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Meet Angus Barbieri, The Man Who Didn’t Eat For 400 Days

  • Jun 10, 2024
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Meet Angus Barbieri, The Man Who Didn’t Eat For 400 Days

Angus Barbieri’s incredible 382-day fast led to a jaw-dropping weight loss, defying expectations but raising questions about the safety of such a dramatic approach…

We’ve covered some pretty incredible weight loss stories here at DMARGE — Dana White’s two-year turnaround or this bloke’s mind-blowing 12-week shred are just two of many — but never have we seen quite such a dramatic approach, or quite such dramatic results, as this recently uncovered tale.

In June 1965, a 27-year-old Scotsman named Angus Barbieri embarked on an extraordinary journey that would defy conventional wisdom and medical science in equal measure. Weighing in at 456 pounds, Barbieri committed to a year-long experiment that would see him abstain from solid food for over a year, ultimately achieving a record-breaking 382-day fast.

The Start

Angus Barbieri’s motivation was simple, as people who take on the always-difficult task of shedding the extra pounds often admit: he wanted to overcome his crippling obesity and reclaim his health. Admitted to the Royal Infirmary of Dundee, Barbieri initially planned a short and sharp fast under the supervision of medical professionals. However, as days turned into weeks and then months, Barbieri continued his fast, fueled by a remarkable if dangerous determination to see his goal through to the bitter end.

During his fast, Barbieri got by on a paltry intake of vitamins, electrolytes, and non-caloric beverages like black coffee, tea, and sparkling water. Occasionally, he allowed himself small amounts of milk or sugar in his drinks, but his overall calorie consumption remained utterly negligible. This extreme, bordering on insane, regimen enabled his body to enter a state of ketosis, where it burned fat stores for energy rather than relying on food, leading to his immense weight loss.

The Legacy

By the time Angus Barbieri called time on his fast in July 1966, he had lost a staggering 276 pounds, bringing his overall weight down to 180 pounds. His transformation was so extreme that he was almost unrecognisable, able to fit at least two people into his old clothes. His first meal after more than a year without food was… a boiled egg and some buttered bread, a modest meal to represent a momentous occasion.

It will come as no surprise that Barbieri’s story quickly gained international attention, captivating the public and baffling medical professionals. Despite initial scepticism, his health remained stable throughout the fast, monitored closely by doctors at the University of Dundee. Their studies concluded that Barbieri suffered no serious or long-term ill effects from his prolonged period of starvation, challenging long-standing preconceived notions about the limits of human endurance.

To this day, Angus Barbieri’s fast remains an unparalleled feat in medical history. While his story is one of extraordinary willpower and resilience, it also serves as a cautionary tale about the lengths to which one might go in the pursuit of health. The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged his achievement with their globally renowned accolade, though it later ceased endorsing such records due to concerns over promoting dangerous behaviour.

While Angus Barbieri’s legacy endures as a testament to human determination and the incredible capabilities of the human body, we have to agree with Guinness on this one; his approach was an immensely dangerous one which we do not endorse. If you want to read up on more sustainable approaches to weight loss, we’ve got you covered.

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