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Mark Wahlberg Surprises Sydney Shoppers With Luxury Watch-Buying Spree

  • Apr 24, 2024
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Mark Wahlberg Surprises Sydney Shoppers With Luxury Watch-Buying Spree

You may have seen Mark Wahlberg popping up all over your timelines recently and left to wonder why the American Hollywood star has seemingly set up camp in Australia over the last few months. Well, a recent shopping trip could reveal a love for Sydney’s celebrated shopping scene.

From teeing off at Sydney’s many world-class golf courses to hitting the free weights at 4 am with the rest of the Eastern Suburbs, Wahlberg has quickly taken to the Australian way of life.

But when the Ted and Uncharted star isn’t filming his latest Amazon Prime series Play Dirty, he’s been surprising everyday shoppers with luxury shopping sprees in one of Sydney’s most opulent establishments, the Watches of Switzerland boutique at the foot of The Crown.

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Fans in the comments were quick to enquire as to the contents of Wahlberg’s haul so we reached out to our friends over at Watches of Switzerland for the inside scoop, although they declined to disclose the shopping habits of their customers… fair enough.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest watch collectors, Wahlberg already boasts an enviable collection of luxury timepieces from coveted brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. While the specifics of his recent shopping spree remain a mystery, it’s safe to assume that the actor has chosen pieces of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance to join the ranks of his already-stacked collection.

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