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8 of the best men’s rings for under £500 from GentleBands

  • Feb 24, 2024
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8 of the best men’s rings for under £500 from GentleBands

Men’s rings are the sport of jewellery that can really make a difference to your overall aesthetic statement in conjunction with your outfit so finding brands that tally with your sense of style is a must. One of the coolest brands when it comes to men’s jewellery and accessories is that of Gentlebands and they’ve got one of the best line ups of men’s rings anywhere out there.

If you’re looking to get your hands on (and in) some under $500 this winter, check out our pick of 8 of the best from GentleBands below:

The Black Label Ring

Just as a vintage suit that never goes out of style, the Black Label Ring from Gentlebands is an all-time classic. Black on gold, this timeless combination signifies reality and elegance.

The Lava Ring

Kick things off with tungsten carbide chased with elegant gold, then nestle within it a loop of genuine aged whiskey barrel oak and, voila, you’ve got Gentlebands’ awesome-looking The Lava Ring. Add a dram of courage, a dash of dignity and you’ll see why this one is one of the brand’s best-sellers.

The Huntsman Ring

A robust loop of highly durable tungsten carbide contains a unique triple-inlay design that immediately catches the eye – say hello to the Huntsman Rin. A single ringlet of polished elk antler is nestled between twin ribbons of authentic aged whiskey barrel oak. Contrasting colours and stunning textures bring a look that is aged to perfection.

Sound of Silence Ring

Here’s something really unique for music lovers out there: a polished black ceramic band that contains a burnished grey oak inlay that cradles a distinctive golden guitar string. The hypnotic aesthetic of circles within circles celebrates a perpetually meaningful melody that always sounds just right.

The Eternus Ring

This ultra-dense meteorite, lavender opal and ceramic amalgam of Gentlebands’ The Eternus Ring has an iridescent lustre that echoes stars and nebulae against the black curtain of space. Embrace your romantic destiny with this emblem of a love vast, eternal, and majestic.

The Euphoria Ring

The eye-catching combination of blue sandstone and black sand crystals creates a glittering cobalt ribbon, artfully encased in black tungsten in a hammered and brushed finish. The Euphoria Ring from Gentlebands is a crowd-pleaser that’s as joy-inducing as its name suggests.

The Spark Ring

It’s not an exaggeration to say this ring is one in a million. Made from elements that ensure it is a truly unique and powerful specimen. These include genuine dinosaur bone fragments, from T-Rex and Triceratops fossils harvested from the Hell Creek Formation. And authentic ore from the Muonionalusta meteorite. Just doesn’t get cooler than this.

The Steel Ring

The ultimate in understated refinement and sophistication, The Steel Ring from Gentlebands is one of our favourites here at The Coolector. Made from robust titanium, it boasts sleek lines and a rugged sense of elegance.

Last but not least, the guys at GentleBands have just launched a new collection of awesome-looking chains priced at just £50. They developed this collection based on feedback from their loyal customers, many of whom are engaged in hands-on work where wearing a ring may not always be feasible or convenient and GentleBands wanted to offer them an alternative that is just as stylish and eye-catching. Mission-accomplished.

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