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Tested: The 8 Best Men’s Slippers of 2024

  • Feb 9, 2024
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Tested: The 8 Best Men’s Slippers of 2024

While you’re lounging around in your comfortable abode, there’s hardly a need to don a pair of socks and shoes every morning, let alone wear them throughout the day. But sometimes, we feel that our feet might seem a bit bare, cold, or unprotected. For that reason, the genre of soft, comfortable shoes that we’ve come to know as “slippers” was born. Below, we’ve aggregated a few of our favorites from around the industry and taken a closer look at them, providing you with the best men’s slippers for your next piece of plush footwear.

How We Tested

Considering the countless number of slipper options out there, we pared it down to what we feel are the essentials, from brands that we know and love over here at HICONSUMPTION. Between trusty house slippers to sneaker hybrids, our guide covers a solid variety of slippers that offer a little something for everyone. And after extensive research both on and offline, we narrowed it down to the best of the best. 

Testing begins with inspecting the slippers of the feet, taking a look at the construction, build quality, and hand feel. After that, I put the slippers on and give my first impressions regarding the fit and feel, and stack it up against the rest of the picks. You’ll see me relaxing in the shots below, but I made sure to walk around to get a better feeling for the cushioning, and wear each pair with and without socks to see the differences. While most slippers are designed to be worn inside, we’ve included a few hybrid picks, and I made sure to test out how they fared outside.

Measurements: I’m 6’2″, wear size 34×30 pants and size 10.5/11 shoes – since I’m somewhat in between sizes, certain silhouettes may run large or small on me, but fit more true to size for people who aren’t in-between.

What to Look for

Material: Materials like cotton, fleece, and wool are the most commonly used for slippers, and give you the breathability you want out of them. If you live in an especially cold climate, you may want to go for a pair that’s insulated (usually provided by shearling or some other thermal material).

Outsole: If you plan on wearing your slippers outside, you’ll want a thicker outsole than house slippers usually have, and it might be a good idea to get a non-slip one for extra protection. 

Lining: We touched on this a bit in the material section, but slippers with lining will offer more warmth and a softer skin feel, especially since most slipper lining is shearling.

Fit: Slippers are all about comfort; you want something that fits but isn’t too tight, with enough room to wear socks if you want. Adjustable features like straps and laces can help give you a more custom fit and are especially useful if you’re in between sizes.

Style: Slippers come in countless styles, but one thing’s a constant: they’re meant for comfort. That doesn’t mean you can’t branch out, though, and luckily, there are plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from the classic house slipper to unique picks from brands like Crocs. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor: You need to decide whether you’ll be wearing your slippers inside or outside (I know there’s some debate about shoes inside the house, but most slippers are meant to be worn inside unless they’re advertised otherwise).

Bombas Gripper Slipper

  • Feels like you’re wearing socks
  • More cushioning than you’d expect
  • Grips on the bottom to keep you from slipping
  • Not quite as warm as thicker picks

Best Starter Slippers: We’re kicking things off with the Bombas Men’s Gripper Slipper – these unique sock/slipper hybrids (slocks?) have the label’s “Stay-Put Grippers” on the bottom, made of ultra-thin PVC. This helps prevent the slipping that socks and some slippers are prone to. Inside, there’s a brushed and cozy lining with a cushioned footbed. The traction and simplicity of these slippers make them useful for older people, or anyone prone to slipping.

While the name here states that they’re slippers, these feel a lot more like socks, and that’s a good thing. Using a mix of acrylic, nylon, and Merino wool, these slippers are incredibly lightweight and hug your feet in a warm embrace (bolstered by the brushed lining in the interior). Besides the sock-like construction, the hook here is the small grips on the bottom of the slippers, which keep you from slipping and add traction. The cushioned footbed here is also surprisingly thick and gives me enough support to keep my feet from feeling fatigued after walking around for a while. Another great feature is the packability of these things since they’re so lightweight and there’s no outsole, making them a great pick for weekend trips and travel. Build quality here is also very good, especially for shoes in this price range, with clean stitching and weaving throughout. As for breathability, even with the wool construction, I felt that my feet didn’t get too hot, even while I was wearing these with socks.

The warmth here was definitely better than I expected, but compared to the thicker picks in the guide, it’s not quite as warm. Looks-wise, these are also not the most stylish-looking slippers (favoring comfort over swag), but this is a pretty minor gripe and shouldn’t really matter because they’re meant to be worn inside anyway. Considering the thin sole, I wouldn’t recommend long stretches of walking in these, either. 

Verdict: Combining the comfort of socks with the silhouette of a slipper, Bombas has something truly unique here. Bolstered by a grippy bottom, these are an incredibly soft and lightweight pair of slippers.

Upper: 50% acrylic, 30% nylon, 20% Merino wool
Outsole: 50% acrylic, 30% nylon, 20% Merino wool
Lining: 71% viscose, 25% polyester, 4% elastane
Inside or Outside: Inside
Sizes: US 7 – 15 (Featured: Ocean Fog, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Imported

Crocs Dylan Clog

  • Surprisingly stylish silhouette
  • Deep heel cup keeps you from slipping around
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Crocs aren’t for everyone

Best Clog Slippers: Now that Crocs is officially cool, the label is trying its hand at more modern silhouettes, which you can see here with the Dylan Clog. Using the proprietary Croslite foam, the label has taken the clog silhouette and given it the Crocs treatment, with a textured upper meant to mimic the look of full-grain leather and a deep heel cup for comfort.

Hailing from everyone’s favorite clog creator and industry sweetheart, Crocs comes through with a surprisingly stylish silhouette here. It’s made with a single piece of molded Croslite and comes with this faux leather texture that’s a nice touch (although you won’t be fooling anyone into thinking it’s leather). Comfort-wise, these feel very similar to wearing your average pair of Crocs, with a deeper heel cup this time around for support, as you don’t get the strap. Regarding warmth, don’t expect these to replace your shearling-lined slippers or go toe-to-toe with something like L.L.Bean’s moccasins, but Crocs were never lauded for their warmth (easy wearing and affordability have always been the hook). Style-wise, I found that these were super versatile actually, and worked with a variety of outfits, both casual (with a hoodie and sweats) and cleaned up (jeans and a button-down). Breathability here is also interesting; since you don’t get the perforations the OG Crocs have, the top of your foot stays relatively warm (with socks on), but your heels might get cold, especially if you’re rocking these outside.

These are a personal favorite for me and strike a nice balance between style and that classic Crocs feel, but I understand that Crocs are a bit divisive, and if you’re on the fence/have reservations about Crocs, I’m not sure these will win you over unless you dig the silhouette (which I definitely did).  When it comes to packability, these are pretty bulky and rigid, so I can’t recommend them as solid travel companions, but they’re perfect for wearing around the house or your block.

Verdict: Surprisingly stylish and classically Crocs, these clogs can do everything that classic Crocs can do, but with more style and versatility – expect them to feel like those classic Crocs, too.

Upper: Croslite
Outsole: Croslite
Lining: None
Inside or Outside: Hybrid
Sizes: US 4 – 13 (Featured: Cognac, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: China

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mules V

  • Cool and puffy techwear look
  • Insulated with ThermoBall
  • Lightweight and easily packable – great for camping
  • A little tight; may want to go a half size up

Best Outdoor Slippers: With the growing popularity of not only outdoor gear, but the sports associated with them, like rock climbing (especially) and skiing, brands like The North Face are releasing fashionable gear. The ThermoBall Traction Mule V Slippers are a great example of this mix, with the label’s ThermoBall Eco insulation and grippy rubber outsoles. These are great for staying warm at base camp, whether that’s inside or outside, and are easy to transport.

Honestly, these are some of the most unique-looking slippers I’ve ever seen, and they have that unique techwear look that’s very much in style at the moment (and works with plenty of outfits). You get a puffy ripstop upper that looks like it was cut from the Nuptse Jacket, and it’s treated with a non-PFC durable water-repellent finish to give you some water resistance. Inside, there’s ThermoBall insulation to keep your feet warm, Oso fleece collar lining, and a rubber outsole should you decide to take them outside. Speaking of, these are the best hybrid/outdoor shoes in the guide, striking a great balance between comfort when you’re hanging indoors, and weather-resistance/traction for the outdoors. Packability here is really solid, too, as the slippers are pretty flexible and can easily be stuffed into a pack, making these an especially great choice for camping. I was impressed by how breathable these were while still keeping my feet warm, but down is lauded for its lightweight breathability, and TNF has done a good job of maintaining that here.

The size 11 here was just a bit tight on me, and considering I’m already between sizes (10.5 and 11), I have to recommend you size up for a roomier fit, especially if you plan on wearing these inside for the most part. The tighter fit is probably intentional for outdoor use, as you don’t want to be slipping around. I was also surprised by how supportive these were, giving me enough cushioning to make walking feel comfortable. 

Verdict: If you want to take the comfort of slippers to the great outdoors, there are few picks as capable as this puffed-up slipper from The North Face – it’s water-resistant, insulated, and incredibly modern. 

Upper: 100% recycled P.E.T. ripstop
Outsole: Rubber
Lining: ThermoBall Eco 100% recycled polyester insulation
Inside or Outside: Hybrid
Sizes: US 7 – 14 (Featured: Summit Navy/TNF White, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

UGG Scuff Slipper

  • Wool-lining feels super soft
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Classic house slipper style
  • UGGs aren’t for everyone

Best Indoor Slippers: There’s no such thing as a “best slipper” guide if UGG isn’t included. The company has singlehandedly become one of the most well-recognized shoe manufacturers on the face of the planet, thanks to its exceptional slipper collection. And the UGG Scuff Slipper is a truly classic house slipper making it an obvious pick. You can easily slip on these wool-lined shoes, which UGG recommends you wear barefoot to fully appreciate them. Thanks to the natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating qualities of the wool, you’ll be happy to.

I know, I know – some of you may have seen UGGs and weren’t able to get rid of those preconceived notions of daughters and moms rocking them at the mall. But times have changed, and there’s no denying how comfortable pretty much everything they drop is. The Scuff Slippers are no exception, boasting a suede upper and plush wool lining that just feels incredible. They’re super easy to take on and off, and I personally feel they’re the most comfortable in this guide, rivaled only by L.L.Bean’s moccasins (which I’ll get into below). There’s just something about how the wool envelopes your feet that makes you feel like you’re wearing a cloud (which is especially comfortable without socks). When it comes to packability, the rigid sole makes it a bit hard to pack down, but these are meant to be house slippers anyway. Walking was comfortable for short distances, but considering the thickness of the sole, it’s definitely best to keep them short. 

While I loved these shoes personally, I understand that UGGs aren’t for everyone, and the style may not be for you. They could also use some more cushioning in the heel, but considering that they’re house slippers, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. As for the breathability, these feel a lot similar to other UGG silhouettes (which are designed to be worn without socks), so they can get a little hot if you’re wearing them with socks.

Verdict: Plush, luxurious, and quintessentially UGG, these slippers are some the comfiest I’ve ever worn, and make for the perfect house choice.

Upper: Suede
Outsole: Suede
Lining: 80% upcycled wool, 20% TENCEL Lyocell vamp lining
Inside or Outside: Inside
Sizes: US 7 – 18 (Featured: Chestnut, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Vietnam

L.L.Bean Leather Double-Sole Slippers Shearling-Lined

  • Made with Australian sheepskin
  • Iconic design
  • Sheepskin lining is super soft and plush
  • A little slippery on smooth surfaces
  • Won’t respond well to water

Best Moccasins: If you’re not already well-acquainted with L.L. Bean’s comfort-focused footwear, you’re in for a special treat. Especially since the Men’s Leather Double-Sole Slippers have a classic moccasin style with premium comfort and design. It’s lined with shearling, providing a soft and warm situation for your feet, and the leather soles have been bolstered for better cushioning.

Few silhouettes scream “slipper” like the shearling-lined moccasin, and L.L.Bean is sticking to the classic design cues here. You get a full-grain leather upper, two full-grain leather soles for extra support, rawhide laces, and a fully lined interior with super soft lamb fur. The softness of the shearling here is complemented by the cushioning in the sole, which molds to your feet over time. I have to say that these are the most comfortable slippers in the guide for me, and while the look is a bit old-school (especially compared to something like The North Face’s Thermoball Mules), that means it’s also timeless. Build quality here is very good, with clean and intricate stitching throughout, and very high-quality leather. These are definitely best for winter, considering the leather construction and lamb fur lining, and they’re not the most breathable pick, either (but definitely warm).

Only downside here is how smooth the leather on the outsole is, which might cause a few slips while you’re breaking them in if you’re not careful (I slipped a few times walking around the office while testing). L.L.Bean also recommends that half sizes go for a size up, and I can confirm that as someone who usually wears a 10.5 that went for an 11 here, as the fit was snug but not too tight.

Verdict: Effortlessly classic and comfortable, these moccasins are such a classic style of slipper, and you can never go wrong. The plush shearling lining also makes them incredibly comfortable, especially for wearing sockless.

Upper: Full-grain leather
Outsole: Full-grain leather
Lining: Shearling
Inside or Outside: Inside
Sizes: US 7 – 14 (Featured: Brown, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: El Salvador

Mahabis Classic

  • Modern design with a unique look
  • Neoprene heel adds support
  • Great travel shoes as they’re easily packed
  • Neoprene heel isn’t quite as soft as other material

Best Minimalist Slippers: London-based company Mahabis is dedicated to elevating the slipper into something more modern and innovative while maintaining the comfort we expect from the style. These efforts culminate in the Mahabis Classic, a unique silhouette with a felt upper, wool lining, and some neoprene at the heel to keep your feet secure.

If Ikea were to ever make a shoe (besides those crazy Ultraboosts they dropped back in 2017), then it would probably look a lot like this pick. Incredibly clean and minimal, these slippers from Mahabis start with a felt upper, warm wool lining, and a unique neoprene heel to keep your feet secure (something I really liked). This neoprene heel, coupled with the contoured footbed, makes these feel a lot more supportive than backless slippers but still maintains that slipper comfort. The wool lining inside is also very comfortable, especially with socks off. These are also super packable, and I could see them being really nice travel shoes to wear on an airplane, or just to bring along traveling. Even with the wool lining, these slippers were quite breathable, and never gave me that overheating feeling that can sometimes happen when wearing slippers with socks.

My only criticism here is that the neoprene doesn’t feel as comfortable as something softer like wool or leather without socks. It doesn’t feel bad by any means, but it takes a little getting used to. Thankfully, the neoprene easily folds down if you want to wear them without the heels up, and it’s super easy to do, with little resistance from the neoprene.

Verdict: Minimal and modern, these unique slippers have a supportive fit that’s perfect for all-day comfort, with wool lining and a neoprene heel for even more support.

Upper: Felt and neoprene (on the heel)
Outsole: TPU
Lining: 100% wool
Inside or Outside: Hybrid
Sizes: US 6.5 – 16 (Featured: Larvik light grey upper, Skien black outsole, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Portugal

Glerups Boot with Leather Sole

  • Super unique design, combing a boot with a slipper
  • Wool construction feels very soft
  • Tanned calfskin sole
  • Insole loses fluff with prolonged wear

Best Boot Slippers: Another hybrid choice, Gelrups’ Boot with Leather Sole is a mix between a traditional slipper and a boot silhouette. The felt is made from 100% wool with a tanned calfskin sole. It will follow the shape of your feet, with added support from the ankle shaft. And since it’s all wool, it benefits from the natural properties it has, like moisture-wicking.

Taking the silhouette of a boot and redesigning it with the comfort of a slipper, this pick from Glerups is very unique. The upper is made with natural wool and has these slits around the collar that make wearing them a lot easier than it looks. A soft calfskin leather outsole covers the bottom, and it feels like such quality leather that I felt bad even walking on it. With shoes off, the wool feels super soft on the skin, and there’s a solid amount of cushioning for support. While I consider these a hybrid slipper (for both indoor and outdoor use), I wouldn’t recommend anything more than a quick trip to the corner store (if that), because the leather on the outsole isn’t really built to handle the outdoors. The outsole also feels more like a slipper’s outsole rather than a boot’s, which means long walks aren’t really in the cards. Glerups does state that their shoes shed for the first 3-5 weeks, and I could definitely see some of that, but that shouldn’t be a problem after a month or so. As for breathability, I’d say these are best reserved for the winter, as the wool construction mixed with the extra ankle coverage results in an especially warm wearing experience (a colleague of mine backed me up on this, and tends to wear these only when it’s cold out).

While these are definitely comfortable (and super warm, thanks to the wool construction), the boot style makes them a bit more rigid compared to the rest of the picks in the guide. But it feels incredibly comfortable and not like you’re wearing a pair of stiff leather boots at all, with a lived-in feel right out of the box. The style is also offered as a slip-on and a sneaker as well if the boot cut isn’t for you. For all of you wool-worriers out there, Glerups uses a special non-itch wool that I can confirm feels very soft, and not itchy at all. On top of that, the wool is advertised as “farm to foot”, using wool from their own Gotland sheep and using nontoxic chemicals to dye their shoes.

Verdict: If you want the best of both worlds with a boot/slipper hybrid, then look no further. You get super soft wool hugging your feet, with the support and look of a boot for covert comfort.

Upper: 100% wool
Outsole: Leather
Lining: None
Inside or Outside: Hybrid
Sizes: US 4 – 13 (no half sizes), (Featured: Grey, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Romania

Del Toro Black Velvet House Slipper

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Incredibly high-quality
  • Napa leather interior feels super comfortable
  • A bit pricey for slippers

Best Premium Slippers: Del Toro is known for its artisanal Italian-made shoes, and the Del Toro Men’s Black Velvet House Slippers are no exception. The label’s very first house slippers are made from Italian Napa leather complemented by a black velvet outer. The footbed is cushioned with foam to provide long-lasting comfort, and the heel features the brand’s classic logo.

Handmade in Italy with lush velvet, these are some of the most luxurious slippers you can get. You get a sumptuous velvet outer, a very soft Napa leather interior, and a foam-cushioned footbed that feels much more supportive than you’d expect. Del Toro has captured that old-school slipper vibe perfectly here, making a classy pair that wouldn’t look out of place in Beverly Hills. Without socks, the slippers still feel super comfortable, but I found that socks were the way to go (especially considering how premium the shoes are, and wearing them barefoot can result in more wear and tear). At the end of the day, these shoes are definitely more about the build quality and style (which are incredible) rather than the warmth. While they’re super comfortable, they’re definitely not a great winter pick unless you’re wearing them with thick wool socks.

For my fellow Americans out there, these shoes are definitely designed for the European foot, as the 11 here was definitely a bit too small/narrow for my Yankee feet. I recommend going at least a whole size up if you’re interested in these, especially if you have wide feet. 

Verdict: As the classiest pick in the guide, these slippers have that “quiet luxury” look and feel that’s sure to please all you high rollers out there. They’re handmade in Italy and just oozing with old-world style.

Upper: Italian Cognac Suede
Outsole: Leather
Lining: Napa Leather
Inside or Outside: Inside
Sizes: US 7 – 13 (Featured: Black, 11)
Manufacturing Origin: Italy

Slippers Comparison Chart

Slippers Upper Outsole Lining Inside/Outside Sizes Manufacturing Origin
Bombas Gripper Slipper 50% acrylic, 30% nylon, 20% Merino wool 50% acrylic, 30% nylon, 20% Merino wool 71% viscose, 25% polyester, 4% elastane Inside US 7 – 15 Imported
Crocs Dylan Clog Croslite Croslite None Hybrid US 4 – 13 China
The North Face Thermoball Traction Mules V 100% recycled P.E.T. ripstop Rubber ThermoBall Eco 100% recycled polyester insulation Hybrid US 7 – 14 Vietnam
UGG Scuff Slipper Suede Suede 80% upcycled wool, 20% TENCEL Lyocell vamp lining Inside US 7 – 18 Vietnam
L.L.Bean Leather Double-Sole Slippers Shearling-Lined Full-grain leather Full-grain leather Shearling Inside US 7 – 14 El Salvador
Mahabis Classic Felt and neoprene (on the heel) TPU 100% wool Hybrid US 6.5 – 16 Portugal
Glerups Boot with Leather Sole 100% wool Leather None Hybrid US 4 – 13 (no half sizes) Romania
Del Toro Black Velvet House Slipper Italian Cognac Suede Leather Napa Leather Inside US 7 – 13 Italy


Throughout the ages, the slipper has become a mainstay of indoor footwear, providing comfort-savvy wearers with an opportunity to protect their feet, and their floors, without having to don a pair of unruly shoes. Oftentimes, regular footwear can be a bit too cumbersome for conventional wear around the home, making them an unattractive prospect if you’re just looking to make your way from one room to the next. That’s where their more comfortable counterpart, the slipper, comes in. They can come in many styles, including house slippers, moccasins, and even hybrids with sock or boot characteristics. Generally speaking, wool lining on the inside is preferred for its natural qualities (like warmth and moisture-wicking), but different variants, like house slippers or those with a more outdoor slant, might go for something else. These shoes boast soft interior linings, lightweight architectures, and an even more approachable silhouette that can allow you to slip in and out with ease, making them the go-to item for lazy, half-hearted wear.


Much like other casual staples, the delineation between inside and outside slippers is ultimately up to you. While some options include synthetic materials or other design choices to make them a little more rugged, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping them inside. Conversely, you may find yourself rocking some UGGs on the trail or in the store, just because they’ve become your “outside” slippers.

Honorable Mentions

Olukai’s Mahana slippers are a little similar to Mahabis’ slippers but with an island-friendly twist. They’re made with soft heather cotton, with a feel inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand.

Birkenstock is an undisputed legend in the casual footwear space, and the Zermatt Premium is one of their best slip-on offerings. It’s made with suede and has a similar look to the incredibly popular Boston silhouette.

Uniqlo is known for simplicity done right, and you get exactly that with the Sweat Jersey Slippers. While these aren’t exceptionally high-quality, they’re only $20, and quite comfortable for the price.

While this label is better known for its runners, Allbirds’ Wool Dwellers take upcycled scraps from their wool shoes and combine them with a plush sole for ultimate comfort.

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