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Is Jealousy Becoming a Dealbreaker in Your Relationship? – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

  • Jan 8, 2024
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Is Jealousy Becoming a Dealbreaker in Your Relationship? – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

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This topic today is a conversation that should be discussed, but often isn’t: Is Jealousy Becoming a Dealbreaker in Your Relationship?

We often become jealous within our partnership when something has shifted in our personal connection, and we’re not getting our needs met. When you don’t feel seen or heard by your partner, it causes jealous insecurities to surface, The bond you share feels broken, and if it’s left to fester, this problem could eventually become a dealbreaker in your relationship.

Jealousy can come into play when a partnership becomes complacent. Unfortunately, some people become apathetic and put romance on the back burner. If your partner stops putting energy into nurturing the intimacy and love between you as a couple, this causes self-esteem insecurities that they are losing their attraction toward you.

Relationships go through many stages over the years.

If you want it to remain in a stable and healthy place in your partnership, you have to communicate your feelings consistently. Couples lose their way when they don’t focus on the importance of sharing their thoughts regularly. Don’t shut your partner out, always talk to them about everything.

Most problems can be solved quickly if you open up to each other before those small things escalate into much bigger issues! Your partner may notice subtle changes in your body language or moods, but they can’t read your mind to grasp what you are internalizing. You owe it to each other to express your feelings, so your partner isn’t left in the dark to try to analyze what is disrupting your relationship.

Life has many ups and downs, and we don’t always feel happy with where we are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically. We change every 7 years and that can be a hard thing to deal with. It doesn’t just affect the replacement of cells in our bodies, it affects our lives in many aspects!

Jealousy is often an insecurity that we feel within ourselves when we are dealing with personal changes that we may not be happy with. We may not like our jobs, our health may be compromised, or we may not feel attractive due to weight gain or a big birthday milestone approaching. It could also be hormonal changes that cause our emotions to control our actions or mindset.

What are Some of the Jealous Emotions You May be Dealing With:

  1. Insecurity – You are not feeling worthy in your partnership due to where your life is at the time.
  2. Fear – You have feelings that your relationship isn’t going to last.
  3. Suspicious – The trust has altered within your partnership. When you stop trusting your partner, it is not always an easy road to come back from. Something changed to make you feel insecure about the bond you share with them.
  4. Resentment – They are dealing with their life much better than how you are handling your own. Things are happening for them and you feel unbalanced as a couple.
  5. Anger – This is a built-up emotion in your relationship that is caused by ignoring the big picture. What has changed to make you feel jealous? You need to communicate this to your partner.
  6. Envy – Things just seem to fall into place for your partner, while you feel left behind. They seem to attract and manifest everything they want towards them, which makes you feel anxious.
  7. Reactive – You become very defensive towards them due to whatever is making you jealous of your partner. You lash out with sarcastic comments or criticism. You want to knock them down a little from their happy life pedestal.

Don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship!

Nothing good ever comes from being a jealous person. Something is making you feel unsettled and when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head in your relationship, it is time to get to the bottom of why that is. You should always be able to discuss your fears or any changes that you notice, with your partner. Hoping these feelings will just subside on their own, will cause you to stay in this prolonged jealous state of mind. As a couple, you need to get to the bottom of what transpired to bring out these new feelings.

How do you prevent jealousy from happening in your relationship?

  1. Communicate any feelings of jealousy or emotional conflict when it transpires. Do not bury your thoughts and hope they will go away on their own.
  2. Listen to each other and respect any concerns you both have.
  3. Keep a journal of each time that you feel any jealousy toward your partner. This will help give you and your partner a clear understanding of what triggers these emotions when you share this with them.
  4. Include each other in any new goals or adventures. You may not always evolve in life at the same time, so always include them so they feel a part of everything.
  5. Prioritize each other regularly. They should be #1 in your partnership!

Understanding where your insecurities are coming from is the first step to repairing jealousy within your relationship. Decipher whether this is a new scenario, or whether you have always had jealous tendencies. You may be holding on to trust issues or infidelity from a past relationship that is keeping you stuck. This can often carry over into other partnerships if you have not dealt with it properly.

Ensure you have proper boundaries in place and that you’re not repeating a pattern by choosing partners that are similar and causing you to feel jealous. If this issue is not dealt with professionally by counseling, it can continue to cause a regular disturbance in all your relationships to follow. Anytime you see negative repetition in your relationship, you are not respecting or implementing healthy boundaries in the way that you should be.

Consistent jealousy eventually sabotages the love you once shared as a couple.

Naturally, a little jealousy will pop up in any partnership, but as long as you can talk about it as a couple, it can be managed quickly. Your partner may be more outgoing than you are, which can bring out a few insecurities. Confidence is everything, so having goals and life purpose will give you that. When you are comfortable with who you are and happy in your life, jealousy is seldom a problem.

Always pay attention to what is, or isn’t transpiring in your lives when jealousy does come in to threaten your relationship. Communicate any issues immediately and find a way to console each other’s concerns. Please don’t shrug it off as unimportant. Their feelings need to be validated, and they need to feel heard. They may be going through a vulnerable time, and being there for each other in a reciprocated manner will always keep you closely connected.

Have you had a jealous partner or dealt with your own jealousies? How did you get past it?  Please leave your comments below.

Thank you!

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