David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me

  • Jul 13, 2023
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David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me

I discuss a lot of books on this blog and today I share the lessons learned from David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me.

David Goggins is an inspiring figure for many people. 

He has endured and achieved remarkable feats that have made him one of the most respected figures in the world of fitness, endurance sports, and personal development.

His story is one of courage, resilience, perseverance and hard work – traits we can all learn from. 

David’s best-selling book Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy The Odds details his journey to success through self-discipline and hard work. 

This article will explore David’s inspirational story as well as his key life lessons and loads of wisdom acquired through hardship.!

David Goggins is an ultra-endurance athlete, best-selling author, and former US Navy SEAL. 

He has been through more than most people can even imagine—and he’s come out the other side with a wealth of knowledge. 

Here are some of the most important life lessons we can learn from David Goggins and how to apply them to your own life. 

David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me – The Power of Mental Strength and Resilience

“Mental toughness is a perishable skill.” -David Goggins

Goggins is a master when it comes to resilience and mental strength. 

He pushes himself beyond what most people believes is possible -and then keeps going even when his body is begging him to stop.

This speaks to the power of the mind and its ability to push us past our physical limitations. 

One of the biggest lessons we can learn from Goggins is that if we focus on developing our mental strength, we can achieve extraordinary things.

Goggins believes that the key to success is mastering one’s own mind. 

David Goggins has preached about consistency, discipline, and hard work for years, noting that these fundamentals allow an individual to accomplish anything they aspire to do.

He believes that by consistently training your mental strength, you can handle almost any situation life throws in front of you. 

He stresses that this practice requires dedication and a never-ending commitment to expanding your mental fortitude.

The Accountability  Mirror

One of the lessons Goggins teaches is that confidence comes from personal accountability.

David has seen on multiple occasions how taking responsibility for one’s own life and choices can result in remarkable growth, both mentally and physically. 

Goggins also emphasizes that seeking out challenges rather than avoiding them, as well as consistently making a conscious effort to improve each day, are essential components to gaining confidence. 

He believes that when we do what needs to be done without blame or excuses—and confront any fears or misgivings head-on—we gain an inner strength which boosts our self-confidence and sets us up for a more fulfilling life.

One of David’s key philosophies revolves around an Accountability Mirror – a daily practice where you stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye and assess how much effort you are actually putting into achieving our goals. 

David believes this regular practice of accountability can be used to cultivate grit and resilience every single day, helping you make real progress over time. 

Establishing accountability each day paves the path towards consistent growth which ultimately can lead to achieving your wildest ambitions!

Use The Cookie Jar 

His idea of using a “cookie jar” is something that many people can apply and find success with.

The concept is simple: 

Every time you complete a difficult task or challenge, store the experience in an imaginary cookie jar in your mind. 

As David Goggins has said, these moments of triumph over adversity will enable you to tap into your inner strength when times are hard and you need extra motivation. 

So whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or defeated, simply think back to the successes and strengths that have been stored in your unique cookie jar! 

These memories will give you the drive you need to thrive despite any obstacle.

Making Friends With Suffering

Goggins believes that we can use hardships to become balanced, resilient individuals if we look at challenges objectively. 

Goggins shows how making friends with suffering involves accepting difficult experiences without judgment, facing pains and emotions head-on, and ultimately learning from our challenges.

Goggins encourages us to turn moments of pain and negativity into opportunities of growth, understanding that by finding common ground in tough conditions we are able to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. 

His approach is a practical one, which has the potential to revolutionize how individuals perceive hardships in their lives.

Goggins tells us that finding a situation that hurts and causes pain can be a path to transformation. 

He believes in the power of suffering – seeing pain as an opportunity for growth, instead of avoiding it. 

Through this shift in perspective anything becomes possible.

He emphasizes pushing boundaries and educating oneself about what one’s true potential is, urging all of us to seek out our own sources of discomfort to reach new heights.

David’s mantra comes from his own powerful experiences: seek out pain, fall in love with suffering – yielding immense rewards along the way.

Be Open To Change And Learning 

Goggins has always been open to change and learning new things throughout his life. 

When he decided to become an ultra-endurance athlete, he had no experience in this field but was willing to put in the hard work necessary to succeed. 

His story shows us that no matter where you are in your journey, there’s always room for growth if you’re open to learning new things and adapting as you go along.  

Goggins thinks that if we do not have the courage to continually challenge ourselves and be open to change, then we cannot grow and succeed. 

By accepting that life is constantly changing, we can learn from those changes and adapt our mindsets into something better than before. 

It is only through this process of understanding our strengths and weaknesses and recognizing where improvements can be made that we can reach success in any field.

Being open to change allows us not only to recognize areas for improvement but also provides an opportunity for self-growth, as it equips us with the tools required to develop both personal and professional skills. 

Ultimately, being open to change requires a high degree of courage; however, the dividends are unlimited.

Taking Souls 

The idea behind “Taking Souls” comes from the time Goggins spend in BUDS(SEAL training).

In that time period where many people did not believe in Goggins and a lot of negativity was aimed at him.

He used this negativity as fuel to go above an beyond their expectations for him by being excellent in everything he did.

For example if they said,”He will neve make it through Hell Week”,then he would excel in Hell Week.

Therefore Goggins would metaphorically take all the Souls of the haters and force them to respect him.

This is an idea you can use in your own life.

When people doubt you ,disrespect you or attack you with their negativity then use it as fuel.

Take their souls with the way you conduct yourself in everything you do.

Start taking souls by being excellent.

Train Harder And The 40% Rule

David Goggins preaches the mantra that success comes from training both the body and mind. 

He doesn’t promote simply working hard, but rather that you need to train smarter and harder

David states that one of the keys of achieving peak performance is pushing yourself further than you think you can – ‘train more’ is his slogan. 

David has experienced first-hand what hard work can do, having competed in numerous ultra-marathons, setting a world record for the most pull ups in 24 hours and crossing the finish line of “Death Race” – an endurance race which takes over 48 hours to complete.

Goggins encourages others to push themselves too, helping them realize what they could do with enough focus, dedication and preparation.

Goggins says that whenever we feel like quitting, when our minds and bodies are telling us to give up, then we are only 40% into our potential.

Therefore when you feel like you are exhausted and feel like quitting you still have 60% more to give.

He realized in SEAL training that most human beings quit way too early, because they allow their mind’s desire for comfort to stop them.

The human mind is very powerful ,but it wants to keep you safe,so it doesnt like it when you push yourself.

So you must learn to overcome your first sign of mental resistance and keep on pushing forward.

Reframing Failure

David Goggins is an great example of the power of reframing one’s thoughts about failure. 

Despite setting no physical records in high school, David was eventually able to reframe his seemingly discouraging experience into powerful motivation by challenging himself to be one percent better everyday. 

From that simple idea David Goggins went on to become a decorated Navy Seal and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in a 24 hour period. 

David is a living testament that failure can be reframed as the seed for success if we can learn from it and challenge ourselves to be better no matter the circumstances. 

There is something remarkable about David’s ability to not just make excuses or accept his limitations but rather see them as an opportunity to do more, he has been able to defy what many would have considered inevitable failure and turn it into a platform for growth and achievement.

Never finished David Goggins

Raise Your Standards

Goggins is a champion of self-discipline, thanks to his widely shared idea that you must “raise your standards” if you want to achieve true success. 

David knows first-hand the power of pushing oneself past perceived limits. 

He believes that raising your personal standards is key to shaping the life you want—a life of purpose and ultimate fulfillment—and has repeatedly demonstrated this both in his professional and personal life. 

David encourages people everywhere to explore their potential through challenging yet achievable goals, no matter how daunting they may initially seem. 

Through facing hardships and difficult circumstances head on, David proves that we can reach unimaginable heights when we strive for excellence and aim higher than anything we have achieved before.

Write Down What Makes You Uncomfortable ,Then Go Do It

Goggins developed the concept of writing down what makes you uncomfortable, then going out and doing it.

His methodology, which he calls “conquering your demons,” is rooted in challenging oneself beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone

David believes that this type of exercise allows for an individual to realize how capable they are of reaching and exceeding their potential, thereby unlocking inner strength, courage, and self-confidence. 

David encourages people to try it on their own and experience the exciting journey that comes along with taking risks.

So get a pen and a piece of paper, then write down what it is that you want to achieve.Then go out and turn it into reality.


Focus On Achieving Goals, Not The Things You Cannot Change

David Goggins speaks a lot about the importance of focusing your efforts on achieving goals, rather than getting caught up in things that you cannot change.

He emphasizes that spending time and energy on worrying about irrelevant issues will bring nothing but strife and pointlessness and instead encourages people to turn their focus to what they can change – namely, their behaviors and commitment towards taking actionable steps towards achieving their goals. 

Goggins’ personal success shows that hard work pays off when you are determined to achieve the best for yourself, so why not follow in his footsteps and make the most of what you have the power to affect?

So stop thinking about the news or what other people think of you and start focusing on what matters.

Push Your Hardest When You Want To Quit The Most

Goggins developed a philosophy that encourages people to “push their hardest when they want to quit the most.”

He points out that most of life’s successes come from pushing through the tough times, and recognizing mental barriers as an opportunity for growth. 

By mastering this concept, David emphasizes that people can overcome any obstacle that life throws their way and take control of their destiny.

This idea encourages individuals to stay motivated when times are hard, rather than give up in spite of the odds.

So next time you feel like quitting, go in the exact opposite direction and push harder than you ever pushed before.

Most people waste 4–5 hours a day

David Goggins,  “the world’s toughest man,” believes that most people waste 4-5 hours of every single day. 

Whether it’s procrastination or excessive distractions, David encourages us to be more mindful of our daily habits and think outside the box regarding how we can better utilize our time. 

He suggests carving out a few hours of undistracted focus on something important in order to maximize productivity and eliminate the need for the extra hours needed at the end of the day to get it done.

You Must Torch Complacency

His idea that you must Torch complacency is firmly rooted in the matter of overcoming adversity and having the courage to do the work necessary to reach your goals. 

You must realize that not only can anything be achieved if it is put into action, but also teaches that despite failures, you should never give up on what you truly want to become. 

There will be times where you start something and then you lose intensity and drift back into mediocrity.Do not allow your standards to drop.Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.Destroy complacency and keep on “Taking Souls”.

It’s Not The External Voices That Will Try And Stop You

It’s not the external voices that break us down, but rather our own self-doubts and insecurities.

Goggins is living proof that it is possible to push one’s body and mind beyond what is expected and conquer even the greatest of odds. 

Countless times David Goggins has demonstrated his sheer grit and passion, pushing himself beyond physical fatigue until he achieved peak mental resilience. 

He learned that our biggest resistance will not come from the outside, it will come from within our own minds.

Our own self doubt and weakness will try to stop us from achieving great things in life.

A part of your mind will try and sabotage you and you must be ready for it.

Cant Hurt Me

What If?

Goggins has a unique way of motivating and challenging people to break through their own self-imposed limits—by asking them the simple yet powerful question “WHAT IF?” 

David believes that this question can help change our outlook and perspective on life, taking us from apathy to greater resilience. 

When you doubt yourself and uncertainty has infected your mind ask yourself “What if?”

For example:

What if I overcome the doubters and haters and reach my goals?

What if I become the first person in my family to become a Doctor?

What if I build my own successful business?

What if I become so resourceful that I shock everyone with how much money I make?

What if I lose all that weight?

The answers to these questions can drive you to reach goals and take souls.


We can all learn from his incredible story, especially when it comes to mental strength, living with purpose, and being open to change and learning new things along the way. 

While these lessons may be challenging at times, they will ultimately help us grow into better versions of ourselves if we commit to putting in the effort required for success. 

I recommend you check out his book “Can’t Hurt Me” but also look out for his new book  “Never Finished.”

I always look for inspirational men in the Special Operations community to learn from and Goggins in my opinion is one of the best.

Until next time.

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