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Jorge Paez’s RYTM Turntable Is Inspired by a 1957 Braun Model

  • Dec 26, 2023
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Jorge Paez’s RYTM Turntable Is Inspired by a 1957 Braun Model

Vinyl collectors may be making headlines these past few years, but earlier this year a study by music sales data company Luminate, based on RIAA data, suggested that about 50% of people who buy vinyl don’t own a record player. Of course, there’s a matter of cost when it comes to a turntable, and then the ancillary needs of speakers and perhaps a receiver. It’s no secret that many collectors purchase vinyl to begin with for its artwork and visual appeal. And if you haven’t found a specific turntable to keep up with your own visual standards, you may not want to settle for less (although there are a lot of great options if you know where to look). However, if you’re looking for perfection in turntable design, you should check out this new prototype model from industrial designer Jorge Paez. 

The record player is called RYTM and it’s not for sale…yet, at least. Inspired by the Braun SK4/1 model from 1957, which was pretty groundbreaking when it came out (it’s now on display at MoMA in New York), this new turntable sports a familiar yet wholly unique appearance. Featuring a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, the unit features a series of eleven vertical slats on one side, under which hides the speed selector and power dial in red. Likewise, one of the slats doubles as the tonearm, which pops up when ready to play. It runs on AC power, plugging into your outlet via a power cord.

The vinyl revival is a very real thing, although the reality of the comeback has become misconstrued amidst the utter surprise of its existence in the first place. In 2022, for the first time since 1987, vinyl sales exceeded that of CD sales, while vinyl revenue had already surpassed CD revenue a couple of years before, with over $1 billion in annual earnings today. The truth, however, is that overall sales are minuscule compared to that late-’80s height. Today, vinyl has settled comfortably as a niche hobby rather than a mainstream ubiquity — and collectors are perfectly happy with that status.

As for Jorge Paez’s RYTM, it’s yet to be announced if he will seek to produce the turntable on some sort of scale. For now, you can view more on the designer’s website.

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