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Connor McGregor Finally Reveals How He Got So Jacked For ‘Road House’

  • Mar 7, 2024
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Connor McGregor Finally Reveals How He Got So Jacked For ‘Road House’

There’s always been a lot of hype around Conor McGregor, but never more so than with his acting debut in the long-awaited remake of Road House on the horizon. McGregor’s always been fighting fit — besides from the occasional and forgivable party period — but he’s looking more hulking than ever before.

Since leaving the UFC in 2021, many wondered if he would maintain his enviable fitness level. However, McGregor has undoubtedly put all rumours to bed after showcasing his body transformation on social media. Safe to say, he looks more than ready to portray “Knox,” the antagonist to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character “Elwood Dalton”.

McGregor’s Nutrition

We don’t know all the ins and outs of McGregor’s diet for the transformation, but we can say with some certainty that he’ll have been on a structured, long-term bulk, which entails increasing caloric intake while combining it with intensive weight training to increase muscle mass and strength.

However, this is just the first phase of three, with the second being cutting to decrease fat levels, and the third being the retention of muscle growth.

To safely and effectively bulk, men should aim to consume a maximum of 20% more calories than their body needs per day, which equates to around 2,750 calories for the “average” man – we strongly recommend using a calorific calculator to tailor this number to your needs…

Do not, however, eat 20% extra calories of just anything to hand. Eating cleanly is crucial so you can control the levels of nutrients, salts, fats, and sugars that go into your body. Broadly speaking, aim for your diet to consist of 30-35% protein, 45-60% carbs, and 15-30% fats.

It’s crucial to avoid dirty bulking, which can lead to significant side effects such as unwanted fat gain and, along with it, high cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Proper muscle growth should be a gradual process that takes time.

To bulk safely, lean individuals should aim to gain 0.5-1lbs per week, while heavier individuals should aim to gain 1-2lbs per week. Tracking your calories and macros is the easiest way to keep yourself in check and reach your goals.

It’s also worth noting that some medical professionals have come out to warn against the dangers of extreme muscle-building for Hollywood roles.

McGregor’s Workout Regimen

Cardiovascular fitness was, unsurprisingly, a crucial part of McGregor’s preparation. While MMA training provided a solid foundation, he is said to have diversified his cardio workouts to push and then maintain peak physical condition. One of his preferred methods is cycling, a sport he has been spotted enjoying in the scenic surroundings of Cannes, France.

On top of this, he’s continued much of his usual MMA conditioning and fight training which, for obvious reasons, are set to come in very handy for the role in question. Judging by the size of his arms, we also reckon he’ll have been hitting the gym pretty hard to throw some weights around.

Any good bulk needs to be supported by a planned and committed progressive overload, with weight increasing gradually over the training period to help stimulate muscle growth. if you’ve found yourself plateauing in that area, check out one of our top tips here that could pump up your muscle growth stats by over 1700%…

“Road House” is set to hit US theatres on March 8th and streams in Australia from March 21st.

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