My Favorite Garmin Accessory Is Just $17 In The Prime Day Sale

  • Jul 12, 2023
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My Favorite Garmin Accessory Is Just $17 In The Prime Day Sale

There are several great Prime Day deals on Garmin watches, with the standout being the $300 discount on the Garmin Epix 2. However, the best deal for Garmin owners is this 20% reduction on the price of three nylon bands.

These are not Garmin’s own nylon bands, which cost a slightly silly $60 and are only available in the 26mm size that fits the brand’s largest watches, like the Fenix 7X or Enduro 2. Instead they are a third-party set of three 22mm bands, which fit a wide range of Garmin watches including the Forerunner 955 and 965, Epix 2, Fenix 7.

I have used Garmin’s own nylon bands and also purchased several off-brand ones to use with Garmin watches, and can say that you don’t lose much at all by going for the cheaper option. I’ve not used these exact bands from Olytop, but my experience with third-party bands is that they are the same regardless of the brand involved. The bands are more comfortable than the standard silicone ones that come with the watches, dry quickly, and it’s easy to adjust the fit to make sure it’s tight enough for sports.  

The downside of nylon bands compared with silicone, and this goes for Garmin’s own ones as much as the third-party options, is that nylon will degrade over time, especially if you regularly wear the band in the shower or when swimming. They still last me a year of intense use though, and even then they just look a little worn, rather than being completely wrecked.

Getting three bands for $16.79 in the Prime Day sale means you can use them without fear of wrecking an expensive item, and swap between them depending on your preferred color—the trio of bands in this deal are black, grey and dark green.

To attach the band you just loop the ends through the bars on the watch and attach them using the velcro. The bands fit wrists from 6.2in-9.25in, and as someone with thin wrists I’ve always found they work well for me.

There are many nylon bands like these available on Amazon, with a lot of them included in the Prime Day sale, so you can shop around to find a color you like, but getting three for $17 is the best deal I’ve come across so far.

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