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Real Motors Unveils Project ARES Electric Cafe Racer

  • Apr 27, 2024
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Real Motors Unveils Project ARES Electric Cafe Racer

With lane-keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and Lidar-guided autonomous driving capabilities, the motoring world is becoming decidedly more digitized and computer-driven as vehicles — especially electric vehicles — grow more technologically advanced. And while this does make for a safer experience on the road, it’s also resulted in a markedly less analog one. For those that use vehicles simply as a means of getting from A-to-B, this is perfectly fine, but for those with a proclivity for motorsport and behind-the-wheel thrills, all this tech leaves a major desire for the analog control of rides from yesteryear.

In a bid to fuse state-of-the-art EV powertrain tech with an old-school analog riding experience, American motorcycle startup Real Motors has announced the reveal of what it’s dubbed “Project ARES” — a modern, fully-electric cafe racer motorcycle that aims to reinvigorate the analog relationship between man and machine. 

Built For The City

Project ARES has been engineered from the ground up to be the ultimate two-wheeled urban commuter. It’s sleek and stylish, and boasts just the right specs to lend itself to life in the city. With a 100-mile range, it’s got enough autonomy to easily tackle most commutes to and from the office — with plenty of range to spare — plus can receive a 10% to 80% recharge in as little as half-an-hour (when using a Level 2 charger).

Middle-Weight Class EV

Though Real Motors has yet to reveal specifics on Project ARES’ powertrain, the fledgling firm has announced that the bike’s mid-mounted motor will offer performance comparable to that of a 700cc to 900cc gas-powered bike. This not only affords it a roughly four-second 0-60mph time, but it also means that the thing will have no problem handling freeway riding, and it will no doubt possess enough power to keep up with traffic — and even have the oomph needed to throttle-out of potentially sticky situations. With a 420-pound curb weight and a 60.5-inch wheelbase, Project ARES will also likely offer some decently-nimble handling, even at low speeds — just one more factor that makes it perfect for urban riding. 

A Contemporary Cafe Racer

Another one of the electric motorcycle’s main selling points — and another factor that makes it even more conducive to life in the city — is its decidedly sleek appearance. Taking inspiration from Sci-Fi movies, Project ARES sports a thoroughly modern take on traditional cafe racer designs, combining a cooling duct-equipped full fairing with a cowled mono-posto tail, a set of fork covers, and a Ryvid-esque horizontal headlight nacelle. This design is not only quite the head-turner, but it’s also an aerodynamic one. Thanks to a set of clip-on handlebars, rear-sets, and a 33.5-inch seat height — giving it the same seat height as a Yamaha R6 — Project ARES boasts a sporty and aggressive riding position that enables it to more than just look the part, and actually deliver true spirited riding capabilities.

Also included is a digital display with built-in GPS functionality (and presumably smartphone connectivity), meaning you don’t have to mount your phone in order to get turn-by-turn directions or mapping capabilities. The thing also gets ByBre brakes with steel-braided lines and Bridgestone Battlax SC 2 tires wrapped around lightweight 17” five-arm forged wheels. 

Spec Sheet

Style: Cafe Racer
Class: Middle Weight
Powertrain: Mid-Mounted Electric Motor
0-60MPH Time: <4 Seconds
Curb Weight: 420LBs
Seat Height: 33.5”
Range: 100 Miles

Pricing & Availability

Offered with a range of customizable features and options, the Real Motors Project ARES electric motorcycle is slated to hit the market in late 2025. And while exact pricing has yet to be revealed, the company has stated that it expects Project ARES’ MSRP to start at under the $20,000 mark. 

Real Motors Project ARES

Aiming to combine modern EV powertrain tech with an analog riding experience, Real Motors’ Project ARES is a modern take on a full-faired cafe racer with a spec sheet that makes it perfect for life in the city. Comparable to a 700cc to 900cc gas bike, Project ARES is slated to hit the market by late 2025.

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