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Mark Wahlberg’s Strips Off In Hotel Bath; Adds Another Crazy Wellness Stunt To His Daily Routine

  • Oct 31, 2023
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Mark Wahlberg’s Strips Off In Hotel Bath; Adds Another Crazy Wellness Stunt To His Daily Routine

Mark Wahlberg has long been renowned for his intense daily routine and early adoption of chilling, pre-dawn ice baths, but a recent Instagram video takes things to the next level of luxury.

Mark Wahlberg has always been open about his pretty intense daily routine, of which ice baths — thanks to their better-than-cocaine high — have always been a central part. Today, however, he took to Instagram to do an ice-bath-cum-advertisement surrounded by sterling silver buckets of pre-prepared ice.

In the video, Wahlberg can be seen stripping off to reveal his enviably jacked physique before pouring these sterling silver buckets of ice into the already freezing cold tub of water before hopping in and seamlessly segueing into a promotional speech for some Municipal sneakers.

WATCH: Wahlberg takes an early morning dip.

While Wahlberg is fully entitled to spend his millions however he wishes, and we certainly don’t mean to throw shade at a man with such an impressive fitness and recovery schedule as he, it’s hard to deny that watching the moviestar pour sterling silver buckets of ice into his enormous bath in a sprawling terracotta bathroom makes for a pretty decadent sight…

Regardless, he’s looking great and working hard; I’ll try to coke down my undeniable jealousy. If you want to see his full daily routine, check it out below.

Mark Wahlberg’s Full Daily Routine

Let’s break down his entire day…

2:30 AM – Rise and Shine: Wahlberg kicks off his day at an unfathomable 2:30 in the morning. This early rise is enough to make even the most dedicated early birds question their commitment.

2:45 AM – Finding Solace: The actor begins his day with a moment of reflection and prayer. This practice of grounding himself spiritually sets the tone for the day ahead.

3:15 AM – The Most Important Meal: Breakfast comes swiftly after his morning prayers, fueling up for the rigorous schedule that follows.

3:40 AM – Pumping Iron: From 3:40am to 5:15am, he hits the gym… for the first time.

5:30 AM – Post-Workout Fuel: After his workout, Wahlberg refuels with a hearty post-workout meal.

6:00 AM – Fresh Start: A quick shower rejuvenates him, preparing him for the activities ahead.

7:30 AM – Tee Time: Wahlberg’s schedule takes an unexpected turn as he heads to the golf course at a time that you and I might consider extremely early…

8:00 AM – Snack Time: A well-deserved snack is on the menu, providing the energy boost he needs to continue his day, which he is now over six hours into.

9:30 AM – Cryo Chamber Recovery: Wahlberg includes cryotherapy in his daily routine for recovery and rejuvenation.

10:30 AM – Yet Another Snack: It seems that snacks play a pivotal role in sustaining his energy levels throughout the day.

11:00 AM – Family Time and Work Calls: The actor makes time for family and important work-related calls, balancing his personal and professional life.

1:00 PM – Lunch: Lunchtime finally arrives, marking a midday break in his busy schedule.

2:00 PM – More Meetings: After lunch, he delves back into work-related meetings and calls.

3:00 PM – School Pick-Up: In the afternoon, Wahlberg takes a pause from his busy routine to pick up his kids from school.

3:30 PM – Snack Break: Snacks continue to be a staple in his daily diet.

4:00 PM – Round Two: Wahlberg engages in a second workout session at 4:00 PM, maintaining his wholly evident commitment to physical fitness.

5:00 PM – Another Shower: A shower follows his second workout, ensuring he stays fresh despite the day’s activities.

5:30 PM – Family Dinner Time: As the day winds down, Wahlberg enjoys dinner and quality family time.

7:30 PM – Early to Bed: Perhaps the most astonishing part of his routine, the actor calls it a night at a remarkably early 7:30 PM, ensuring he gets enough rest for another early start.

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