’s recovery shoes which took me by surprise, and I’d have no problem rocking these for extended periods of time.

The only major downside is that the suede upper requires a bit more maintenance than other picks, and it’s not naturally waterproof (meaning they’re not equipped to handle wet conditions). But this is a quick fix, and you can buy a spray treatment straight from Merrell for $11. I really wouldn’t recommend wearing these barefoot, but you could if you wanted to. 

Verdict: This silhouette remains one of the most recognizable outdoor shoes and boasts a sturdy yet comfortable construction that truly makes them a “jack of all trails,” as Merrell puts it. 

Upper: Leather
Cushioning: EVA midsole
Outsole: Sticky rubber
Sizes: 7-15
Manufacturing Origin: Bangladesh

Salomon Rx Moc 3.0

  • Designed to take pressure off your feet with high energy return
  • Super breathable with airflow channels in the footbed
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Cushioning could be a bit better

Best City Slip-Ons: One great advantage of slip-on sneakers is how easy it is to wear them. This convenience is especially appreciated after a long workout, which the Salomon RX Moc 3.0 Slip-On shoes have in spades. The breathable mesh upper, coupled with the supportive cushioned footbed, provides the perfect post-workout feeling for your recovering feet.

While all eyes are on the Xt-6, Salomon’s other offerings are often just as impressive from a design standpoint and offer the same outdoor-ready build quality. The Rx Moc 3.0s are a bit of an exception, however, as they’re built to be an after-sports summer shoe, with a big focus on comfort above all else. This starts with a breathable mesh upper that’s free of any seams (which means no chafing), and it’s connected to an oversized EVA midsole that’s designed for high energy return (and they also have these airflow channels that help with breathability). This means you’re getting a smoother ride while walking, but the cushioning isn’t quite as plush as something like HOKA’s recovery shoes. Everything about these shoes is built with the goal of keeping them as lightweight as possible, making them a great travel option as well.

Again, the cushioning here isn’t quite as solid as other picks in the guide, so I don’t recommend running in them, but there’s more than enough support to wear these for extended periods. As for the slip-on test, these were super easy to take on and off, with pull tabs on the heel and the upper to make it even easier. I also found these to be more comfortable without socks, but this may vary from person to person.

Verdict: Lightweight, breathable, and designed for lightweight support, these Salomon slip-ons are the perfect post-workout pick, and make for a worthy travel companion as well.

Upper: Textile
Cushioning: EVA midsole
Outsole: Rubber
Sizes: 4-13
Manufacturing Origin: Cambodia

Seavees Huntington Middie

  • Versatile boot-like style that offers a lot of options
  • Coastal-friendly look inspired by ’60s surf culture
  • Super breathable with airflow channels in the footbed
  • Need to treat the suede for waterproof protection

Best Hybrid Slip-Ons: While you may not have expected a pair of mid-high shoes to appear on a list like this, leave it up to Seavees to throw you for a loop. The handsome Huntington Middie takes inspiration from ’60s surf culture, which is made wildly apparent by its silhouette and composition. They are made from Leather Working Group-certified suede, assuring any buyers that these shoes are immensely durable without shedding a touch of style. The Huntingtons are rounded out with strategically placed perforations for the sake of added breathability and cooling airflow channels.

If you’ve made it this far into the guide and are looking for a more covert pair of slip-ons that could easily be dressed up, then Seavees has you covered with the Huntington Middie. These mid-profile sneakers feature a soft suede upper with matching leather and soft-washed cotton canvas lining, and boast a soft yet supportive memory foam footbed that just feels great to walk on (with airflow channels similar to Salomon’s Rx Mocs for breathability). It’s finished with a bouncy “power grip” outsole made from natural rubber that has a sort of paint splatter pattern for some added style. Additionally, the upper and lining are made with recycled materials, and profits from the shoe go to Leather Working Group-certified tanneries. All-around comfort with this silhouette was really nice, and I had no problem slipping them on; getting them off, however, was a bit more tricky, but not difficult.

I really have nothing bad to say about this silhouette, but I will echo what I said about the Merrells, which is that suede takes a bit more attention and care compared to other materials. But, also like Merrell, Seavees offers a shoe protector spray. As for wearing these barefoot, I personally like the look and feel of wearing them with socks, but thanks to the airflow channels and lining, you can definitely rock these without socks. 

Verdict: This is the perfect pick for anyone who wants that slip-on comfort and convenience, but still wants a more cleaned-up look. You’re getting a boot-like silhouette that’s elevated, and versatile enough to pair with something casual or dressy, depending on the occasion.

Upper: Suede
Cushioning: Memory foam footbed
Outsole: “Power grip” outsole made from natural rubber
Sizes: 7-16
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

Slip-on Comparison Chart

Slip-ons Upper Cushioning Outsole Sizes Manufacturing Origin
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip Canvas OrthoLite Rubber 3-13 Vietnam
Vans Classic Slip-On Checkerboard Shoe Canvas None Rubber 6.5-17 Vietnam
Lusso Cloud Scenario Slip-On IP-EVA IP-EVA IP-EVA 3-16 China
HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe 2 Mesh Compression-molded EVA Rubber 7-14 Vietnam
Merrell Jungle Moc Leather EVA midsole Sticky rubber 7-15 Bangladesh
Salomon Rx Moc 3.0 Textile EVA midsole Rubber 4-13 Cambodia
Seavees Huntington Middie Suede Memory foam footbed “Power grip” outsole made from natural rubber 7-16 Vietnam


Slip-on shoes are low-profile shoes that (usually) have no laces and are easily put on and taken off. The most popular examples include loafers, slippers, and mocassins, but since this style has become used for many hybrids and off-shoots, the intended use for a slip-on may be hard to pin down. Some variants may offer better cushioning, removable footbeds, outdoor protection, and other additions to set them apart from the more casual wear. For this guide, we limited the picks to mostly slip-on sneakers with a few variations. Nothing against a nice pair of loafers or mules in a professional setting, but with summer around the corner, it’s tough to beat a solid pair of laceless sneakers for an easygoing style.


Tailored to practically every scenario – from a casual pair of canvas kicks to performance-minded trainers – there’s no shortage of options offered across the footwear market. Slip-ons are popular choices for skating, summertime activities, and even just for comfort. Since slip-ons are more of a casual shoe, it’s best to reserve them for activities similar to the ones mentioned above, but you may have an office that’s cool with you rocking some Vans. Additionally, there are more outdoor-ready variants available if you want some extra utility.

Why should you wear slip-ons?

The big draw with slip-ons is really the convenience of the design – they’re quick and easy to put on and take off, making them convenient for people on the go (or anyone who needs to change footwear a lot throughout the day). Many slip-ons are designed with comfort in mind as well, using soft materials and flexible soles that make walking more comfortable. They also come in plenty of styles, from casual to formal, making them versatile enough to be worn in multiple situations. Slip-ons can be much easier to manage than laced shoes for anyone with mobility issues, and depending on the material, they can be a lot more breathable, too, which is particularly nice for hot weather.

Honorable Mentions

If you want some more purpose-built recovery slip-ons, then the York Athletics The Grail Recovery Trainer is the perfect pick. They’re padded with extra cushioning and boast a two-way stretch upper for plenty of space and stretch for your feet.

Cariuma takes pride in the fact that its IBI Slip-On shoes have one of the lowest carbon footprints out of any sneaker, with 3x fewer emissions than the industry standard. These vegan shoes have an upper knit with bamboo and recycled plastic, along with a removable memory foam insole. 

The Birkenstock Oswego Suede Leather slip-on shoes are the perfect casual staple for your shoe collection. They’re supremely comfortable thanks to the soft suede upper and the classic cork footbed that contours to your feet. And they’re good daily drivers as well with supportive cushioning and a flexible rubber sole.

The OluKai Lae’ahi Slip-On Sneakers are the perfect beach companion, boasting a mesh upper lined with soft microfiber and a removable footbed that contours to your feet. This comfort is supported by the Wet Grip Rubber on the outsole providing needed traction.

Whether you’re inside or outside, the Danner Jag Loft slip-on shoes have you covered. They have a modern upper made with a mix of suede and textile, which is lined with mesh and insulated with PrimaLoft, and the collapsable heel makes them even more versatile as they’re easy to transport. 

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