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Life is Full of Frustrating Stepping Stones that Lead You to a Better Path – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

  • Nov 13, 2023
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Life is Full of Frustrating Stepping Stones that Lead You to a Better Path – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

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Life can be difficult for many people but seems so easy for others. Why is that? When you have an optimistic outlook and appreciate your life with whatever transpires, things often tend to get better and better over time. It can look like someone has it easier on the surface, but quite often they really don’t, they just deal with things in a more positive way.

When we get angry or play the victim as to why something isn’t working out the way we had hoped, we stay stuck in a place of discontentment.

Understanding that being grateful for some of those uncomfortable life lessons you learn along your path is the answer to achieving higher goals to come. I am sure you have felt the remnants of heartbreak from a past relationship, and it has kept you stuck in a sad or negative mindset for longer than you would have liked.

Matters of the heart are definitely one of the more difficult things to recover from, but you always have the choice of how you move forward when dealing with any dilemmas that life brings your way. You can use the lessons you learned from what transpired during the breakup, or you can choose to stay in a dejected state of mind and close the door to love. This can often be due to a bruised ego that can keep your thoughts embedded in victim mode.

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Stepping stones are a good thing and will bring you closer to finding your life purpose.

They also allow you to have change and growth with each new experience. Who wants to live on a treadmill their whole life? If you are not evolving on a regular basis, there is nothing to get excited about. Staying stagnant due to the fear of failure or the fear of trying something new, gets pretty dull over time.

The best way to handle the hard knocks that cross your path is to allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with them.

Allow yourself to cry, be sad, or get mad for a limited amount of time. Pay attention to the pros and cons that come out of any difficult situation, and embrace what you learned. I realize it can feel like the world is against you sometimes, but most people go through these feelings during their lifetime. You are not alone. The trick is to observe the lessons quickly and to not hold onto things out of anger. It is crucial to take ownership of your part, the choices you made and use your energy to find a better solution.

Releasing the pain of what transpired will help you move on in a better direction and give you more clarity on how to deal with new stepping stones you venture out on. The important thing to take out of this process is not to repeat the same obstacle over and over again. This doesn’t mean giving up on your goals or dreams, it just means trying a different approach moving forward. Own what didn’t work, forgive yourself for the choice you made at the time, and chalk it up as valuable enlightenment.

Life is full of adversity

Many people want instant gratification, and this is where some of the bigger mistakes are made. Some men and women become very impatient and do not appreciate each day on the path of where they are eagerly wanting to be. Adversity causes you to look inward so that you have a new or better perspective of what you’re trying to achieve.

Before you can obtain your future goals, you have to have a vision and a plan of how to get to where you are going. Enjoying the journey along the way is part of this learning curve you are encountering. You might even have some out-of-the-box trials and tribulations that bring you a new outlook you didn’t expect. Every so often, reaching a fork in the road actually takes you down a better path.

It is very important to be grateful and accepting when some things don’t work out because they lead to a much better place where you are meant to be.

When you are on the right pathway in your life, things are not usually that difficult. Each stepping stone you experience takes less and less frustration until you reach your desired goal. I am not saying you will be free from hurdles here and there, but you will feel a smooth alignment when you are close to achieving the end result. You feel balanced and happy because you did your homework along the way and didn’t repeat the same mistakes. You appreciate the rewards and what it took to get you here.

This works in relationships as well. A healthy partnership is not filled with sadness, control, fear, or drama. It flows smoothly because you both openly communicate, deal with any issues in a reciprocated manner, and move on quickly to a harmonious place. Some people get confused and think that a partnership is naturally a drama-filled experience and that it is constantly a work in progress. It definitely takes work to nurture the love between you as a couple, but it should never include repetitive toxic or controlling behavior.

Whenever you’re stuck wondering why something didn’t work out in the past, can you now honestly see why it didn’t?

This is the beauty of time, it changes your focus to see the reality of what you left behind, and how that benefited you moving forward. Having regrets keeps you stuck and hinders you from believing in yourself. If you are having nagging doubts and anxiety over what path you are on, you have to alter what isn’t serving you. It could just be a few elements that need changing but serve you in a better way.

Most successful people have worked very hard to get to where they are today. Very few of them fall into the victim trap of why something didn’t work out. They find a new way to improve the problem moving forward. They don’t give up! People are seldom an overnight success and usually have 10 -20 years of difficult accomplishments under their belts.

Instead of being envious or jealous of others who have more than you, find out how they got to where they are. What hurdles did they jump over, and what steps did they take to improve their success? Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance if you get stuck in a rut and find it difficult to move to a higher place of self-improvement. It is always great to have mentorship from people you trust and admire.

In closing

Appreciate the fact that you are achieving new things because you are not afraid to enhance your life, regardless of having to deal with some tough lessons. It is the people who persevere and don’t give up due to their belief in themselves, who are the ones who go on to make dreams and goals come to fruition. This not only shows courage and tenacity but also shows character and strength. Taking this continued approach is the gift that keeps on giving back.

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