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A Smart Casual Summer With Percival

  • Sep 7, 2023
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A Smart Casual Summer With Percival

London brand Percival knows a thing or two about sharp dressing. Experts in minimalist apparel with a fashionable twist, Percival cranks out exclusive collections made with international fabrics, the finest craftsmanship, and a true understanding of menswear.

As the ultimate specialist in giving the people what they want, Percival’s recent High Summer Collection leans into the qualities we love about the dog days, namely, spending time outside.

Born out of admiration for the bygone forager, the High Summer Collection is distinguished by intricate embroidery, muted neutral colors, and upscale clothing that will be any man’s saving grace during the hottest months of the year.

Ideal for smart casual, resort, or picnic wear, Percival’s High Summer Collection takes all the effort out of looking good. This article breaks down ten pieces we love that will carry you through the steamiest months without breaking a sweat.

Key Takeaways

Drawing heavy inspiration from a walk in the woods, Percival’s High Summer Collection tells the story of a forager. I know what you’re probably thinking… The hunter and gatherer may seem far gone, but trust me when I say that reconnecting to these roots has a powerful impact.

Just imagine wearing clothes that motivate you to spend time under the sun. I’m not saying you’ll start foraging yourself, but perhaps looking down at leaves dotting your sleeves will remind you to get some fresh air.

Percival’s Spring Summer 23 collection is made up of unique pieces depicting forest scenes through tapestry embroidery. Rushing rivers, leafy trees, rosy buds, and cozy cabins. It’s everything summer should be, woven into the fibers of each piece.

Brimming with short sleeve button-downs, crisp tees, sturdy overshirts, and lots of linen, the High Summer Collection has everything you need to get through a steamy July and August. In style, might we add.

Ready to rediscover your roots? Keep reading to dive into all that the High Summer Collection has to offer.

Favorites From The High Summer Collection

Percival’s High Summer Collection: 10 Must-Have Pieces

Your grandma’s favorite blanket meets refined outdoorsmen in this checkerboard Cuban collared shirt. Nice enough for any smart casual function while adding a bit of pizzazz to your outfit, this linen button-down works seamlessly with chinos for a polished warm-weather look.

Its head turning in all the right ways, with subtle pops of color woven into forest scenes with sophisticated embroidery.

Aside from trusty chinos, pair this shirt with breezy linen trousers, pressed slacks, or light-colored shorts. For footwear, consider a classic loafer or boat shoes, accessorized with a five-panel hat for a skater look and a leather belt for cocktail hour.

Percival Cuban Collar Shirt

If the Italians did seersucker, it would look something like this. Made from premium cotton, this textured button-down will be your go-to summer shirt. For nicer occasions, it’s a sleek choice that will keep you cool, even in the depths of August. Plus, the cut is slightly relaxed, which means no hot fabric clinging to your skin.

Lean into the Capri yacht style, wearing this polo with light-colored trousers, linen shorts, and docksiders or leather sneakers. Perfect for summer dates, July office wear, pool parties, and cookouts, this shirt is as effortless as it gets, even if you, in fact, did put in a lot of effort.

Percival Crochet Shirt

Crochet is all the rage these days, and if there’s one thing that Percival does well, it’s a classic take on a modern trend. Despite being the latest fad, this crochet shirt is timeless, leaning into an unmistakably retro look.

It’s something you’d find in the back of your favorite uncle’s closet – he probably wore it bowling in the seventies.

The crochet itself is a work of art, making this shirt a statement piece for any summer outfit. It’s smarter than your average polo and looks stunning with cords and a leather jacket.

It’s the kind of shirt you’ll want to pass down to your kids. That is, once you’ve finished wearing it to death as the crown jewel of your smart casual wardrobe.

Percival Navy Zip Up

There’s nothing like a knit polo. Even better if it’s a zip-knit polo. A casual wardrobe staple for the summer, this shirt is easy to dress up or keep laid back. The loose-knit construction gives it plenty of breathing room – aka no sweaty pits, even on the most sweltering days. And the circular zipper, subtle pocket, and light texture prove that the shirt is a cut above the rest.

Available in navy and mint colorways, this shirt has a longer fit than your average Lacoste polo. If you wear it with shorts, it’s best to style it tucked in.

Or wear it slackened with khakis or tailored linen trousers and a pair of suede loafers. Great for the office or under a light summer suit, this knit polo will easily be the centerpiece of your summer rotation.

Chore Coat Percival

For chillier evenings or nicer events, we love this Percival overshirt as a replacement for a light jacket or a flannel.

The blue opal color gives it an upscale feel, as does the camping-inspired embroidery. It looks equally at home with dark denim as it does with slacks, so don’t be afraid to get creative with how you bust out this piece.

The devil’s in the details with this overshirt, shining through in the patch pockets and complex stitching. Melding forest greenery with the sky-blue fabric gives pure summer vibes to an otherwise tactical garment.

Reminiscent of classic workwear, this high-end overshirt is the missing link for any exceptional summer outfit.

Linen Short Percival

What’s a warm weather wardrobe without linen shorts? This pair from Percival’s High Summer Collection will carry you through the hottest days without a bead of sweat in sight. Outfitted with an elastic waist, drawstring closure, and of course, pockets, these shorts are made for lounging, schmoozing, beach-going… you name it.

Cut in a comfortable, relaxed fit, the linen shorts feature oh-so-slight arboreal prints on the front and back of the garment. Wear them with crisp white t-shirts, light-colored polos, or an Oxford and loafers for a polished look.

Percival Navy linen trousers

If there’s one thing we love Percival for, it’s their linen suits. Available in five neutral colors (including Obama tan #suitgate2014), this warm weather getup is next-level flattering. It’ll carry you through every summer wedding lining your calendar, all without making you want to rip it off the second you find your seat.

Cut from lightweight linen, these suit trousers are beyond breathable and feature subtle detailing like an offset button closure and a slightly tapered fit.

Pair them with the matching tailored blazer, a pressed white button-down, and polished leather derbies. You’ll quickly realize why this is considered the best linen suit on the market.

Percival navy linen suit jacket

Following in the footsteps of the matching trousers, this tailored blazer is the finishing touch for the perfect linen suit. With a regular cut, the jacket is as classic as it gets with an airy material and lightweight lining.

Whether you’re going to weddings in Positano or galas Palm Beach, this suit jacket will get you there in style. We’re particularly big fans of the navy colorway, styled with a light blue button down or a knit polo and finished with a pair of leather dress shoes.

But the same suit in forest green puts a unique spin on summer dress wear, especially if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Percival Tie

There’s no way to survive summer functions without a linen tie. I mean, I guess you could grab one last minute at a department store, but where’s the fun in that? This linen tie keeps it simple with a striped design and two neutral colorways, making it easy to wear with any smart or business casual outfit.

Whether you’re going full blown suit or shirt and tie, this accessory is seamless to pair with anything you already own. Bonus points if you style it with similar creamy hues, but the beauty of the beige is that it’s prime for the summer color palette.

Percival Loafers

Penny loafers are making a fierce comeback, and this rattan pair is a rare spin on an otherwise classic. Crafted from premium Italian suede and leather, these shoes are serving major mafia, albeit the OGs from Sicily rather than New Jersey.

Wear them with your linen suit, a pair of tailored trousers, or even slick shorts. Yep, they’re the shoe that can do it all.

Coming out of a fierce collaboration with Duke and Dexter, Percival has pulled out all the stops while crafting the ideal, where anywhere summer footwear. These rattan loafers drop on June 22, so make sure your calendar is clued in.

How to Style Percival’s High Summer Collection

The best part of Percival’s High Summer Collection is its ease of wear. Packed with uncomplicated pieces, the assortment of garments takes the pain out of looking good during the hottest months of the year. Just about everything in the collection can be styled with other Percival pieces or, better yet, with the clothes already lining your wardrobe.

Play it close to the vest by pairing the High Summer Collection with similar colors – creamy beige, sage green, deep navy, and sky blue.

You can also put a tactical spin on the collection since it was heavily inspired by the great outdoors. Balance out the Cuban collared shirts and polos with classic workwear pieces like chore coats, cargo shorts, and brimmed hats. Or dress them up with nice slacks or tailored trousers worn with dress shoes.

Most of the pieces in Percival’s High Summer Collection work smoothly with closet staples, oftentimes acting as a parred back statement piece for a warm weather outfit.

Combining landscape embroidery, a nature-fueled color palate, and unique garments made from high quality materials, it’s never been easier to look fly during the summer.

Final Thoughts

Fusing modern trends with timeless designs, Percival’s High Summer Collection is the cream of the crop. When it comes to warm weather dress, you’ll be hard pressed to find pieces that embody the essence of summer the way this collection does. Designed for the contemporary gentleman, the High Summer Collection will see you through the steamy months in style.

Click here to explore the entirety of the High Summer Collection by Percival.

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