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Dopamine and the High of New Love

  • Jul 21, 2023
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Dopamine and the High of New Love

Do you remember your first love? The first time you fell head over heels for someone and those feelings were returned? Chances are you could think about little else. You felt as if you’d met your soulmate, your one true love. You were certain no one else had ever felt that way and that your love would last forever.

What is responsible for those “can’t get enough of you” feelings? Is your romantic partner simply that wonderful and your love truly magical?

Maybe. But there’s another explanation. It has to do with brain chemicals and hormones. In this case, dopamine. I know brain chemicals and hormones may not sound as romantic as bouquets of roses and moonlight walks on the beach. Understanding the role this hormone plays during the attachment stage of your relationship will help you enjoy this magical stage and decide if your love will last.

What is dopamine?

Adrenaline is the first love hormone you’ll encounter in a new relationship. This powerful neurochemical causes intense reactions when meeting someone to whom you are attracted. It can also sneak up on you when you “discover” someone you’ve known for a while, seeing them with new eyes. Adrenaline is responsible for lust. Read more about the effects of adrenaline on your brain, body, and relationship in this post.

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