How To Be A High Value Man

  • Jul 12, 2023
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How To Be A High Value Man

How to be a high value man?

What is a high value man?

And how valuable are you as a man?

Most men don’t even think about these questions.

But what if you have thought about it?

What was your answer?

If you had to give yourself a mark out of 100, what would it be?

I’m not saying this to make you feel bad about yourself, I’m asking you this to wake you up.

Why would I want to wake you up?

Well, the reason I want to wake you up is that whatever your value is right now, you can change it.

You can become better, and you learn and grow.

But you have to believe that is possible.

If you dont believe that, then you are done before you have even started.

This is a major problem in our modern society, people don’t believe in their own potential greatness.

They watch TV and see sports players and movie stars playing characters that are men of value, but they can’t even imagine themselves becoming that. 

So they retreat and just drift along the stream of mediocrity.

The Reality Of The Growth Mindset And The Fixed Mindset

Carol Dweck’s mindset concept merges her observations of human behavior with principles from psychology and education to explain how individuals can become successful.

The mindset concept argues that success is largely influenced by mindset or the beliefs someone holds about his or her abilities and capabilities. 

Dweck identified two distinct mindsets, a growth mindset, and a fixed mindset, which can influence character traits and behaviors, as well as an attitude toward learning, failure, and challenges. 

A person with a growth mindset views challenges as an opportunity for improvement, embraces mistakes as part of learning, and accepts feedback as guidance for improvement. 

On the other hand, a person with a fixed mindset believes that abilities are static.

Meaning they cannot be improved through hard work or effort, this mindset dismisses mistakes as evidence of their own incompetence or lack of ability and resists feedback in fear of failure.

Therefore, it is important to recognize one’s mindset in order to start identifying your mental blocks.

The Mindset Problem For Most

Most people today have a fixed mindset, they don’t believe they can get better, so they just let go. 

They think that life gave them a hand of cards and there is no way for them to win the game.

So they settle and never make a move to change their reality. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if that is you, listen to the following words: 

You can change, you can transform. 

You can become whoever you want to be.

And this all comes down to value.

And the creation of value within yourself.

How To Be A High Value Man

If you want to live the best life that you possibly can live, then you must become a man of value.

Realize that valuable men, don’t live in the same reality that most people live in on this planet. 

They live in a reality beyond what you can even begin to comprehend. 

Because when you become valuable, you realize there is a whole different world out there.

It’s not just the surface-level reality that changes when you become a man of value. 

Your inner reality changes. 

You start seeing yourself in a different way, and the world starts looking at you in a different way. 

Not just becuase of the way you walk through the world, but also because of things that they can’t see but that they know is inside you.

Therefore you have a presence when you enter a room.

Realize That 20% Of Men Live In A Different Reality

The 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto principle, is named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who showed the unequal distribution of wealth in the 19th century. 

The principle suggests that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. 

It is an observation rather than a law, and its principles can be applied to many things: 

In the workplace, 80% of the productivity comes from only 20% of the employees or in sales, and 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the customers. 

The ratio may vary, but the general principle remains that most results come from a small number of causes or efforts.

The 80/20 principle also applies to men.

20% of men have access to most of the money, and women on the planet.

This might sound unfair or not real, but it doesn’t make it any less real. 

Even if I gave a person with a fixed mindset a million dollars and a beautiful girlfriend tomorrow, he would lose both. 


He doesn’t have the value to manage and maintain money or women.

It’s outside of his reality. 

And when something is outside of your reality, you are blind to it.

This is the reason why poor people who win 200 million in the Power Ball lose it all within a few years. 

But on the other hand, if you take all the money away from a millionaire, the opposite would happen. 

Within a few years, he would make most of his money back.


Because real value is not material, it’s something you develop inside you, that cannot be taken from you if you maintain it.

It’s something you become. 

In other words, your value is your real wealth

And once you become a man of real value, the world of possibilities opens up for you. 

You naturally start attracting women and business opportunities into your life becuase of who you are as a man.

What Is Value?

Value is a complex concept that can be defined in various ways depending on the context. 

Generally, it refers to the worth of an individual thing or action, which can either be tangible (such as an item) or intangible (such as an experience). 

Value involves assessing the importance and relevance of something based on qualities like scarcity, desirability, and utility. 

Additionally, value entails the relationship between supply and demand; this has to do with how much of a subject’s available resource is in circulation at any given time. 

Ultimately, understanding value means recognizing its many facets and implications on daily life.

So this is a basic definition of value, but how can we define what a man of value is?

What Is A High-Value Man: The Definition

How can we define a high-value man?

A high-value man is a man of strong character, intelligence, and presence that emotionally attracts other people. 

He has a clear vision of himself, his goals, and what he brings to the table for potential mates and partners. 

He is confident in himself, understanding how many positive attributes he offers in any situation and relationship. 

Furthermore, he exudes a charisma that draws people into his world. 

A high-value man takes great care in the development of his character, refining the elements that demonstrate class over crass – leading rather than following, insight instead of ignorance.

This is a basic definition of a high-value man

But for real men, a high-value man is more than that.

The One Man Force Multiplier: How To Become A High-Value Man

For me, the modern high-value man is someone that has so much value as an individual that he is a value add in any situation. 

Any room he walks into is better because he is there.

You must become a one-man Force Multiplier.

The concept of Force Multiplier is an important one in the world of Special Forces. 

This refers to the idea that a small, highly trained team of operatives can have a disproportionately significant effect on operations. 

Through meticulous planning and expert precision, these special forces groups have the potential to gain strategic victories with limited resources.

The application of Force Multipliers allows for maximum efficiency and can see military objectives achieved in a fraction of the time or cost associated with traditional approaches. 

The utilization of superior knowledge, complex equipment, and sophisticated tactics has allowed such teams to remain at the vanguard of defense capabilities worldwide.

The Force Multiplier concept is something you must use in your own life.

You must become a one-man Force Multiplier

You must develop yourself to such a high level that everyone is weaker when you are not there.

To get to this point, you will have to do a lot of work. 

Firstly you must identify the areas of development that you must work on and then go to work and start building your value.

How To Be A High-Value Man: Areas Of Development

The Fundamentals

As a man there are certain fundamental skills that any man should be able to perform to be a man of value:

Can you do some of the following:

-Run 3 miles


-Do 50 push-ups

-Knows How To Fight

-Knows how to use game

These are a few examples of basic skills high-value men should be able to do.

But there are many others. 

You must realize as a man, you are the leader, and you should be able to take charge in any situation and lead. 

If you want to be a high-value man, then realize that with great power comes great responsibility. 

Therefore, you must realize that people will depend on you. 

So step up and do the work. 

Take responsibility!


Having a powerful mindset is essential for achieving success in life.

Developing this kind of outlook helps you to keep working hard and achieve your dreams. 

It includes believing in yourself and having the courage to take risks when necessary. 

Knowing that you have all the potential to reach your goals encourages perseverance, which is key to long-term success. 

Additionally, having an ambitious mindset allows you to push yourself and consistently strive to improve. 

It’s important not to get discouraged by setbacks but instead, view them as learning opportunities that help you become wiser and stronger.

A powerful mindset also generates positivity, which can be infectious, energizing others around you to pursue their own dreams and goals.


In his book, Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t, Jeffrey Pfeffer explains that power ultimately comes from within. 

He states that it must be cultivated internally, using confidence and determination to take control of one’s life. 

Furthermore, he says that by understanding the inner motivations of other people and identifying sources of persuasion, one can better hone their own self-power.

Either way, he suggests that only by claiming personal authority can one truly influence others. 


In his 2015 book ‘The Way of Men‘, Jack Donovan presents the notion that a man should develop and embrace his masculinity for several reasons. 

He posits that the development of masculinity involves hard work and self-discipline to create a code of honor that stands apart from social mores. 

Masculinity, according to Donovan, is the ideal way to live authentically as an individual while still having strong connections with other men. 

Therefore, it helps one to cultivate personal freedom and inner strength while taking responsibility for one’s purpose in life. 

It provides a source of pride and identity when connected with values based on loyalty and tradition.

Furthermore, it can also be seen as a preparation for protecting oneself, friends, and family when necessary. 

To summarise, embracing masculinity is necessary for men who want to stay true to themselves yet also grow together as part of a wider community.


A man should strive to develop a powerful and flexible body in order to reach his full potential for many reasons.

Engaging in physical activities can increase strength, reduce stress, and cultivate energy levels.

It also helps create a sense of discipline and self-control that could be critical during difficult times. 

With a strong body, a man can improve himself physically and mentally, becoming agile in problem-solving and resilient in the face of life’s obstacles. 

You should be capable of facing the many physical challenges of life and also be physically attractive.

Social Dynamics

For any man looking to find success in both his personal and professional life, honing his understanding of social dynamics is essential. 

With a better grasp of the subtle nuances and interactions that make up social situations, a man can build his networking skills.

He can also position himself for long-term success, gain access to greater opportunities, and maintain a sharp competitive edge over his peers.

Developing this understanding will also prove useful in the dating and relationship arena by providing him with the ability to navigate complex interpersonal landscapes with confidence.

Becoming aware of the power dynamics at play in any situation can give someone a real advantage when it comes to forming personal relationships and cultivating meaningful connections.

Stoic And Emotionally Detached

Living life stoically and emotionally detached from any external influences can be hard, but it is also an important part of leading a successful life. 

When a man detaches himself from any emotion or outside influence, he is able to focus on his goals and put in the effort needed to achieve them.

He is not burdened by doubts about himself or concerns about others’ opinions, so he can stay focused on the long-term mission of life.

Any negative thoughts or situations will not be able to derail his progress as he still approaches tasks without letting emotions get in the way. 

This kind of attitude is essential for success, as it allows clear decisions to be made and work toward a goal to be pursued relentlessly. 

In short, being stoic and emotionally detached can help any man reach their goals with more speed and efficiency than if their emotions were unchecked.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is the ability to remain emotionally and mentally resilient in times of discomfort, hardship, and difficulty. 

Individuals with mental toughness have an unshakeable will to reach their goals, no matter what life throws at them. 

When faced with challenges and adversity, they channel their inner strength to stay focused, motivated, and determined until success is achieved. 

Developing mental toughness not only increases chances of succeeding in a given task or situation but also gives individuals the capacity to experience more happiness in life. 

It encourages people to take risks and strive to achieve personal goals beyond the realms of their usual comfort zones while making them resilient in the face of failure.

Self Discipline 

Self-discipline is perhaps the single most important quality for any man who wants to achieve success in all areas of his life. 

If a man lacks self-discipline, procrastination, and short-term pleasures will consistently derail him from his long-term goals. 

Those that possess strong self-discipline are able to stay the course and persist even when obstacles arise. 

It allows them to set smart goals and stick with their plans no matter what challenges come up along the way. 

This gives them an edge when it comes to achieving desired results because they’re not easily swayed by emotions or external influences.

In order for a man to make progress in life, developing and honing his self-discipline is essential.

Value is Holistic

These are some of the important areas of value that you have to develop.

However, value is holistic, and there are many other areas that fall within the umbrella of the above-mentioned categories of value that you must develop. 

In the end, the sum of your value will decide your overall value. 

But the important thing to remember is that you hold the key to it all. 

You are the one that makes the decision the change your life and do the work. 

And you are also the one that will make the decision that you will stay consistent in all the actions you take.

Consistency Is Key In Developing Yourself

Consistency is one of the most crucial elements of success in any aspect of life. 

Having a good plan and great intentions means nothing if they aren’t consistently executed, as such action coupled with consistency is what leads to progress and, ultimately, triumph.

On the flip side, when consistency falls by the wayside, so too do one’s chances of success. 

A lack of consistency often results in missed opportunities and steers a person off course before they’ve been able to reap their desired benefits.

It becomes even more difficult for a person to continue on that same path if they have made no discernible progress thus far. 

Ultimately, any area of life requires consistency to reach your desired outcomes.

Becoming A Professional

In the end, becoming a high-value man comes down to this: you must become a professional in the game of life.

You must become the type of man that automatically distinguishes himself from the average man. 

Any room you walk into must be better becuase you are there. 

Professionals operate in a world beyond the normal world, and that is where you should place yourself as a man. 

You should strive to be a professional. 

This is the only way to reach your full potential. 


So there you have it. 

Now you know that change is possible in your life. 

But you must first believe that it is possible. 

Then you must commit to doing the work and find the right strategies to take you there. 

And most importantly, be consistent.

Until next time…

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