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NAEV Debuts 1,000-HP ‘Cyber-Hummer’ H1 EV Conversion

  • Nov 18, 2023
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NAEV Debuts 1,000-HP ‘Cyber-Hummer’ H1 EV Conversion

Despite debuting almost four years ago to the date, Tesla’s Cybertruck still has yet to be released. And while Tesla’s inaugural pickup may be still far off on the horizon, one EV conversion outfit is now giving customers an enticing alternative to Tesla’s neo-retro truck, with North America Electric Vehicles’s all-new “Cyber-Hummer” H1 EV — a ‘90s era Hummer that’s been bestowed with a Tesla powertrain. 

Weighing in at around 2.25 to 3 tons, the Cyber-Hummer is constructed around a 1991 AM General Humvee, though the donor’s original engine has been jettisoned in order to make room for a fully-electric Tesla powertrain. The truck features a set of battery packs — ranging from  75kWh to 150 kWh — that can afford the vehicle a range of up to around 300 miles per charge. The use of a Tesla powertrain and NACS charging ports also means this EV conversion can utilize the nation’s most extensive charging network. The vehicle is kicked along by a set of Tesla drive units that collectively put down up to 1,000hp. This output ultimately allows the conversion to reach 60mph from a complete standstill in just 3.5 seconds — placing it on par with many modern-day sports cars. 

It’s immense power and acceleration are obviously noteworthy — especially considering the donor truck’s dimensions and weight — though what really makes this vehicle special is its go-anywhere capabilities. Benefitting from the Hummer’s ultra-rugged and robust chassis design, the Cyber-Hummer is almost certainly capable of massively outperforming Tesla’s actual Cybertruck in the rough stuff, with a generous 13” of ground clearance and an off-road-specific suspension setup. Available options on NAEV’s Hummer EV conversion also include electronic-locking differentials, and an off-road-calibrated traction control system. The interior of the truck has also been heavily revised, and now sports custom seats, a MOMO steering wheel, and multiple tablet-style displays. 

While NAEV’s “Cyber-Hummer” H1 EV is already spoken for, the shop is currently accepting commissions for future EV conversions. Prices for these conversions start at around $100,000. The shop also currently has a roughly six-month wait time, as well. 

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