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Jurassic Park Barbasol Dinosaur Embryo Smuggling Device

  • Feb 25, 2024
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Jurassic Park Barbasol Dinosaur Embryo Smuggling Device

In a film filled with people trying to escape angry dinosaurs, a can of shaving cream might seem incidental. But this prop can of Barbasol was central to the events of Jurassic Park. Given to Dennis Nedry by Dodgson, it unscrews to reveal a cryogenic containment sleeve meant to house stolen dinosaur embryos for up to 36 hours. Nedry disabling the park’s security systems to steal the embryos results in the dinosaurs running amok on the island, while Nedry himself meets his demise by way of a Dilophosaurus, losing the can in the process. The prop shows some oxidation and wear due to its age, while the sleeve houses seven vials with labels indicating the dino embryo within. A treasured piece of movie memorabilia, it comes to auction from the collection of Planet Hollywood alongside a certificate of authenticity.

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