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Shinzo Tamura Sunglasses | The Coolector

  • Oct 3, 2023
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Shinzo Tamura Sunglasses | The Coolector

Quality craftsmanship and timeless cool are the foundations that underpin the awesomeness of a new brand on our radar here at The Coolector – Shinzo Tamura. This first-class purveyor of sunglasses – which they somewhat excellently call “noise cancellation for your eyes” – has an exemplary collection of curated eyewear that boasts lenses crafted in Japan and which possess a quality that really is second to none and sets these sunglasses apart from the competition.

Shinzo Tamura is an independent sunglasses brand heralding from Osaka, Japan, and each pair perfectly combines light and flexible frames recalling iconic sunglasses shapes, with the world’s best polarised lenses made by TALEX in Japan. Purpose-built to protect your eyes and keep you healthy, Shinzo Tamura’s family has been innovating eyeglass lenses for over eight decades and this is something that truly shines through in the quality of the finished product. After sunglasses that will turn heads everywhere you go? Look no further.

Offering two types of sunglasses – Everyday and Active – the calibre of eyewear from Shinzo Tamura ensures that these will be the first pair that you reach for when the sun is shining down. With prices starting at an entirely reasonable $180, Shinzo Tamura Sunglasses are designed to look good but also to help you see better. The brand’s excellent sunglasses are light and flexible so you can wear them all day long and they will help you protect your eyes from harmful UV light whenever you are outside.

What really sets these sunglasses apart, however, is their Japanese-made lenses which boast unparalleled quality. The craftspeople and scientists at TALEX combine technology and modern materials with the quality, care, and perfection of thousands of years of Japanese artisanship to ensure that these sunglasses are a cut above. The result is a superior polarised lens, that allows you to see more clearly, but also protects your eyes better by eliminating strain and stress.

In addition, Shinzo Tamura collaborates with local factories in the Tajima area to come up with highly sophisticated double-shot injection moulded frames that look great and perform even better. These frames are specifically designed for TALEX polarized lenses and they are perfectly balanced and ultralight hence why you’re able to wear Shinzo Tamura Sunglasses all day long. The frames are crafted from flexible nylon to ensure that the lenses don’t distort over time. Great looking, affordable and crafted impeccably, there’s a lot to like about these fantastic sunglasses from Shinzo Tamura – grab yours now.

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