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Italian Village Builds Its Own Sun After Centuries Of Darkness

  • May 1, 2024
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Italian Village Builds Its Own Sun After Centuries Of Darkness

Italian village Viganella, deprived of sunlight for centuries, installed a giant mirror to reflect precious rays down into the depths of the Alps, bringing all sorts of warmth to its chilly community.

Pisa recently got called out as one of the most disappointing travel destinations that the otherwise resplendent nation of Italy has to offer. However, the small village of Viganella may be a hot contender for the top spot… but, ‘hot’ isn’t exactly the operative word, given that the village has been shrouded in winter darkness for centuries. That was, at least, until villagers had an ingenious idea…

Sequestered away in Italy’s northern edges where winter extends its icy grip over vast swathes of the Alpine landscape, Viganella is one of many communities that are left shrouded in darkness for months on end. Nestled in the border between Switzerland and Italy, the village’s peculiar plight was as follows: from November to February, the sun retreated behind towering mountains, casting the town into an eternal twilight.

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For over 800 winters, the inhabitants of Viganella have grappled with the near-total absence of sunlight, their days overshadowed by the ever-encroaching darkness. In the face of perpetual gloom, the spirit of innovation shone through… I’ll show myself out.

In 1999, local architect Giacomo Bonzani decided enough was enough. His vision for a brighter future? To harness the power of sunlight and bring it beaming into the heart of Viganella’s historic square. Teaming up with engineer Gianni Ferrari, the pair posed an ingenious solution: a colossal mirror perched high on a nearby mountain that would capture and reflect the sun’s rays into the town below.

After years in the works, their dream became a reality on December 17, 2006. At eight meters wide and five meters tall, the mirror was unveiled and became a beacon of hope for the sun-starved village. Guided by then cutting-edge software, the mirror traced the sun’s trajectory across the sky, bathing Viganella’s main square in six hours of precious sunlight each day.

“A 5-metre (16-foot) high, 8-metre (26-foot) wide mirror tracks the sun’s movement and reflects its rays into Viganella’s historic piazza. The mirror, which cost around 100,000 euros (67,000 pounds).”


The impact was immediate and profound. As sunlight finally danced across cobblestone streets and illuminated centuries-old facades, Viganella experienced something of a renaissance in community life. Elderly residents, once confined to their homes by the biting cold, now venture out to bask in the gentle warmth of the quasi-artificial sun. The town square, once deserted, became a bustling hub of activity.

Beyond its practical utility, the mirror symbolised something deeper. Former mayor Franco Midali captured this sentiment eloquently:

“The idea behind the project doesn’t have a scientific basis, but a human one… It comes from a desire to let people socialise in winter”.

Franco Midali

Viganella’s innovative solution has since inspired communities around the world grappling with similar issues. From the snow-covered landscapes of Norway to the sun-deprived fjords of Iceland, the concept of harnessing sunlight through mirrors has inspired similar solutions around the world.

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