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Renard R100 Cafe Racer | The Coolector

  • Feb 6, 2024
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Renard R100 Cafe Racer | The Coolector

It’s been quite some time since we featured a motorcycle on the pages of The Coolector so it stands to reason that the first one back would be a bit of a belter. Enter the awesome-looking Renard R100 Cafe Racer that has the sort of old-school aesthetic that we’re such big fans of. Combining timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge techniques and manufacturing methods, the Renard BMW R100 embodies an exceptional cafe racer. Each aspect of this bike has been meticulously crafted to forge a one-of-a-kind ride that stands as a testament to the fusion of classic design and contemporary craftsmanship.

Renard believes that a motorcycle should transcend its purpose as mere transportation. It is their mission to craft more than just a bike; they aspire to engineer the ultimate riding experience and, from what we can see here at The Coolector, they’ve achieved that objective with aplomb with this R100 Cafe Racer. With impeccable attention to detail, every nut and bolt of the base of the R100 has been perfected and turned into something more than the sum of its parts.

For the build of the R100 Cafe Racer, Renard carefully chooses the materials and components that they use, ensuring to use period correct parts but ones that have been newly produced such as Tarozzi foot controls, Beringer brakes and Hattech exhaust systems. Aluminium construction extends to the petrol tank and body panels of this eye-catching steed which can be either painted or polished to achieve the distinctive aviation aesthetic. The seats are crafted from genuine leather, and Renard offer custom-made helmets and riding jackets that match your bike’s colour scheme and personal measurements.

Experience seamless and exhilarating rides with the 1000cc Renard Custom Engine. Unleash its potential and feel the surge of power from the lowest revs. With an impressive output of approximately 80 HP and 95Nm torque, this engine guarantees a thrilling and nimble journey. By replacing the original BMW parts with Ceriani type fork and rear shocks, the team at Renard take a step further and equips the bike with a full 3-way adjustable classic racing spec suspension that ensures an unbeatable performance out on the open road. After a timeless motorbike for two-wheeled adventures in 2024? You may have just found the ideal candidate.

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