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Ape’s Top 10 Of The Month: March 2024

  • Mar 2, 2024
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Ape’s Top 10 Of The Month: March 2024

Welcome to Ape to Gentleman’s new Top 10 of the Month feature. We have curated the top trends, insights and advice to help you live your best life. As we transition from the chill of winter into the budding promise of spring, it’s the perfect time to refresh your perspective and refine your lifestyle purchases.

In this first instalment, we’ve handpicked a collection of 10 essential topics that cover everything from style to fitness, grooming to eyewear. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a wardrobe overhaul, eager to enhance your grooming routine or simply looking for the best and latest releases, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can make March your most stylish, successful and satisfying month yet.

Tag Heuer Eyewear

Acclaimed watchmaker Tag Heuer has launched three new collections of luxury eyewear and, as you can see, the results are extremely sleek.

Mixing sporty, high-performance eyewear and avante-garde silhouettes, the brand’s hallmarks of precision, innovation and craftsmanship are all there to see (through).

Groundbreaking materials are at the forefront of the designs, including lenses with TAG Heuer Specta technology and frames crafted using Dyneema®, recycled graphite or titanium, giving them a new level of durability and fit.

Percival x Ilaria Urbinati

Whilst the mob wife aesthetic was taking hold of social media last month, a Percival collaboration was ensuring men could live out their Italian Americana daydreams too, all knitted polos and vests.

The Percival x Ilaria Urbinati collaboration is a collection of six pieces, nodding to A-list stylist Urbinati’s Italian heritage with references to 1970s Scorsese Italiana.

The capsule includes a varsity bomber jacket, houndstooth knitted vest, two knitted polos and two knitted shirts. The colours nod to sunset-drenched terracottas and creams, with nostalgic patterns and trims.

It gives off massive shirts tucked into pleated trousers energy.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

The things we do for that PB, eh? Is Mizuno off its rocker or has the brand created one of the fastest running shoes on earth?

Mizuno’s cutting-edge trainer is aimed at sub-2.5-hour marathons and loaded with design features for peak performance. Smooth Speed Assist guides your every step with the ideal gait, while the G3 sole ensures impeccable grip without adding extra weight.

With Mizuno ENERZY Lite in the bottom midsole, the shoe literally propels your runs with high energy return, enhancing your speed. Visually remarkable (just look at that rocker!), with the tech to back up the speed claims, we’re excited to see how they perform on this year’s pro marathon circuit.

Blake Mill Shirts

Did you know that Australia was the first country in the world to legalise the use of psychedelics in therapy? Now you do. Classic shirtmaker Blake Mill has a shirt inspired by that impressive feat.

Made from 100% easycare organic cotton, the ‘Stoned Skulls’ Oxford button-down in teal features a contrast patterned lining (an ode to progressive policy), button collar and cuffs and is crafted for a classic fit.

The brand’s ethos is all about reinventing the classics, offering inventive, creative and unique designs, taking inspiration from a variety of cues. Its orange polo shirt with flower lining is also a bold, eye-catching style.

Private White V.C. x Bentley Bentayga

We’ve got a soft spot for fashion and luxury motoring collaborations. Mostly, they bang. We’re thinking David Gandy’s Jaguar and that Paul Smith Land Rover.

The most recent team-up comes courtesy of Manchester’s Private White V.C. and Bentley and, in our humble opinion, is up there with the best of all time.

A true expression of British heritage and craftsmanship, this one of one bespoke Bentley Bentayga, curated by Mulliner, features copper detailing and bespoke sewing styles, unique colour-matched 22” wheels and a silhouette of ‘Cottenham House’, the Private White V.C. factory built in 1853, overlayed onto wood veneered passenger fascia.

The bespoke Bentayga also includes a capsule collection of bespoke clothing for its owner, all handcrafted by Private White V.C.

DKNY Underwear

We don’t need to tell you how important underwear is. Glimpses of the brand on your waistband say a lot, and so does the name on your socks.

A name that is undergoing a renaissance in this department is DKNY. Not to be slept on when it comes to what’s underneath, representing the epitome of effortless and driven city style for three decades, DKNY has always been an IYKYK brand and that goes right down to the socks and pants department.

The brand’s underwear makes the most of rich breathable cotton, while socks are durable, with strong designs. If you’re looking to refresh your bedside drawers, look no further.

DS Labs Revita Extra Strength

Any self-respecting man should implement a daily skincare regime. You know this and it’s widely accepted. Toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and oil. Less or more depending on how committed you are.

And yet, the camera pans to the shower cubicle and men berating their thinning hair are still using a home brand two-in-one. It’s time to do better. DS Labs Revita Extra Strength is a powerhouse hair density shampoo boasting three times faster results, 120% stronger hair (after 30 days of use) and 15 times more moisture locked in.

A first-of-its-kind formula features powerful Nanoxidil, caffeine, saw palmetto and prebiotics for a proprietary blend that stimulates hair follicles, increases blood flow to the scalp, strengthens the scalp barrier and regulates natural oils. Your locks will thank you.

Japan’s Digital Nomad Visa

Everyone wants to visit Japan. It’s the ultimate bucket list destination. But what if you could live and work there whilst travelling? Soon you can do just that.

The Japan Immigration Services Agency (ISA) has announced plans for a six-month digital nomad visa, expected to fully launch in late March 2024. The visa will be open to remote workers who earn a minimum of ¥10 million (about £52,800) a year and come from a list of 49 countries that includes the United Kingdom, US and Australia.

Individuals must have private health insurance, and the visa also extends to spouses and families.

Tales of the Macallan Volume II Whisky

When it comes to 200th anniversaries, we can all agree that it’s important to go hard or go home. Look back, celebrate, look forward and make it count.

Scottish distillery Macallan is doing just that with its Tales of the Macallan Volume II whisky, a glorious tribute to founder Alexander Reid and his pioneering journey from teacher to whisky master.

Reid’s determination to stick with curiously small stills for better flavour (a practice that went against the prevailing grain at the time) remains a pillar of the distillery to this day and is one such feature celebrated in the second Tales of the Macallan series.

A remarkable 1949 vintage comes encased in a bespoke, hand-crafted Lalique crystal decanter, complete with a beautiful accompanying tome, with chapters illustrated by artist Andrew Davidson.

Diptyque La Droguerie

Here at Ape we live well-scented lives – colognes, hair products, shower products and candles. We like ourselves and our spaces to smell attractive, natural and fresh. Yet, our household cleaning products seem to break this harmony with their toxic and synthetic scents.

Diptyque La Drogeurie therefore makes a lot of sense. A multi-surface cleaner, dishwashing liquid, leather and woodcare polishing lotion, odour absorbing candle and wardrobe fabric refresher make up the five-piece household products range from one of our favourite candle brands.

The range boasts the same luxury scents as its wider stable of products, be it the orange blossom-tinged dishwashing liquid or notes of lavender, cedar and fig tree in the multi-surface cleaner. It might actually make you want to clean the house more.

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