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9 Best Cigar Lighters For Men – Torches to Electric Picks For 2023

  • Aug 8, 2023
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9 Best Cigar Lighters For Men – Torches to Electric Picks For 2023

I see you, 19th-hole golf guy posturing with your bleary-eyed weekend buddies. You too, legit cigar aficionado laughing at said golf guy. I see all of you, and I raise you the best cigar lighter—nay, the 10 best cigar lighters—in the eastern hemisphere. Hell, I’ll even throw in all the other hemispheres while I’m at it.

What constitutes a quality cigar lighter for one smoker may not translate to the next. The flame that’ll work best for you depends on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and how often you light up.

With that in mind, this list is going to cover a lot of ground, from budget and luxury lighters to table-top lighters and standout pieces that make for great holiday gifts. So grab a stick, sidle up to the nearest mahogany-rich study, golf course, or campfire, and let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways 

The best cigar lighter for you is the one that torches your stogies just the way you like them. That said, butane fuel results in a cleaner burn that helps maintain a cigar’s integrity, and a torch flame is more versatile than the equally effective (and purist-preferred) soft flame.

And if it happens to be affordable like my pick, Scorch Torch Triple Flame Lighter, all the better. Another solid and equally approachable option is the S.T. Dupont Defi Xtreme Lighter. I don’t envy your decision, but I also kind of do.

Another pocket-friendly lighter with a punch cutter attachment, the Scorch Torch Triple-Flame Lighter is a handsome, sleek butane number that’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes.

Its three jets are strong, windproof, and ready for indoor or outdoor use. If you’re a fidgeter or the type who appreciates a satisfying light, then you’ll love the Scorch Torch’s slide switch. Flick it down and the triple torch flame is ready for action. Release the switch and there it goes. Its parts are strong, but keep in mind this is a budget option. If you’re looking for more longevity, you’ll be better served by the more premium options on this list.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

S.T. Dupont Defi Xtreme Lighter

Based in Paris, S.T. Dupont has been producing luxury lighters for well over a century. It’s a household name among cigar aficionados and those who appreciate impeccably made products.

The Defi Xtreme Lighter, as the name implies, is incredibly resilient in all temperatures and in all situations. In other words, should you find yourself in the unlikely yet gloriously enviable position of lighting a cigar while dog sledding in Antarctica, this lighter will be up for the challenge. Otherwise, it’s an eye-catching torch to keep handy during formal occasions or rooftop-adjacent cocktail parties.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

Tomolo Triple-Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

The best cigar torch lighters aren’t always the ones that are designed to impress or built to withstand extreme conditions. Sometimes all you need is an inexpensive two-pack of butane lighters with over 4,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Oh look—now is one of those times.

The emphasis of Tomolo’s Triple-Jet Torch Cigar Lighter isn’t necessarily on indestructible materials, so this is another product that’s not going to last forever. But I’ll be damned if these little guys aren’t the perfect stocking stuffers for a cigar lover in your life. Otherwise, picking up where longevity leaves off is a powerful, adjustable flame, built-in punch cutter, attractive design, and a size that’s just right for tagging along on all your adventures.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

Houseplant Car Lighter

Co-founded by actor Seth Rogen, Houseplant is a lifestyle and smoking accessories brand with a retro, minimalist aesthetic and a penchant for sweating the small stuff in all the right ways. Houseplant’s Car Lighter functions just like those old-school car lighters, pop-up action and all. Thankfully for you and your coffee table, this iteration has received a hefty design upgrade.

Made of polished gray or green marble, you’re working with a tabletop electric unit that comes with a five-foot power supply. When it’s not in use, the square conversation piece makes for a smart, deliberate design choice capable of elevating your living room, study, or (if you’re lucky) sunken conversation pit. When it’s time to smoke, you’ll simply press the lighter into the base and wait for it to pop up.

Fuel: Electric | Flame: Electric

Explorer Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Here we have a less-than-comely bright orange plasma lighter. As you might expect, you’ve found yourself at the part where we’re going to talk about camping, day-tripping, and other activities that don’t involve lighting cigars while wearing a tie or trying to appear anything other than ruggedly prepared.

Now that the stage is set, feel free to fully embrace the Explorer Dual Arc Plasma Lighter and its adventure-friendly features. It’s compact, waterproof, buoyant, and functions properly even at high altitudes. One thing to note is that this lighter doesn’t run on fuel, so you’re better off leaning on it for short trips unless you plan on having USB port access for recharging.

Fuel: Electric | Flame: Electric

Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter

Like Houseplant’s offering, Alec Bradley’s The Burner table-top torch lighter is a standout conversation piece that makes for a great gift, drips cigar-lighting know-how, and looks cooler than it probably should.

The Burner deploys a wind-resistant flame that’s fully adjustable to suit your torching needs. Another added bonus that makes this a nice set-it-and-forget-it option is its substantial 1.4-ounce fuel canister that purportedly holds enough butane to light 1,000 cigars. Hope you like cigars.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

Tesla Coil Arc Lighter

Like its orange counterpart, the Explorer, the Tesla Coil Arc Lighter is ideal for active adventures that are rugged, but not rugged enough to prevent you from busting out a cigar and enjoying a few puffs in the great outdoors.

The rechargeable electric lighter creates a windproof arc that’ll get the job done regardless of the conditions. Though it’s compact, durable, and capable, this isn’t a lighter that you’ll want to make your standalone, everyday carry. It’ll light a cigar and light it well, but this particular product will best serve you as a break-in-case-of-hiking-trip option.

Fuel: Electric | Flame: Electric

Vertigo Churchill Lighter

Whether you’re a frequent puffer or tend to find yourself around people who are, it’s never a bad idea to keep a powerful and trusty source of flame on standby in your pocket. Enter the Vertigo Churchill Lighter in all its four-torch glory.

It’s got a large fuel tank and a retractable cigar punch (yes, the latter is certainly becoming a theme here). The Vertigo is a no-frills, everyday lighter made with quality and functionality in mind. Stick it in your pocket, grab a cigar, and don’t overthink it.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

Siglo Retro II Lighter

The best cigar lighter—and certainly the best-looking cigar lighter—in the compact category has to go to the Siglo Retro II. This striking little fella will fit oh-so-perfectly in your pocket and is sure to fetch compliments every time you take it out.

Each of the 10 striped colorways helps lend these lighters their handsome Art Deco look. And on the functional side, the torch flame gets the job done and there’s an integrated safety mechanism to help prevent accidental ignition. “That’s great, but does it come in a tasteful tin box that also helps make this an ideal gift?” Ah, thought you’d never ask. Yes. Yes, it does.

Fuel: Butane | Flame: Torch

What To Look For In The Best Cigar Lighters

Fuel Type

Your search for the best cigar lighter should include an exploration of the type of fuel it uses. For best results and a cleaner burn that stays true to the cigar’s intended taste, opt for a butane lighter. Lighter fluid, the most common alternative, can result in a chemical or gas-y taste.


Cigar lighters typically feature one of two main flame types: torch or soft. Ideally, both will be fueled by the cleaner-burning butane. Torch flames are the most versatile and common cigar lighters, but soft-flame butane lighters—if deployed properly—are also favorites among purists.

Size And Style

Lest we overlook the obvious, the size and overall aesthetic of your cigar lighter are key. What is the best cigar lighter for the golf course? What about when you’re camping? Do you have clients to impress? Is this a gift for the guy who has everything? In addition to the functional aspects of your flame, it’s worth considering whether its size and appearance play nicely with what you typically find yourself getting into.

Final Verdict 

Thanks to their cleaner burn and easily controllable flame, butane torch lighters are your best bet when it comes to properly lighting cigars. And unless it’s strictly a showpiece, durability and affordability should also be top of mind.


    • Certain lighters can ruin your cigar’s taste and the overall smoking experience. To avoid a chemical taste and to keep the smoke pure, use butane lighters instead of standard products that may use lighter fluid. And using a torch lighter will give you more flame control, which helps keep the tobacco intact.

      • Zippo lighters typically use lighter fluid which can make your cigar taste like chemicals or gas. The general consensus among the cigar community is that lighting your cigars with a Zippo can seriously compromise their integrity.

        • For best results and a cleaner burn, use a butane torch lighter. Preheat the foot of the cigar (the part you light) by slowly rotating it above your flame, being careful to avoid direct contact. Periodically blow into the foot and continue rotating over the flame. You’re ready for your first puff when the edges are uniformly darkened and glowing embers are present.

          • Each manufacturer has specific recommendations, so consult your owner’s manual before refilling your butane lighter. In most cases, you’ll start by turning it upside down and “bleeding” the fuel tank by pressing down on the fill valve with a multitool, pen, or mini-screwdriver. This releases excess air and lowers the lighter’s pressure. From there, insert your butane can into the lighter’s fill valve for a few seconds, remove it, then repeat until it’s once again full.

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