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Are Men Really Embracing The Desire to Dress Well

  • Mar 13, 2024
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Are Men Really Embracing The Desire to Dress Well

As the founder of MenStyleFashion, since 2012, I’ve trotted the globe, feasting my eyes on men’s fashion—or the apparent lack of it. It puzzles me, truly, why the average Joe seems to care so little about dressing up. I’m Gracie Opulanza, and I live for luxury and opulence. My mission? To revolutionize men’s style and fashion, bringing back the days when men dressed with intention and flair.

Gone are the days when men stood shoulder to shoulder with women in the fashion arena, sometimes even outpacing them in style and creativity. There was a time when men would don a suit just to lounge at home—because why not? Dressing sharp was akin to a daily ritual, a nod to the days of sartorial splendor. It’s high time we resurrected that era of fashion elegance.

Notice how elderly gentlemen still honor this tradition? Spot an elder at the grocery store, and he’s likely in a suit, shoes shining bright, pocket watch ticking in rhythm with his dignified stride. Their attire, complete with a hat perhaps, speaks volumes about respect for one’s appearance. And let’s talk accessories and craftsmanship—these aren’t mere details but the soul of an outfit. Just last week, Tom Ford and the tailors of Savile Row echoed my sentiments: in high-end men’s fashion, the devil is indeed in the details.

The Classic Icons

The shift away from tailoring and hats, epitomized by style icons like Sean Connery and David Bowie, to a more casual wardrobe for men, can be attributed to several factors, including changes in societal norms, the rise of casual work environments, and the influence of modern lifestyle and technology.

Firstly, the casualization of society has played a significant role. Over the years, there’s been a significant shift towards more informal dress codes, not just in everyday life but also in many workplaces. The tech boom, led by Silicon Valley’s casual ethos, has had a global impact, making jeans and sneakers the new norm even in offices that once mandated suits and ties.

Secondly, the influence of fast fashion and the availability of affordable clothing options have led many to opt for quantity over quality. The allure of constantly changing trends has overshadowed the timeless elegance of well-tailored suits and the distinguished look of wearing hats.

Moreover, lifestyle changes and the pursuit of convenience and comfort have led many men to prioritize ease and functionality in their clothing choices over the statement-making styles of the past. In an era dominated by screens and a more sedentary lifestyle, comfort often trumps style in daily wear.

MenStyleFashion- Men Dressing Well Sean Connery

MenStyleFashion- Men Dressing Well Sean Connery

However, today’s fashion landscape seems to have taken a different turn. The ubiquity of shorts, graphic tees, and (dare I say) stained polo shirts puzzles me. Not long ago, a gentleman proudly pointed out his fashion faux pas as if it were a badge of honor. Strange, isn’t it? This casual approach to dressing down rather than up has muddied the waters of men’s fashion integrity. Have we forgotten the art of dressing, or has the convenience of modern textiles and online shopping lulled us into a sartorial slump?

David Bowie - Style Icon

David Bowie - Style Icon

The Peacocks

The key to reviving these trends lies in finding a balance between the comfort and convenience of modern attire and the unmistakable allure of classic style. As more men seek to distinguish themselves in a world of fast fashion and casual wear, the timeless elegance of tailoring, coupled with the distinctive touch of a well-chosen hat, may once again find its place in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Now, let’s talk about peacocks. Yes, peacocks! Until recently, I hadn’t realized that the male of the species is the true showstopper. If nature has intended for male peacocks to strut their stuff with pride, why shouldn’t men take a leaf out of their book? With fashion more accessible and affordable than ever, excuses for not dressing well are wearing thin. The time for change is now.

I adore my job, yet I’m staggered by the number of men who fail to dress to their potential. If I’m putting in the effort to steer you towards a wardrobe renaissance, it’s only fair that you meet me halfway. By reading this article, you’ve already taken the first step. Now, it’s time to elevate your game and embrace your inner style icon—yes, I said icon, because fashion is not just an expression; it’s a statement.

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