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Igloo’s ICF Series Features Its First Electrical Coolers

  • Feb 1, 2024
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Igloo’s ICF Series Features Its First Electrical Coolers

When it comes to portable coolers, the first name that comes to mind for most people is Igloo. Launched in 1947, the Texas-based company has helped many a tailgate, beach excursion, or road trip go off without a hitch with its well-insulated and deceptively attractive ice chests. Now, some 77 years after its inception, Igloo has announced its first foray into electrical compression coolers with its new ICF Series.

Launched in Igloo’s signature blue-and-white color scheme, the new line of iceless coolers comes in five different sizes, ranging from a small 20-quart version (ICF 18) to a large 83-quart version (ICF 80DZ). Capable of running on both AC and DC power, be it a wall outlet or external power source, such as a car battery, the cooler’s temperature ranges from 0ºF to 68ºF and can be adjusted via control panel with a dimmable digital display. So basically, you can use these as freezers or refrigerators, with a good deal of fluctuation on either side. Likewise, it only takes the units as much as 20 minutes (and as little as 10 minutes) to adjust to your desired temperature. And the removal of ice also means that you can fit significantly more inside.

If you’re relatively familiar with the space, you’ll likely know that these types of plug-in, iceless coolers already exist. Options from Dometic, Anker, and many more have been on the market for a while. However, the ICF units are considerably cheaper than the competition — like, a couple hundred dollars cheaper in comparable sizes — and benefit from not only the quality assurance of Igloo but the brand’s trademark aesthetic as well. The wealth of size options also helps, with the smallest option weighing just 23lbs empty and the largest option featuring a fixed divider inside (although segmented temperature control would have been nice).

Priced from $400 to $1,000, the ICF Series iceless coolers are available now from Igloo’s website.

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