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Singer’s Divetrack Chronograph Aims to Evolve the Dive Watch Category

  • Mar 29, 2024
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Singer’s Divetrack Chronograph Aims to Evolve the Dive Watch Category

Dive watches have been around, more or less, in their current form since the middle of the 20th century, when recreational diving took off following the invention of the aqualung in the ‘40s. And in the past 60 or 70 years, not much has changed in the world of divers: almost all of them are built with steel and sport a 60-minute timing bezel. As with most things, pushing the envelope is always welcomed but rarely accepted. That’s why it’s so surprising that Singer’s newest watch, the Divetrack, so aggressively aims to reinvent the dive watch category as a whole.

Even with most innovative new watch styles, the differences aren’t always noticeable upon first glance — that is, unless it goes all the way into the world of strange and unorthodox. However, with Singer’s latest release, you can notice the advancements without it needing to lose any sort of accessibility in the process. Like a standard diver, the bezel on the Divetrack rotates with a 60-minute decompression scale. But while the bezel is made of stainless steel, the case here is constructed of grade 5 titanium with 300m of water resistance and a whopping 49mm diameter. It’s also powered by the AgenGraphe automatic movement, which functions as a chronograph. But in an unusual twist, the actual time is given to you on the side of the watch case, underneath a sapphire crystal, read using a triangular pointer above the strap.

As for the dial itself, it’s entirely dedicated to diving, especially when timing your surface intervals and managing underwater time. Sectioned off into 3 parts (CHILL, DIVE, and FLY), there’s a 24-hour scale at the dial center with a small triangular pointer hand to help you manage your time before, during, and after your dive session. There’s also a large orange minute hand that’s used in reference to the 60-minute bezel and a third which is a sweeping seconds hand which always moves so you know your watch is still functioning underwater.

Limited to just 25 pieces when it arrives at Geneva Watch Week this April, the Divetrack Automatic Chronograph Diver will be priced at CHF 85,000 (~$93,928). Head over to Singer’s website to learn more.

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