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A Film-Used 1967 GT40 From Ford v Ferrari Is For Sale

  • Dec 21, 2023
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A Film-Used 1967 GT40 From Ford v Ferrari Is For Sale

Directed by James Mangold, Ford v Ferrari was a 2019 film that chronicled the Blue Oval’s quest to dethrone the Prancing Horse at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. While the movie centered around cars and racing, the story transcends the interest of just motorsport enthusiasts, with this tale of drama, determination, perseverance, and ingenuity, managing to appeal to mainstream audiences and garnering the movie critical acclaim. As a result, the film-used vehicles and props seen in the flick have become highly sought-after by collectors. And such is the case with this now-for-sale Ford GT40 replica that was featured extensively in the 2019 film. 

Built in the early 2000s, this Ford v Ferrari movie appears to be the real deal, though is in fact a more modern replica made by South African outfit Cape Advanced Vehicles. As such, this replica GT40 is constructed around CAV’s own full stainless steel monocoque chassis. At the heart of the movie car is a mid-mounted 7.0-liter (427ci) small block Ford Racing V8 that’s been fitted with aluminum race heads, electronic fuel injection, and a four-speed Colloti manual gearbox — making this the only actual Ford-powered GT40 used in the film’s production. Capable of doing 0-60mph in around 4.5 seconds, this film-shown specimen is now said to put down 436hp and 474ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. 

Riding on a set of 15” BRM wheels, this CAV GT40 was originally completed with a replica Gulf Oil race livery. Before arriving on set, the replica was earmarked to be repainted in a classic (and period-correct) Indigo Blue hue, though the powder blue and orange scheme was so pristine that the production instead opted to cloak the thing in an Indigo Blue vinyl wrap that it still wears today — thereby also preserving the underlying Gulf livery. The condition of the replica lead the production to select it for use as a static display car. So, while it was never utilized in any racing or driving scenes, it’s nonetheless heavily featured in a variety of shots, in both the foreground and background. 

Sold with a certificate of authenticity and a myriad of signed posters and other memorabilia from the 2019 flick, this film-used 1967 Ford GT40 replica movie car from Ford v Ferrari is currently for sale through Edmond-based dealership Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma with an asking price of $254,995. 

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