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Jo Lindner, German Bodybuilder & Instagram Sensation Has Died Aged 30

  • Aug 1, 2023
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Jo Lindner, German Bodybuilder & Instagram Sensation Has Died Aged 30

We’re saddened by the news that German bodybuilder, Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics has passed away at just 30 years of age.

Jo Lindner, aka @joesthetics on Instagram, was a German fitness influencer and bodybuilder. He’s been living in Thailand for a number of years and is a well-loved source of knowledge and entertainment for the fitness community around the world.

The very sad news was confirmed by friend and fellow bodybuilder Noel Dezyel via Instagram a short time ago. Noel left a heartfelt message to his millions of followers about Jo’s kindness, sparkle and legacy.

Jo was well-known for his big personality, hard training and love of life. He was often filmed explaining the lengths he would go to maintain his physique and his personal transformation over the years. A man who was incredibly disciplined and dedicated to bodybuilding and training.

His love of fashion, particularly sneakers, was always a feature on his regular Instagram videos. Not to mention the various hairstyles and colours he experimented with.

How did Jo Linder die?

Jo is believed to have died from a suspected brain aneurysm, however, this has not been officially confirmed. Nicha, the grieving partner of Jo, announced the unfortunate passing of Jo due to an unidentified neck pain.

In an exclusive interview with YouTuber Bradley Martyn for his channel Bradley Martyn Raw Talk, Lindner recently disclosed a personal struggle that has impacted his ability to train for and participate in bodybuilding competitions: he had been battling with a rare condition called ‘rippling muscle disease’. This condition renders his muscles hyperexcitable and excessively sensitive to movement or pressure, particularly affecting the proximal muscles located near the centre of the body. Some now believe this condition could be closely linked to his aneurysm.

During the interview, Lindner highlighted that even simple stretching exercises can trigger visible ripples that propagate through the muscles for 5 to 20 seconds. Additionally, a minor bump or impact can cause the affected muscles to contract and bunch up repeatedly, leading to excruciating pain lasting up to 30 seconds. Lindner emphasized the gravity of his situation, explaining that when coupled with the dehydrating practices commonly employed in the bodybuilding industry, his condition could potentially have severe consequences, including heart attacks. Linder added:

“The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern that what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp… That makes me scared. That’s why I’m staying away from bodybuilding competitions too much.”

Jo Linder

To illustrate the serious implications, Lindner referenced a tragic incident from 1992 involving professional bodybuilder Mohammed Benaziza, who sadly passed away after a competition. Subsequent autopsy findings revealed that severe dehydration had caused heart failure in his case, serving as a stark reminder of the perils associated with extreme dehydration in the world of bodybuilding.

Reactions From Friends and Fans

While Linder’s partner and Dezyel were some of the first to break the news and share their grief, others soon followed. While Linder’s partner left the following heartbreaking words…

Yesterday his past away by aneurysm… I was there with him in the room.. he put on the necklace in my neck that he made for me… He was in my embrace, and now this is unfolding with alarming haste.


…others shared tributes for Lindner in the comments on Deyzel’s post.

Lindner “elevated bodybuilding”, one person said. “He was a boost higher than the surrounding.”

“May he find peace and happiness in the afterlife,” another said. “He was a true inspiration and he will forever be with us through the countless videos and posts.”

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