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Mink Campers’ MINK-E Is a Fully Electric Teardrop Camper

  • Oct 17, 2023
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Mink Campers’ MINK-E Is a Fully Electric Teardrop Camper

When you picture an old-school campsite with a trailer, what pops into your head is likely a teardrop camper. Since the early 20th century, these campers have been outdoor icons and symbols of Americana, but the days of plywood construction are certainly over. These days, companies like Mink Campers are thoughtfully recreating the classic trailer, with designs like the MINK-S (AKA the Mink Sports Camper), capturing the essence of the shape in a modern approach. And the Icelandic manufacturer has now taken it a step further with the MINK-E, a fully electric redesign of the MINK-S.

As for the dimensions, this camper measures 13.5ft long and weighs 510kg (~1,124 pounds), making it incredibly lightweight for a trailer (and the lightest one from Mink we’ve seen). Inside, the amenities are all-electric, powered by a battery and built-in solar charging, and the kitchen remains under the tailgate like the MINK-S. Also, like the MINK-S, you’re getting the same submarine-like doors and the big skylight, along with a padded wall and room for an RV queen bed. 

Seeing one of the most classic camper designs reimagined for modern times (and for what looks like the first time) is definitely exciting, and Mink has gone above and beyond, including electric appliances, charging, and a construction that uses at least 25% recycled materials. The new blue colorway also seems to highlight this electric shift, opting for something a bit more subtle compared to the yellow on the MINK-S.

At the time of writing, The MINK-E from Mink Campers is only being shipped in Europe and the United Kingdom, but the company has plans to bring it to the States, along with the rest of its lineup, sometime soon. The camper launched overseas with a price of £25,328 (~$32,000), so we can safely expect a price in that ballpark when it eventually reaches the US. You can sign up for more info through Mink’s site.

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