Particle Measuring Systems and Pharma Integration Introduce the BioCapt® Single-Use AutoM Microbial Impactor for Automated Microbial Air Sampling

  • Jun 10, 2024
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Particle Measuring Systems and Pharma Integration Introduce the BioCapt® Single-Use AutoM Microbial Impactor for Automated Microbial Air Sampling

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), a global leader in contamination monitoring, and Pharma Integration, a company that specializes in innovative robotic solutions for small volume fill-finishing for next generation injectable drugs are proud to announce the launch of the BioCapt Single-Use AutoM Microbial Impactor.

Image Credit: Particle Measuring Systems

This innovative product is designed to increase the reliability and repeatability of microbial air sampling readings in robotic pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Its unique design reduces human interference in the monitoring process, or even eliminates it when used with robotics. The magnetic lid design of the plate ensures secure sealing and correct and safe manipulation; streamlining its integration into existing filling lines with and without robotics. Thanks to a range of accessories, it can seamlessly fit onto existing filling lines without requiring invasive modifications. The plate thus becomes ideal for microbial air monitoring in controlled environments, cleanrooms, and isolators, including gloveless ones.

This cutting-edge device features a tight magnetic seal, guaranteeing no penetration by vapor or gases (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, VHP), while also preventing liquid from entering in the unit, even when exposed. Such features allow for pre-introduction (before a potential environmental decontamination) and exposure to final washing fluids (in the case of applications in contaminated environments). Fully prepared and disposable, it eliminates the need for agar plate preparation and autoclave sterilization. Its plug-and-play design allows for continuous monitoring for up to four hours, enhancing cost efficiency and productivity. The impactor’s culture media is sterile and validated for up to 12 months, with flexible storage options. Additionally, enhanced lot traceability and compliance with ISO 14698-1 underscore its reliability and effectiveness.

The BioCapt Single-Use AutoM microbial impactor is a proprietary device designed for optimal use in Pharma Integration’s robotic environments.

This represents a significant advancement in leveraging robotics for contamination control technology,”

Giulia Artalli, Product Line Manager at Particle Measuring Systems

“The collaboration with Pharma Integration has made it possible to jointly develop a product that not only meets, but exceeds, the needs of an automated industry.”

“The magnet clasp of this BioCapt impactor makes it fast, easy, and effective for robotics to complete tasks within a sterile manufacturing environment,” said Claudio Bechini, owner Pharma Integration.

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