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Does It Feel Like You Are Living on a Repetitive Treadmill? – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

  • Jan 15, 2024
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Does It Feel Like You Are Living on a Repetitive Treadmill? – Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice

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Life is full of adversity, but not living your life to your full potential due to fear, insecurities, or lack of enthusiasm, is shortchanging your long-term happiness.

Being more adventurous and achieving regular goals and challenges is a very healthy environment to live in. Staying stagnant does not enhance your life, it stifles your growth and doesn’t give you a sense of purpose or anything to look forward to. The reason New Year’s Resolutions are popular is that they encourage you to implement change into your life each year.

Not everyone believes in this process, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make a to-do list and try to follow it. I do this on my birthday each year by reflecting on what needs more attention in my life. I have been pretty consistent in achieving my goals, as I find it exciting and very rewarding to have new things to accomplish in a certain time frame. It gives me the push that I need sometimes. The great thing about this is you get to make the rules, and they can be as big or as small as you would like them to be!

OK, well that sounds wonderful, but how do you even start to alter your routine treadmill existence?

It is not easy to change up a routine lifestyle, and you wouldn’t be here reading this post if it were. Many people feel safe when they have regular patterns to follow, but unfortunately, they also can feel like life is passing them by when they don’t have some excitement to balance out the monotony. After a prolonged period of time it becomes an unchallenging predictable cycle with no rewards.

  1. The first step is to start small by marking down something on the calendar each week that is easy to complete. It could be something as simple as going for a 3-5 km walk in your neighborhood or meeting a friend for coffee in a new environment. The initial exercise is to be able to complete the task that you want to achieve. Continue this procedure for a month, and then start adding things to the list that offer a bigger accomplishment.
  2. Change up your regular environment and venture out to new places to shop, work out, or meet your friends.
  3. Make evening plans twice per week that get you off the couch and away from your TV. Binge-watching your favorite series is not productive and keeps you housebound.
  4. interact with other people as often as possible. This will bring more opportunities into your life and could also implement new adventures that you can share with others.
  5. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious about being out of your comfort zone, think about people whom you admire. The reason you find them interesting is that they live their life to the fullest and implement new goals regularly. They are constantly evolving and adding change to better their life experience. They are having too much fun and enjoyment to allow themselves to get stuck in a rut. Not only that, but they understand the importance of what it means to be the best version of themselves.

Monotonous lifestyles become a habit or pattern that is unfulfilling.

When you consistently feel let down or stressed out, it can really dampen your spirits. It’s not easy to stay positive when life hands you difficult scenarios. It also can become a big problem if you compare yourself to others who have more than you. Some people make the mistake of taking the wrong approach; “what’s the point in trying to better my situation, I will never be in their league. It is just making me more frustrated!”

This is a big mistake!

Being envious or jealous of others who continue to live their best life due to their optimism, is only hindering you from excelling. Learn from their actions and appreciate the hard work it took for them to get to where they are today. As I said in another post recently, very few people are an overnight success story. They paid their dues to enhance their life, and they learned the lessons that went with that. This is a lot easier to accomplish when you can visualize what it is that you want to change. What is your passion, what brings you joy, and what makes you feel alive?

Movie: Groundhog Day

If every day is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, it is up to you to make changes to enhance your life.

Some routine is important when it comes to health, your children, and your work scenario, but you also have to include spontaneous activity, and goal achievements to keep things interesting. You are the one in charge, which means you have the control to make it happen.

Successful men and women do not sit around feeling sad, angry, or victimized. They find a new path that works much better, which brings them closer to making their dreams come to fruition. They don’t give up, and that is the only difference between you not being able to evolve into the highest version of yourself.

Change is the law of life and those who only look to the past and present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone; do something that scares you. I was afraid of zip lining, so I started small by going on the Slotzilla zip line on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. It’s a very short experience, but did I enjoy it? Not one minute, but I got out of my own way and challenged myself. I probably won’t ever zip line again, but I will certainly add other things to my list that take me out of my comfort zone. (zip line photo below)

Even the smallest accomplishments put a spring in your step and encourage you to continue the process. When you stay stuck in a repetitive treadmill rut, it is so arduous to be optimistic about your future. It is so easy to stay in a defeatist mode because there is no effort required to be there.

Although, it is important to remember that negative thinking does take some energy and can be repelling for other people to be around. When you are continually learning new things and opening yourself up to trying adventurous scenarios, you have to be upbeat and ready for action.

Life’s ups and downs can be difficult to endure, but you learn something new about yourself each time.

If both you and your partner have become stuck on the treadmill routine, take turns planning new outings every few weeks. It is possible to rekindle your relationship if you are both on board and open to making some changes. Showing enthusiasm for your own life and your partnership is the key to keeping the spark alive between you.

If only one of you is feeling stagnant and stuck, sit down and hash out what is going on and what can be done to maintain excitement in your relationship. Please don’t shut your partner out and leave them alone to try to understand why your feelings of optimism have disappeared.

If you are single and this is part of the reason you have become routine, you have no one but yourself to motivate the situation. This certainly isn’t an easy thing to do. You can’t always be your own support system 24/7 and that is understandable. This is a good time to ask for advice from family, friends, or a counselor to help you move out of this slump you’re in.

Being single can also be a good thing when you are making big changes in your life because you don’t have to run things by anyone to move forward. You have free rein to do what you would like to do, and no one is holding you back from achieving your new goals. This is also a good time to mention the importance of having quality people in your corner, where there is reciprocated love and support.

Make sure your partner and your close friends always have your back and best interests at heart. We don’t always realize that some of our connections are not healthy for us, and this holds us back from evolving to a higher pace of self-love and living a confident lifestyle.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

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