How To Create Yourself Like An Artist

  • Jul 12, 2023
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How To Create Yourself Like An Artist

So you want to learn how to create yourself?

Good !

Or maybe you just clicked on this article out of curiosity and think it’s an insane title.

Either way, you are here now, and let me explain to you how you can create yourself. 

You can build yourself up into anything, you want to be.

Because let me tell you something, the biggest lie in the world is “Just be yourself”.

This is a lie created to keep people mediocre, keep them miserable, and keep them trapped in their current state of existence.

Im here to help you unchain the shackles of your mind so you can start making the climb into the endless possibilities of this universe.

But first things first. 

Let’s start with the bad news that you probably already know.

Most people are asleep, and if they read the paragraph that you just fished reading, they would say it’s probably a madman speaking.

They would say ist impossible to change. 

They would say it’s impossible to rebuild yourself.

They would say it’s impossible to create yourself.

They would say, “Just be yourself”.

The Reality Of Most People In The World

Go walk around in the supermarket, walk around, and observe. 

Watch how people are mindlessly walking around, looking like they don’t really know why they are there, but yet they are. 

Mindlessly strolling like zombies, and then they suddenly stop and start throwing things into their basket. 

Usually, it’s some of the most unhealthy processed food in the world. 

Things that, by their very nature, are there to cause disease in your body.



= Disease. 

But people do this and keep on doing it, even when they start looking like buffalos when they look in the mirror. 

Then they go home, put on the TV, and watch “the News” and other trash for hours. 

These people are programmed by the biggest corporations the world has ever known. 

They are brainwashed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

With modern smartphones and computers, people are constantly bombarded with advertising and messaging that has one goal, for them to spend more money on trash and for them to be controlled. 

Control is the name of the game. 

And these people have given control away.

They have been hypnotized to harm themselves and to believe lies about themselves and the world. 

The worse lies are the lies they tell about themselves. 

The lies tell them not to believe in themselves and rather admire celebrities. 

Lies about how they can’t help being fat and out of shape.

Lies that they will never be good enough.

Lies that tell them that there is time and that they should just relax. 

Now you might be saying, “that’s not true “it’s just entertainment.”

Well, think again, most of it is brainwashing.

The People Who Studied The Mind – Adverting Companies

Realize that these massive corporations have teams of marketers and advertisers that know your psychology better than you know yourself. 

These companies have teams of psychologists with one goal: to get your attention so that they can get in your mind.

So even if you think that there is no programming or brainwashing, it’s still happening. 

In the past, they called it propaganda, now, they call it advertising.

Yes, I get it we can’t totally avoid it, but we can take control of our environments, and minimize the impact. 

We can use our electronic devices smartly and not be used by them.

I’m not saying all technology is bad,because it’s not. 

These tools have made life so much better in many ways, but they also made a lot of things worse. 

So we need to get the balance right, and we need to do it on our terms.

But most importantly, we need to take control back of our minds. 

That is what this article is about. 

It’s about rejecting the idea of “just being yourself”.

Stop Just Being “Yourself”

I’ve previously written about why you should reject the idea of “just being yourself. 

But today, Im writing about it again because it’s such a widespread problem. 

People believe this negative way of thinking, they buy into it. 

They think the world can’t get better for them, and therefore they create a negative view of their future and a negative view of themselves and even the world.

The lie of “just being yourself” comes from people that want to hold you exactly where you are. 

But why? 

Well, there are groups and people on this planet that like control. 

And the more you start showing your potential and power, the less they think there is enough for them. 

These people might have financial resources, but they live in mental and spiritual scarcity. 

They despise people who want to get better, they despise people with light inside them. 

They despise dynamic potential. 

So they tell you to sit down, eat junk food, not exercise, and “just be yourself”.

Unfortunetly brainwashing is widespread, and people who care about you might actually believe the lies themselves. 

The matrix is everywhere. 

You either know it exists, or you don’t.

And if you don’t know it exists, then you buy into the lies.

I’ve written before about the growth mindset and the fixed mindset.

In her book Mindset, Carol Dweck examines the mindset theories of growth and fixed mindset. 

A growth mindset is a belief that people can improve their skills with effort and perseverance. 

This mindset views failure as an opportunity for learning and development, rather than a source of shame or defeat. 

On the other hand, a fixed mindset believes that abilities and intelligence are innate.

People with this mindset often become easily frustrated when faced with challenges and often feel overwhelmed by problems they cannot immediately resolve.

As such, those with a fixed mindset are more likely to avoid situations in which they may fail, while those with a growth mindset strive to overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.

Unfortunetly the fixed mindset is something that has been growing, more and more people believe that they are limited and that they should just settle for what they have. 

They have totally bought into the lie of “just be yourself.”

Realize Your Power

The first thing you need to realize is that you have incredible potential and power inside you. 

I’m not saying this to inspire you, but if it does inspire you, then good,becuase it’s the truth. 

This is the human condition.

We all get born with incredible potential, but we also get born with incredible challenges that we must face and overcome. 

This is the reality for every human on the planet. 

Some naturally gravitate to their potential, and others choose to focus on their limitations. 

It’s a choice. 

Or sometimes life gives you a bad hand, and you choose to obsess about what happened to you. 

I’m not pointing fingers, believe me, I’ve been there. 

I’ve fucked up a lot in my past. 

But I climbed out of my big dark cave into the light. 

But making that climb starts with belief. 

You have to start believing that great things are possible for you.

You have to start believing in your own potential power.

Do The Work

So now you know that you have been brainwashed and that most people don’t believe in their own potential greatness. 

But you also know that you have power in you that is just waiting to be unleashed. 

Will it be easy?


It will not be easy. 

I dont sell ice cream and magic pills on this website.

I tell you about the reality of this planet. 

Thats it.

But it is possible for you to transform yourself, but you need to believe it.

And then you can start doing the work to change it.

Approach Your Mind Like A Garden

Have you ever seen those big Japanese Zen gardens? 

Sometimes they have sand gardens or gravel gardens that get raked. 

These are methods to quiet the mind by doing a simple raking action.

But it’s also there as a symbol for the human mind. 

A garden can either be tidy, or it can be a chaotic mess if you dont work on it and maintain it. 

Therefore ist the same as the human mind

If you allow weeds to grow in your mind and allow trash all over the place, then your life will be in chaos, and you will feel unconfident.

But if you clean out that garden, take control of it, and start planting the plants you want in your garden, then you can transform your garden, and feel your confidence grow.

So what are the weeds and trash in your mind? 

Well, it could be negative friends.

It could be hours online looking at porn, and other trash. 

It could be watching hours of mindless TV. 

It could be eating trash every day that causes chaos in your bloodstream and your mind. 

If you think your food doesn’t influence your mind, think again. 

What you put into your mouth is the fuel you put into your body.

So you need to first get control of your mental environment.


But Im not saying dont go online. 

Im saying manage your time better and choose your sources of input wisely. 

Instead of watching porn and cat videos, rather listen to a good podcast, like the Joe Rogan Experience. 

Or watch good educational YouTube channels. 

And instead of watching dumb TV shows about broken hearts and depression, watch the classic movies of our time.

Instead of listening to trashy gangster music, listen to classical music or modern instrumental music like Zack Hemsey (get the instrumental version of his albums).

And when it comes to food, start eating real food that doesn’t come out of a box.

Realize That You Are An Artist

So we talked about rejecting the idea of “Just being yourself”.

But realize that you have another extremely powerful tool in your mind, your imagination. 

You don’t need to be the current version of yourself. 

You can create yourself. 

Yes, I get it certain parts of you can’t change, we all get born with certain genetics and certain traits that are not changeable. 

However, there is a lot that you can change. 

You can make the best of what you do have.

And when it comes to the mind, you have a big canvas to work with. 

Your mind’s creativity has no limits.

Yes, we need to clean off the big whiteboard in our minds and write some new ideas on there.

Now you might be thinking:

“What is this guy talking about?”

Well, realize now that you have been molded and shaped by your environment since you were born.

When you first open your eyes as a baby, people start talking to you. 

And keep in mind that the human brain is the biggest target-seeking machine in the known universe. 

It records things, it copies,it evaluates, it programs. 

The nature of the mind is incredible. 

Once you program it, it runs, and if you dont stop it, it will keep on going. 

This programming can be seen as the software of our minds.

Things like parents, teachers, friends, TV, radio, the internet, and school all played their part by planting seeds in your young developing mind.

And by the time you are 18, the part that you might think is “yourself” has been hijacked. 

And for most, this hijack is not good. 

Understand that a lot of people that planted seeds in your mind had their own mental demons and limiting beliefs, and they transferred them to you.

And then, you combine it with all the negative influences I mentioned above, and you get a nice cocktail of negativity and fear that leads to limiting beliefs

These limiting beliefs are widespread, and it’s easy to see in the modern world.

So that, in a nutshell, is the software of the mind.

But we also have the hardware. 

The hardware of the human brain is how we evolved as a species on this planet. 

We develop certain human traits that helped us survive the more challenging times of human history. 

Realize that the time you are living in now is some of the most peaceful times in human history. 

We, as a species, come from a violent past of mostly warfare. 

We come from a time of overcoming extreme violence and war.

So we have certain hardwired traits. 

Some are very practical, like the fear of darkness that makes us more alert at night.


Predators come out at night.

And then we have other traits like “just being safe.” 

Sure, ist a practical quality in general, but in the modern world, unfortunetly, it causes us to be overly cautious and not risk. 

For example, you want to get up in the morning and go for a run, but a part of your mind tells you not to go out in the cold and rather stay in bed.

That part of the mind is from our ancient past. 

It doesn’t care about your fitness or losing weight. 

It just wants you to be safe.

The ancient part of your brain doesn’t care about your dreams or success.

It just cares about keeping you safe. 

Tony Robbins says it best:

“Your brain is not designed to make you happy. That’s your job!”

Therefore you have 2 challenges. 

Getting control over your software and getting control over your hardware. 

And this battle is never-ending.

Even with these challenges, you can create a version of yourself that bring out your full potential.

You do not have to “just be yourself”.

You can design a new version of yourself.

You can choose to be whoever you want to be.

Realize You Are Playing A Character. 

The influences that you have been exposed to since you were a baby created a character.

This character is something you hold onto because that ancient part of you believes that it keeps you safe. 

That’s why people like to repeat lies about themselves to people, it’s part of this character, that keeps them safe.

They even tell these lies to themselves.

Realize that you have two parts to you, call it a good guy and a bad guy. 

The good guy is the one that wants to make positive changes, and the bad guy is the one who wants to hold you back. 

And both these players have influence over the character that you are playing. 

However, the reality is that you can choose to reject this character and create a new one. 

You can upload new software into your mind.

Will it be easy?

No, in fact, it will be hard. 

Because the ancient part of your mind that wants to keep you safe will fight like hell not to change. 

Remember, it just wants you to keep safe. 

And that old character that you’ve been playing has been keeping you safe. 

Yes, it’s been stopping you from going after your dreams and goals.

It just wants you safe.

But if you have read this far, then you want to make some changes. 

You want to risk more and go after the life you really want to live.


Keep on reading.

Start Planting New Seeds: How To Brainwash Yourself

The first thing you need to do is start planting new seeds. 

So your mind is a garden, and it needs new seeds. 

In other words, we need to build a new character or a new identity that we can load into our minds as software. 

Right now, your software is holding you back, it is fearful, has self-esteem issues, hates change, and is content with the status quo. 

We want to change this. 

We want to build a badass character that will fight for you, not against you. 

We need to build a character with courage and confidence. 

We need to put together a superhero character.

But how do we do this?

Well, like any artist, you start with some background research before you start painting or writing.

We want to create a masterpiece. 

But we need ideas. 

So here is what I do:

I go to all the books I read and all my favorite movies and heroes. 

I get a picture of them, then I write down what I admire about them. 

Don’t hold back with this, this is your project. 

Be creative and put it all down in a document on your computer or write it down. 

I like a document, so I can put all my pictures down and write out my script.

So I get a collection of pictures of all the greatest men on the planet in my eyes, and I make a collage of them. 

Look under this paragraph for an example.

Then I write a script based on the notes I made. 

This script is a story about my new character. 

I write it down as if it has already happened. 

I will use this script to program my mind every day until it becomes real in my life.

Here is a sample example of a script:


” I am a successful entrepreneur, author, blogger, and publisher. I travel the world and have amazing experiences with great people. 

I am healthy, disciplined, hardworking, focused and live with honor and integrity. 

My goals are important, and every day I focus on them and work extremely hard to achieve them.

I place extreme importance on personal responsibility and taking extreme ownership of my life.

I’m very fit, flexible, healthy, and a great martial artist. I lift weights every day, do yoga, and practice Gracie JiuJitsu.

I look after my body and mind. 

I do a daily start-up ritual that includes reading, meditation, and visualization.

I know my mind is my most important tool, so I maintain it and build my mind into a powerful weapon under my control.

I have an extreme work ethic and focus. 

I work hard and give my clients and business 100% of my focus.

Most of my time is spent working. 

But I work hard and play hard. When I take time off, I enjoy life to the fullest. 

Socially I have power and presence.”


This is just a small part of a script, a sample.

You can write a page or 2, but I prefer one page to keep it simple. 

So one-page picture collage and one-page script.

I also have a page with affirmations I use. 

Every day I pick one and randomly repeat it to myself throughout the day.

You must realize that the human mind is a target-seeking machine, and if you consistently feed it new instructions, it will start following it. 

That’s how brainwashing works, by repetition. 

That’s why “the news” repeats the same story over and over, because it’s effective.

These corporations know what I know: Repetition is the mother of all skills.

That is how they brainwash the sheep out there.

But this time, you are brainwashing yourself.

So now you take your picture collage and your script. 

Put both of them in a PDF document and put on your phone so you have easy access to it.

Now, take your phone and record your script. 

Read it out loud to yourself.

So from now on, every night before bed, read your script, and as you fall asleep, listen to your recording. 

Repeat it in the morning after you washed your face or after your shower.

Be consistent and program this into your mind. 

Remember, repetition is the mother of all skills:

1. Look at your picture collage

2. Read your script.

3. Put on your earphones and listen to the script.

The key is to be mindful when doing this. 

Dont just mindlessly read it. 

The idea with the picture is to start incorporating the qualities you admire from those heroes into your own life. 

For example, if you admire Napoleon’s leadership style, then copy it. 

If you like Daniel Craig’s charisma, copy it.

If you like David Goggins‘s badass attitude and mental toughness, copy it.

You get the point. 

Form your own badass character based on the people you admire most. 

Some people would say, “Hey John, you are copying people, just be yourself.”

My reply? 

“Yes, Im copying some of the most successful people on the planet, it’s called modeling. You are also coping people,unfortunetly its very negative people, and you dont even know it. Most people unconciously copy negative influences in their lives without knowing it, and they allow it to dominate them. I choose to stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from them so I can become better. I consciously choose to design my reality. You unconsciously designed a miserable reality.”

Water The Seeds With Consistency

The most important part of this whole process is to be consistent. 

Some people fail in life because they neglect the most important part of the process, consistency. 

Realize that you can’t build success in any area of life without being consistent in your actions. 

And the human mind is probably the toughest opponent you will face.

If you are not consistent, then you will lose. 

Be Conscious Of Your Self Talk: Use Positive Affirmations

The last part of the puzzle is to start using affirmations. 

A lot of people dont believe in affirmations, but ironically those same people use them all the time unconsciously.

It is also known as self-talk. 

Unfortunetly most people’s self-talk is negative. 

They say things to themselves consistently that are damaging. 

They dont realize that their subconscious is always listening. 

They say the following to themselves when they make a mistake:

“You’re so stupid”

“Stop fucking up”

“That’s so dumb”

“I’m such a loser”

And the list goes on.

We all have things we say to ourselves in the heat of the moment, for some, it’s, unfortunately, a very bad unconscious habit.

This is why I recommend positive affirmations to start changing this habit.

First, become conscious of your negative self-talk. 

Then stop yourself when you start criticizing yourself.

Next, just pick one positive affirmation and start repeating it to yourself throughout the day.

For example: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting stronger and stronger”

There are millions of affirmations online.

 Make a pdf file full of them, and every week choose a new one to use. 

For example:

  • “Abundance and success are all around me.”
  • “I love being financially free.”
  • “I am achieving my business goals.”
  • “I am transforming into an extremely successful person.”
  • I am outgoing and confident. 


Program your mind full of positivity.

Flip the script on negative self-talk. 

Make yourself talk positive.

Build An Alpha Mindset

In my book Alpha Mindset, I go into more detail about how to create this whole process. 

I also go into more detail about the nature of the human mind and how to build a powerful mindset. 

If you want to find out more, then click the link below and find out more about building an Alpha Mindset.


So there you have it. 

Now you understand how to take control of your mind and start reprogramming yourself so that you can start taking control of your life and start living the life you always wanted.

Until next time..

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