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Down Syndrome Bodybuilder & Karate Black Belt, Kyle Landi, Proves Your Excuses Just Aren’t Good Enough

  • Jul 20, 2023
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Down Syndrome Bodybuilder & Karate Black Belt, Kyle Landi, Proves Your Excuses Just Aren’t Good Enough

Canada’s first Down Syndrome bodybuilder, Kyle Landi, has become a social media sensation in his mission to get shredded and inspire others along the way.

Amazing stories of body transformations have been popping up from all corners of the world in recent weeks, from a British father who shed 136kg, content creator to the stars MrBeast getting lean, and even a 70-year-old Polish man putting us all to shame, the meteoric rise to fame of Canada’s first Down Syndrome bodybuilder, Kyle Landi, has set a new bar for putting in the work no matter what hurdles or prejudices may stand in your way.

The 23-year-old is also an aspiring model and actor from Ontario claims that he struggled with self-esteem issues in his early years but had something of an epiphany when he discovered his passion for weightlifting at the tender age of six. By the time he turned twelve, Kyle had joined his first gym and has never looked back since. After building a mammoth social media following and entering his first bodybuilding competitions, he now has his heart set on achieving a black belt in karate.

WATCH: The legend struts his stuff.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Kyle owes much of his success to the unwavering support of his father, Joseph Dominie, a police officer from Nova Scotia. Joseph proudly and rightly believes that Kyle’s achievements have become a beacon of hope for countless individuals with disabilities who often find themselves maligned within the fitness industry and the wider world.

Turning this dynamic on its head, Kyle now receives countless messages on social media every day from followers who explain that his story has inspired them to reorient their lives, whether that be towards the gym or elsewhere entirely. Explaining how Kyle’s journey has changed his outlook on life in the hope that it could do the same for others, Joseph had this to say:

“Today, he carries himself differently. He is humble but very confident in himself, and his mindset is that of a champion.”

Joseph Dominie, Kyle’s Father

However, Kyle’s winning mindset has carried him to success far beyond the walls of the gym, with his father citing how Kyle has inspired those around him to push themselves harder while his infectious personality encourages others to strive for personal growth. Perhaps the prime example of Kyle’s golden attitude changing lives beyond the gym lies in a tale from his school days…

When one of Kyle’s disabled classmates in elementary school began having a seizure while unsupervised, Kyle was the first student to spring into action, alerting staff and demanding they call emergency services. If all of this doesn’t impress you enough, consider this: not only has Kyle achieved all of these despite his Down Syndrome, but he was also born prematurely with several holes in his heart; every aspect of Kyle’s life is a triumph against tremendous odds.

Every single one of Kyle’s posts receives a swathe of comments calling him a “king”, a “legend” and an “inspiration” in turn, and we can definitely see why. Kyle Landi isn’t just sculpting his physique but reshaping perceptions, proving that bodybuilding isn’t just about bulging muscles, but about the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

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