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G-SHOCK’s Coexist Collection GA-B2100CT Uses Truecotton Straps Made of Coffee and Echinacea

  • Jan 23, 2024
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G-SHOCK’s Coexist Collection GA-B2100CT Uses Truecotton Straps Made of Coffee and Echinacea

When it comes to watches, materials should not be overlooked. Whether it’s delineating between stainless steel or titanium cases, or a strap that’s leather or silicone, material is a big part of the overall look and experience. There’s been a big uptick in recent years in #tide ocean material, which uses 100% ocean-bound plastic, for watch straps, and for good reason since it helps the environment and can also be utilized quite stylishly if done right. Well, many of you may not be as aware of another type of recycled band called Truecotton, made by Toyoshima & Co, which extracts dyes found naturally in food and plants that were about to get tossed and uses them to colorize already organic cotton. For its latest release, G-SHOCK is getting in on the action, utilizing Truecotton for a pair of its 2100 models.

We’d be lying if we said that G-SHOCK was known for anything aside from resin and metal bands. However, there have been exceptions in the past, such as the NATO fabric straps on the Utility Series. As part of its Coexist Collection, the field-style GA-B2100CT, in both black and brown, is adorned with matching Truecotton straps. For the black variant, which already uses bio-based resin for its bezel, the dark gray color of its band gets its color from the echinacea plant. Meanwhile, the brown watch has a strap that extracts its dye from coffee.

As we stated, the cotton itself is organic. Not only that, but Truecotton ensures that the history of the cotton can be traced to its original farms and mills. As one of G-SHOCK’s most popular models, the 2100 series — also known as the CasiOak for its octagonal shape reminding fans of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak — is an analog-digital hybrid watch with great applications in both casual and non-casual settings. Suffice it to say, these Truecotton bands don’t seem like they would affect the timepiece’s versatility all that much, at least with these dark, accessible debut models.

G-SHOCK also put Truecotton on a pair of women’s 5600 models. Head over to the watchmaker’s website to learn more about the Coexist Collection and its 2100 watches featuring Truecotton bands.

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