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Sydney Man Shocked By Mysterious Delivery Of 500 Used Tyres In Driveway

  • Jun 6, 2024
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Sydney Man Shocked By Mysterious Delivery Of 500 Used Tyres In Driveway

Sydney man Harjeet Singh Rai was shocked by the unexpected delivery of 500 used tyres in his Blacktown driveway, with the mystery still unresolved.

For all its pomp and glory, plenty of strange stuff goes down in the New South Wales capital. From the lesser-known dark side of Bondi Beach to the man who managed to turn a rental listing into a dating app, the city sees more than its fair share of whacky Wednesdays. However, this recent oddity may have taken the biscuit for the weirdest one yet…

Yesterday, a Sydney family was left baffled after returning home to find a very novel surprise: 500 used tyres stacked neatly in their driveway. Harjeet Singh Rai and his wife, residents of Blacktown, were at work when the unexpected delivery arrived, leaving them and their neighbours in a state of confusion after returning that evening to discover their unsolicited prize.

A Bizarre Delivery

It seems that all was normal that morning in the Blacktown neighbourhood until two unidentified workers showed up at the Rai residence around 10 AM. With diligent precision, they began unloading hundreds of used tyres, stacking them up like a black, rubbery, unrequested game of driveway Tetris. Neighbours watched the spectacle unfold, puzzled by the unusual sight but assuming this was something the Rai family knew was coming.

One neighbour commented to 9News: “I said to my husband, we’re in the wrong type of business, we’ve got to go into tyres to build a house like this.” The delivery, which took over four hours to complete, left the Rai family’s driveway packed to the brim with the unwanted wheels. When Harjeet arrived home, he was so shocked that he thought he’d turned up at the wrong house.

The Aftermath

Harjeet was stunned by the scene that welcomed him home. “I was shocked,” he said. “First I started laughing, then we take things seriously, when you see the quantity, it’s crazy.” Despite his best efforts, Harjeet has not been able to trace the origin of the tyres or find out who was responsible for the delivery at time of writing.

The mysterious nature of the incident has left the Rai family and their neighbours with a lot more questions than answers. With no clear owner coming forward, Harjeet is now faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to remove the tyres and reclaim his car space all by himself. If nothing else, the community will at least come away from this incident with a one-of-a-kind tale to tell.

If anyone’s in the market for 500 useless tyres or has any bright ideas as to what should be done with them, our inbox is always open…

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