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9 Best Musk Colognes – Top Musky Perfumes For Men 2024

  • Feb 16, 2024
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9 Best Musk Colognes – Top Musky Perfumes For Men 2024

Do you find your cologne fades away too quickly? When it comes to the best men’s fragrances of all time, musk is earthy, clean, and long-lasting. If your goal is to attract the perfect partner, musk’s distinct fragrance is a real head-turner.

The best musk cologne for men is complex, potent, and for skilled perfumers, an amazingly versatile scent. Its fragrance is crisp, fresh, and inviting, making it the perfect base for a wide variety of top notes.

Philip Kraft, a well-known German fragrance chemist, reveals: “The more one studies its character, the more contrasting, vibrant and oscillating musk becomes. It is repulsive-attractive, chemical-warm, sweaty-balmy, acrid-waxy, earthy-powdery, fatty-chocolate-like, pungent-leathery, fig-like, dry and\nutty and woody, to give just some impressions.”

Creating perfume is art, not science, and we really consider ourselves true cologne connoisseurs. We’re happy to share with you our pick of the 9 best musk colognes for men. So, scroll to get the lowdown on all the info you need to make the right choice.

The House of Versace is known for its crisp, masculine colognes, which are perfect for musk-loving men. The best musk cologne in the collection is Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue.

Musk is undeniably one of the most prominent base notes and is the ideal foundation for the bright, citrus opening. Notes of black pepper, patchouli, and tonka bean ground the scent, adding depth to balance the lightness.

We recommend switching up your scent to complement the seasons. But, if you want just one fragrance to see you through the year, you can’t go far wrong with this versatile, crowd-pleaser.

Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, fig leaf, patchouli, violet leaf, musk, tonka| Size: 1oz, 1.7oz, 3.3oz | Season: All Seasons

If you’re trying to hunt down a white musk cologne, what’s better than a fragrance literally called White Musk? The Body Shop White Musk for Men makes the best musk perfume for men on a tight budget.

Despite its name, this fragrance isn’t a one-note wonder. Crisp white musk blends with soft lavender, creamy sandalwood, and citrusy geranium. It’s not a groundbreaking scent, but it does give that fresh laundry, just-stepped-out-the-shower vibe that musk-loving men are often after.

This wallet-friendly fragrance gains extra brownie points for being cruelty-free, vegetarian, and made with 93% natural ingredients.

Notes: Lavender, jasmine, geranium, musk, sandalwood, tonka, vetiver | Size: 2.3oz | Season: All Seasons

Body Shop white musk cologne

Musk is often described as earthy and woodsy. Many of the best musky colognes balance this note with vanilla’s rich and creamy smoothness.

Chanel Allure Homme boasts an incredible 25 notes. It sounds a lot, but unless you have an expert-level nose, these notes won’t hit you all at once. After spritzing, you’ll get an initial dose of creamy vanilla citrus. As the scent dries down, the zesty ginger and pepper come through. Over time, as the cologne fully develops, you’ll get the warm, musky-wood effect.

Skin type, pH levels, and hormones affect how cologne reacts on its wearer. Since not all guys have the same skin type, each person will experience different prominent notes. With so many notes to offer, Chanel Allure Homme is a scent that becomes unique while connecting to its wearer. 

Notes: Lemon, peach, ginger, mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, vetiver, rose, jasmine, vanilla, tonka, sandalwood, amber, musk| Size: 5oz | Season: All Seasons

Chanel Allure Homme EDT

Are you having trouble finding the best musk cologne for the summer season? There’s one key reason why that might be. Musk is unique in that it is both an accord and a note.

In perfume terms, an accord is a group of ingredients that provide an overall scent. Whereas a note is a singular ingredient. In which case, a cologne may smell musky without having musk listed as a note.

So, if you’re shopping online using search filters, the best musk colognes may escape you. Jimmy Choo Man is the perfect example. It’s a fruity cologne with a musky, woody base and no sign of musk or wood in its fragrance notes.

Pineapple leaf and melon scream summer. Like a sweet and boozy tropical cocktail, everyone will want to keep coming back to you for more.

Notes: Pineapple leaf, suede, lavender, melon, pink pepper, patchouli | Size: 3.3oz | Season: Spring, Summer

Jimmy Choo Man EDT

The best musk cologne for winter is one that captures the spirit of the season. Narcisco Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir is deep and sensual with warm nutmeg and sweet and spicy cardamom top notes. The base features a musky heart surrounded by ebony wood, cedar, and vetiver.

Imagine sipping hot mulled wine in the middle of a Christmas tree farm. Specific, yes, but that’s the image this olfactory delight conjures.

Unlike many spicy wood scents, Bleu Noir isn’t overpowering or heavy. Instead, it’s a daytime-friendly, everyday winter winner. Longevity is fair, but you may find you need to re-apply it after 4-5 hours.

Notes: Cardamom, nutmeg, musk, vetiver, cedar, ebony wood, amber | Size: 3.3oz | Season: Fall, Winter 

Narcisco Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir EDT

Maison Francis Kurkdjian went from unknown to world-famous practically overnight when the perfume house’s Baccarat Rouge 540 became a Tik Tok hit. Now, the brand’s full range is getting more attention.  

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Gold is the best musk cologne for men and women. It is the perfect blend of amber-wood, warm musk, and creamy vanilla that challenges traditional men’s cologne stereotypes. It’s an inviting, gourmand scent ideal for those transitional seasons like Spring and Fall.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances carry hefty price tags, and Gentle Fluidity Gold is no exception. As with all luxury purchases, we recommend you try a sample before committing to a full-size bottle.

Notes: Vanilla, amber, musk, juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander | Size: 3.3oz | Season: Spring, Fall

The luxury fragrance house Creed took inspiration from the French emperor and infamous military leader Napoleon Bonaparte when creating Aventus. This cologne is masculine, compelling, and elegant. If you’re looking to indulge yourself, Creed Aventus is the best musk cologne.

The fragrance opens with apple, blackcurrant, pineapple, and bergamot. But this is far from being a generic, fruity scent. A heart of rose, birch, patchouli, and jasmine is the perfect transition to the musky, vanilla base. While Creed Aventus isn’t a single-season scent, we do find it performs best in warmer temperatures.

Aventus has such a cult following that many other cologne brands have tried to replicate. There are some alternatives on the market, but they naturally don’t have the complexity and quality of the original.

Notes: Pineapple, bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, birch, patchouli, rose, musk, oak moss, ambergris | Size: 3.3oz | Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Creed Aventus EDP

Launched in 2000, Burberry Touch for Men is a timeless men’s cologne that’s fresh and powdery. It’s the best musk cologne for work and everyday wear because of its simple, smart, and inoffensive scent.

White musk is listed in the base but is one of the first notes to come through, along with violet leaf. This is what gives the fragrance its trademark crisp and clean feel. Burberry Touch may not have guys stopping you to ask what you’re wearing, but if you want to make a long-lasting first impression, this is the one to reach for every time.

This Burberry fragrance is timeless, which is most likely why it’s still viewed as one of the best musk colognes for men.

Notes: Violet leaf, mandarin, white pepper, nutmeg, cedar, white musk, tonka, vetiver | Size: 1oz, 1.7oz, 3.3oz | Season: Spring, Fall

Burberry Touch for Men EDT

Remember when we mentioned those Creed Aventus alternatives? We’re not naming names, but if you happen to love Aventus and hate the price tag, you may want to read on.

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man features a blend of pineapple, blackcurrant, apple, lemon, birch, rose, jasmine, musk, ambergris, patchouli, and vanilla. Sounding familiar?

When experts review cologne, two key factors they consider are sillage and projection. We could get fancy, but basically, sillage is how much of a scent trail your perfume leaves behind. Projection is how far your cologne radiates from your skin.

Club de Nuit Intense Man is a beast when it comes to sillage and projection, making the price point even more impressive. This is also what makes it the best musk cologne for date nights and special occasions where you want to be noticed.

Notes: Pineapple, blackcurrant, apple, lemon, birch, rose, jasmine, musk, ambergris, patchouli, and vanilla | Size: 3.6oz | Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man EDT

What to Look for When Searching For The Best Musk Colognes for Men


Projection is how far a fragrance radiates its scent into the air. The projection is ‘loud’ at the first spray and fades slowly. To improve this, moisturize your skin 15 minutes before spritzing and walk through a chest-level fragrance mist. Also, spray your wrists and inner elbows as your arms and hands move continually.

During the day or at work, you may want a lighter projection of fragrance, so a great buy is Burberry Touch for Men. But when the sun goes down, the best musk cologne for date night is Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man.

How long does it last?

The best musk cologne for men is woody, earthy, and intense. It combines well with your body’s natural scent to provide a long-lasting fragrance that lingers long after you have left the room. Depending on how much you spray, the intensity of the fragrance, the weather, and your skin type, it will typically last for 4-8 hours.

The most long-lasting fragrances on our list are Creed Aventus, Chanel Allure Homme, and Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man. If you like to take your scent up a notch in the night and don’t want your daytime cologne lingering, The Body Shop White Musk for Men is the perfect, light option.


As the seasons change, so do your feelings and emotions, making sense for your scent to compliment the time of year. In Spring, Chanel Allure Homme’s citrus, floral musk scent is one of the best musk colognes for men. In summer, modern and fresh Jimmy Choo Man has tropical notes which represent the sexy summertime perfectly.

Fall fragrances are equally seductive. A good choice here, with a spicy vanilla amber note and an overdose of musk, is the unisex and ethereal Gentle Fluidity Gold by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. As the year approaches its end, Narciso Rodriguez’s Bleu Noir is woodsy and spicy and will bring warmth to the cold winter air.


    • Musk is a heavy base note scent that features in colognes and perfumes. The best musk colognes for men are earthy, woodsy, and long-lasting. It’s a primal, intoxicating scent that is incredibly attractive to both sexes. Swiss perfumer Christine Nagel says, “Musk is the most carnal of all fragrance ingredients. It conveys a thin-skinned sensuality, and it can easily arouse all the senses.”

      • In the 19th century, musk came from the male musk deer’s abdominal glands. Thankfully, today the musk in cologne is mostly synthetic. This synthetic musk recreates the fresh, subtle, and clean scent of powdery musk but is cruelty-free. It’s also possible to extract the scent from certain plants.

        • In the fragrance world, perfumes and colognes have top, middle, and base notes. Musk is most often a base note and is woody and earthy. It walks a fine line between different fragrance categories, so perfumers blend it with other scents. The range of musk colognes available is incredibly versatile. From light, fruity scents to spicy-woody colognes, there’s a musk cologne to suit every style.

          • Musk is popular for creating traditional, grounded, and sensual colognes. It’s a mysterious ingredient that settles on everyone’s skin differently, so it is highly individualistic. Some colognes are leathery, others sweet or animalistic, so the best musk cologne is one that suits your style, mood, and personality. A study from the University of Sterling, Scotland, reveals that guys naturally choose a cologne that works best with their body scent.

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