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9 Autumn/Winter Accessories All Stylish Men Should Own

  • Oct 30, 2023
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9 Autumn/Winter Accessories All Stylish Men Should Own

Anyone can throw on a shirt, a coat and a pair of pants, but it’s the little details that make an outfit sing. Knowing how to accessorise is what separates the boys from the men sartorially speaking, and at no time is this more apparent than in autumn and winter.

The colder months present an annual opportunity to accessorise like mad. There are countless ways to spice up your outfits, add little punches of colour and texture to your wardrobe, and keep yourself cosy in the process. Whether it’s a luxurious scarf, an upgrade to your sock game or even a winter-specific fragrance, these finishing touches are what take autumn/winter outfits from good to godlike.

If you’re unsure of what accessories to invest in as we head into the cold, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a handpicked list of the most stylish (and best-smelling) extras to bring some personality to your looks.

Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious knitted fabrics out there. It’s warm, incredibly soft to the touch and an absolute pleasure to wear. In an ideal world, we’d all have multiple cashmere pieces to call upon when the weather turns cold, but in reality this stuff is rather expensive.

Cashmere scarves are still pricey, but they’re generally more affordable than a larger piece like a sweater or cardigan. Plus, you can wear them with everything, which really maximises the return on investment in terms of cost per wear.

From a high-street brand, you can expect to get a plain cashmere scarf for around £50, but for premium options from luxury brands you can end up paying well into the hundreds.

Winter Fragrance

Don’t underestimate the seasonality of certain fragrances. That light, zesty, citrusy, floral scent that carried you through the summer so capably might well find itself withering under the weight of lower temperatures. What you need is something dark and rich that can punch through the cold.

While light fragrances work well in warm weather, heavy ones work better in winter. Think leather, wood, spice, oud, smoke and tobacco. Not only do these types of scents evoke feelings of winter, they also cut through the cold air much more effectively, giving them greater sillage than their lighter counterparts.

A few of our favourites are Wonderoud by Comme des Garçons, Amber by Laboratory Perfumes, Black Oudh by Reiss and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.

Merino Beanie

Merino is one of the best natural insulators on the planet. It locks in heat while still allowing the skin to breathe, it dries quickly and it doesn’t take on funky odours as willingly as most other knitted fabrics. All of this makes it fantastic for winter headgear.

A merino beanie can be as subtle or boisterous as you like, the key thing is what it’s made from. You should expect to pay a little more than what you would for scratchy lambswool or acrylic, but it’s worth the extra investment if you ask us.

Asket makes an excellent understated version for £35, and it comes in a range of tasteful and seasonally appropriate colour options.

Light-Tint Sunglasses

The sun may not be shining with its usual ferocity, but it is there, which means those eyes still need some protection from UV rays. Not only that, a pair of shades is a well-known cheat code when it comes to giving your outfit an instant touch of cool-guy energy.

For autumn and winter, we’d suggest going for a lightly tinted lens in an acetate frame. Choose the frame according to your face shape, and pick a lens through which the eyes can still be seen. A brown or green tint is always a good bet rather than boring old black.

Thick (But Interesting) Socks

Those ultra-practical hiking socks might be thick and comfy, but let’s be honest, they’re not doing anything for your street cred. Instead, go for something similarly cosy that offers a bit of personality.

A nice speckled knit, a fair isle pattern or even tie dye can all look great and will help to give your winter outfits that extra touch of character.

Check out RoToTo, Anonymous-ism and Beams Plus for some excellent options.

Cold-Weather Cap

That flimsy cotton baseball cap you’ve been wearing all summer simply isn’t going to cut it when the mercury drops. If you want to keep wearing a peak, you’ll have to pick up something with a little more loft to it.

The best caps for cold weather are made from materials like wool, felt, cord, fleece or anything else that helps to trap heat and insulate. If it’s really chilly where you live, you might even want to consider buying one with built-in ear flaps.

Take a look at brands like Stiksen, Noah, Patagonia and Carhartt, all of which make some solid options.

Driving Gloves

Who said gloves can’t be suave? A pair of leather driving gloves is a time-honoured winter classic that looks great with smart-casual and tailored attire in the cold weather.

Go for a versatile black or brown and you can wear them with all sorts of different outfits. Granted, they’re not the warmest gloves on the market, but they turn an accessory that often ruins winter looks into one that enhances them.

We’d recommend spending as much as you can afford in order to get a quality pair that will last you for many years to come.

Gore-Tex Gloves

Driving gloves aren’t for everyone. If you find the look a little too Alan Partridge for your liking, you could go for an ultra-practical Gore-Tex glove instead. They don’t really work with tailoring, but if your primary concern is keeping your hands warm and dry, and you spend most of your time in casual clothes, they’re going to be the best option for you.

Gore-Tex works by blocking water droplets from entering while still allowing water vapour to escape. This means your hands will be able to breathe while staying bone dry and protected from the elements.

Some brands to shop include Arc’teryx, Elmer and Hestra.

Off-Beat Beanie

Wearing a beanie is a great excuse to work some colour, pattern and/or texture into your winter outfits. You could go for a chunky textured knit, an eye-catching pattern or simply a bold, vibrant colour.

Big logo beanies are having a bit of a moment in the gorpcore world, with brands like Arc’teryx, Roa and Ostrya serving up colourful options bearing oversized branding. For something a bit less on the nose, why not go for a hand-knitted beanie with some nice texture to it? A classic ribbed knit will always look good, and you could go for something with a subtle fleck in the wool to make it stand out.

Try MHL, Drake’s and Uskees for starters.

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