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Reigning Champ Home Court Basketball Game

  • Feb 1, 2024
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Reigning Champ Home Court Basketball Game

If like us here at The Coolector, you spent a lot of your youth in amusement arcades, chances are a lot of that time will have been spent trying to sink some hoops on the basketball machine. Well, if you’re now an adult with deep pockets, the guys at Reigning Champ have got just the thing for you in the shape of their decidedly luxurious Home Court Basketball Game.

With regard to the aforementioned deep pockets, the Reigning Champ Home Court Basketball Game will set you back a cool $50k but, if you’ve got a deep love of throwing three-pointers, it will be money well spent in our opinion. This ace-looking release is a collaboration with Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf and it is the ultimate in understated pieces for any luxury home in 2024.

For the Home Court Basketball Game from Reigning Champ and Calen Knauf, this classic arcade concept is remastered through the use of muted raw materials — namely, wood, glass, and metal — to come up with a fully functional basketball experience and highly crafted work of art that will elevate the aesthetic of any interior design endeavour. It’s just a question of finding a space large enough to put it.

Pleasingly, it replicates the authentic sounds of playing on a classic hardwood court and also has eye-catching, floating design components to reduce the overall visual footprint of the setup. Robust tempered glass supports a backboard and ball return surface, made of specially engineered composite wood panels to make sure of its structural and auditory quality while being less likely to warp.

It uses visible cables, similar to those deployed in the original arcade games, something which adds a tactile and nostalgic element to contrast the structure’s clean and seamless design lines. A spacious lower tier acts as storage for ten mini composite leather game balls when not in use. Which, given how much fun it is, won’t be very often. Like what you see? Head on over to Reigning Champ now.

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