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Shaquille O’Neal Roasts NBA Reporter For Stealing Viral Joke

  • Feb 24, 2024
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Shaquille O’Neal Roasts NBA Reporter For Stealing Viral Joke

A hilarious moment between Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Haynes from the NBA Tip-Off show is going viral after Haynes tried to rib Shaq live on air… and it went just as you would expect.

NBA big man Shaquille O’Neal built a career out of being quick on his feet, despite his towering 2.16m frame. But as the former LA Lakers star transitions into the next chapter of his career in the commentary box and studio, he’s gaining a reputation for his even quicker wit.

During the NBA Tip-Off, a regular show on TNT, O’Neal was getting a hard time from TNT reporter Chris Haynes, who was doing his best Charles Barkley impression from a couple of weeks ago.

Haynes was on the live broadcast, filming in San Francisco. Facing the camera, Haynes touched his earpiece and pretended to get a message from someone off-camera.

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“You wouldn’t believe who just asked about you, Shaq?” Chris Haynes said to the camera, trying to hold back the laughter.

“Who?” O’Neal replied as he leant in. “Nobody,” Haynes quipped.

The joke got a good reaction from the rest of the commentators in the studio, who realised that Haynes had jumped on Barkley’s viral joke during the 2024 NBA All-Star Game broadcast when he said the same thing to Draymond Green.

But Shaq wasn’t going to let him have this one.

“Have fun because you about to be working for ESPN Deportes tomorrow,” O’Neal joked. “Better learn Spanish.”

Better leave the jokes to Shaq, Chris.

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