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Canadian’s 70kg Body Transformation Using ’75 Hard’ Method: Watch His Shred Day By Day

  • Jul 30, 2023
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Canadian’s 70kg Body Transformation Using ’75 Hard’ Method: Watch His Shred Day By Day

A 29-year-old man from Canada has meticulously documented his remarkable weight loss transformation through a series of selfies taken over a span of two years.

Perhaps the most impressive set of before and after photos to ever grace the DMARGE offices have surfaced today after a slew of body transformations hit the headlines in recent weeks: not only did an American man shed a massive 160kg before revealing a pretty shocking side effect, internet superstar MrBeast also revealed his own impressive weight loss journey — which quickly drew high praise from the godfather of bodybuilding himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger — all before a septuagenarian put them all to shame…

Now, in a genuinely awe-inspiring journey of dedication and perseverance, a 29-year-old man from Canada has not only shed a staggering 70kg (160 lbs) but has captured the transformation day by day before editing all his pictures together to create one mind-blowing supercut, as reported by Newsweek. The said supercut is available for you to watch below…

WATCH: This is one of the most inspiring time-lapses we’ve ever seen:

As adult obesity rates continue to skyrocket around the world, Bishoi Khella serves as living proof of what can be achieved through sheer determination. Once weighing in at a hefty 160kg (352 lbs), he now weighs 84kg (187lbs) and — perhaps even more impressively, especially for those in the world of bodybuilding — he boasts a remarkable body fat index of just 10.9%, a transformation that his partner, Khella, has said she is is “super proud of”.

After growing up overweight, Khella descended into an adult lifestyle of late-night partying, excessive drinking, and takeout food. For over five years, Khella found himself becoming so reliant on takeout meals that he was unable to recall the last time he cooked a homemade meal.

However, the alarm bell began to sound when he was hospitalised following a life-threatening panic attack in 2018 and became deafening in 2021 during a trip to Mexico with friends where he found himself unable to enjoy a number of activities in which his friends could partake.

With the support of his friends and family, Khella committed to the ’75 Hard’ mental toughness program designed by Andy Frisella. For the uninitiated, the program entails two 45-minute daily workouts, one of which must take place outdoors. On top of this, it details a gallon-a-day water-drinking habit, while alcohol and cheat meals are strictly prohibited… all for seventy consecutive days. As you can imagine, it’s not the faint of heart, but judging by his dapper appearance now, it was worth every second.

At the outset, Khella admitted that he had no intention of completing the program. And yet, by taking it one day at a time, the 75-day plan turned into a two-year revolution. Today, Khella’s a new man: he’s quit smoking and replaced his once-unhealthy diet with a balanced and nutritious one. Occasionally, he satisfies his longstanding cravings by watching “random street food cooking channels on Youtube,” which he finds to be an adequate substitute, vicariously enjoying the food without risking his hard-earned progress.

Though no longer doing the ’75 Hard’ program in full, Khella’s daily routine is still a thing to be admired: six days a week he kicks off with an 8-10km run as well as hitting the gym for an hour every evening. He meticulously tracks every meal he consumes. While it may sound a bit full-on to some, Khella insists that the ultimate weight loss tip is simplicity. Rather than overthink and overcomplicate things, he urges anyone wanting to change their lives to start small and — most importantly — start now.

While I don’t see myself replacing beef burgers with virtual viewings anytime soon, it’s hard to deny that this man has singlehandedly set a new bar for progress pics and all the hard graft that lies behind them.

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