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Livaq’s Battery-Powered EQUAD Is World’s Most Powerful ATV

  • Dec 7, 2023
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Livaq’s Battery-Powered EQUAD Is World’s Most Powerful ATV

It’s official: Electric-powered vehicles are taking over. Everything from cars to pickup trucks to bikes to tricycles is making the eventual transition to batteries, even when a motor didn’t exist to begin with (SEE: e-bikes). One such brand out of Detroit is making headway on a new electric ATV, seeking to change the industry as we know it. The company is called Livaq and its upcoming EQUAD is billed as the world’s most powerful ATV.

Of course, there are some benefits to gas-powered vehicles, but in the world of ATVs, batteries could be an appealing solution. Unlike cars and trucks, quads aren’t intended for commuting or driving long distances, and thus powering up won’t interrupt your outings as easily. For instance, the EQUAD gives you 170mi of range on a single charge — more than enough for a day’s worth of shredding. Likewise, the decreased maintenance required on any EV, especially off-road vehicles, is always beneficial. Plus, the 67mph top speed is higher than on fuel-powered ATVs too. However, in terms of weight, this new vehicle is a bit heavy at 595.2kg (~1,312lbs), which could at least alter the experience of anyone who hasn’t driven an electric ATV before, as would the lack of noise produced when riding.

Built on a modular chassis, the EQUAD features a carbon fiber body, 3D-printed seats, patented LED lights that are much brighter than standard lamps, and a 16kWh swappable battery. What’s more, the Livaq Adventure App lets you monitor the vehicle’s battery and receive maintenance alerts. You can also record your rides and utilize the app’s GPS tracker, weather information, and community-based hub to connect with other riders.

Available with a 12-month warranty, the EQUAD is priced at $28,500, but you can get either a 10% or 30% discount by putting down a pre-order of $100 or $1,000, respectively. Head to Livaq’s website to learn more.

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