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HyperMegaTech’s Latest Super Pockets Honors Arcade History

  • Dec 18, 2023
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HyperMegaTech’s Latest Super Pockets Honors Arcade History

There’s something about the arcade era that produced truly timeless video games; maybe it was the hardware limitations that encouraged unique game design, or the novelty of the tech being so new, but one thing’s for certain: classics never die. HyperMegaTech, which released a Switch-like retro handheld called the Evercade last year, has set out to capture this era with a pair of special edition handhelds: the Super Pocket Capcom edition and the Super Pocket TAITO edition. Both versions of the Super Pocket are equipped with built-in, officially licensed games that defined these companies, including Capcom’s Street Fighter and TAITO’s seminal classic Space Invaders.

Paying homage to two titans in the gaming industry, HyperMegaTech is condensing classic games from the Japanese developers Capcom and TAITO into a pair of neat handhelds with a 2.8” 320×280 IPS screen, around 4 hours of battery life, and even USB-C fast charging. You get the traditional ABXY button scheme with a D-pad, along with not just two but four triggers on the back to ensure that the proper inputs for each game are always at your fingertips.

Both editions have officially licensed titles from the publisher they’re showcasing, with 12 games on the Capcom version (including absolute classics like Street Fighter II, Mega Man, and Final Fight) and 18 games on the TAITO version, with the ’91 home console and OG versions of Space Invaders (the Godfather of shooters). Each handheld has a colorway inspired by their respective publishers, and you can still run everything the Evercade can, with over 45 cartridges and nearly 400 games in total to choose from, spanning from Atari to arcade classics.  

The HyperMegaTech Super Pocket Capcom edition and TAITO edition are now available through select retailers for $60, and they’re the perfect stocking stuffers for the gamer in your life. 

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