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8 Best Watches for Young Men to Set New Trends in 2024

  • Apr 5, 2024
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8 Best Watches for Young Men to Set New Trends in 2024

Besides personal hygiene, one of the first things people notice about you is your accessory game. When it comes to wristwear, though, there are so many kinds of watches it’ll make your head spin. Finding the right pick for you can be hard, but we’ve compiled the best watches for young men to help you out.

Take it from me, the moment you learn to accessorize, you’ll carry yourself with a lot more poise and confidence. It’s not all about telling the time – a solid watch on your wrist can tell a story, and you’ll want to make yours a good one.

Whether you’re after the watch to get you through the year or you’re looking to build an entire watch wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with our picks. I genuinely believe there’s a watch out there for everybody, and this list features the very best!

Read on to find the best watches for young men on the market.

Key Takeaways

There’s no shortage of watches out there. I’m not kidding when I say that I reviewed too many to count. But alas, after searching the internet high and low, I’m confident in my findings.

Fossil is behind some of the best watches for young men, and Fossil Townsman is the cream of the crop. It’s exceptionally well-built, has a convenient yet non-cluttered chronograph display, and has a beautiful choice of color combinations.

If you have the budget for it, Nomos Tangente 38 is a masterclass in design. Elegantly combining white, black, and blue with the perfect numeral font and compact size, it more than justifies its price tag.


Why it’s great: Fossil watches have been in the game for only 40 years, but they’ve got the ’60s watch style down to a tee. Available in seven elegant colors and boasting an always-reliable quartz mechanism, this watch comes with two auxiliary dials and is extremely easy to read.

And just look at that swanky leather strap. This thing looks about twice as awesome as its price tag might suggest, and it’s got the lifespan of a luxury watch, too. It is quite simply one of the best watches for young men to own.

Who is this for? This watch is an amazing pick for anyone who likes to keep things retro. It also makes for a great gift since you can get a custom engraving free of charge. Couples very nicely with a reasonable price tag, if you ask me.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Every now and then, you can expect a bit of surface damage on the packaging. The watch itself will be spotless, though, so don’t worry about that one bit.

Case Size: 44 mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 12 mm | Material: Stainless steel case, calf leather strap

NOMOS Tangente 38 Date Men’s Watch

Why it’s great: Good watches for young men can be luxurious, too, and NOMOS is behind one of my favorite high-end watch options. The small case really works in the Tangente 38’s favor – I mean, just look at how sleek it looks. It’s all made that much better by the gorgeous face, eye-catching hour font, and colored hands.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to look good and has the money to spend, that’s who. After all, NOMOS is a big player in the watch industry for a good reason, and they’ve never put out a product that isn’t up to snuff.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The only real catch here is the manual wind-up -–essentially, you have to power the watch yourself. If you ask me, that’s a negligible price to pay to rock one of the sexiest watches of the 21st century.

Case Size: 37.5 mm | Movement: Manual wind-up | Thickness: 6.75 mm | Material: Stainless steel case, leather strap

Baltic Aquascaphe Classic Men’s Watch

Why it’s great: As the name suggests, Baltic Aquascaphe is a diving watch, but that’s not all. The slightly glossy face on the darker models is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, and having the hours on the bezel makes for a very easy read, whether you’re underwater or on dry land. Also, good luck damaging the double-dome sapphire glass.

Who is this for? Besides being one of the good, and I mean really good watches for young men, this watch is the pick for swimmers and divers. Think of how much cooler your underwater photos would look with one of these behemoths on your wrist!

Flaws but not deal-breakers: To compensate for the bezel, the case itself is smaller than what some might be used to. I can’t imagine it being a big problem, though, since the layout is so well thought out.

Case Size: 39 mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 13 mm (11 mm without glass) | Material: Stainless steel case, tropic rubber strap

Amazon Essentials Easy To Read Watch

Why it’s great: Amazon Essentials products can be hit or miss, but you can find some of the best watches for young men shopping on a budget.

The decent-sized case makes it easy to tell the time, and the leather strap feels amazing for a twenty-dollar product. The navy/gold and black/gold options are probably my favorites, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Who is this for? If you’re not ready to splurge but still want a nice-looking watch, it doesn’t get much better than this beauty. It’s also water-resistant, so it can withstand a bit of abuse if you like to go swimming and forget to take it off.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The construction on this isn’t the sturdiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not going to be passing any drop tests or anything, but is it fair to even expect that for the price?

Case Size: 42 mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 11 mm | Material: brass case, leather strap

CASIO Forester Sports Watch

Why it’s great: If you’re looking for something more casual with a bit of cool factor, why not turn to Casio, the champion of them all? In keeping with the nautical-looking design, this bad boy can handle a bit of water, and the large numerals are a huge help if you have bad eyesight.

And did I mention how much I love the combination of the different shades of brown? This is one of the best watches for young men.

Who is this for? This is an amazing watch for sportsmen since it doesn’t irritate your wrist when you get sweaty. Even outside of that, it’s a great accessory for a casual night out if you want something nice-looking that doesn’t attract too much attention.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As far as the strap goes, velcro isn’t exactly the most enduring material out there. Then again, you’ll hardly find anyone online reporting any bad experiences with this one.

Case Size: 41 mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 11 mm | Material: Resin case, velcro strap

Fossil Grant Men’s Watch

Why it’s great: Amazon shoppers absolutely love this thing, and it’s not hard to see why. Incredibly unique-looking while still being easy to read, Grant watches have some of the most eye-catching dials on the market. The chronograph is a welcome addition, too, as is the modest water resistance.

Who is this for? If you like the aesthetic of a “busy” watch face full of features, you’ll really get a kick out of this one. It’s especially great if you’re into daring color combinations and designs (just look at how awesome the silver automatic looks).

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although the case is very durable, some buyers have noted wear and tear on the strap after relatively little use. Still, if you ask me, that’s what gives old-school-looking watches that extra appeal.

Case Size: 44 mm | Movement: Quartz, automatic | Thickness: 12 mm | Material: Stainless steel case, leather band

Donerton Smart Watch

Why it’s great: I have mixed feelings about digital watches, but Donerton’s smartwatch genuinely ticks every box for me. It qualifies as one of the best watches for young men.

The interface is super-intuitive, and it manages to fit a lot of information without feeling cluttered. From monitoring your heart rate to taking calls, it does everything you’d expect a smartwatch to do and then some. Great battery life, too.

Who is this for? Health-conscious guys can get a lot of use out of this watch, what with its sleep monitoring, calorie calculator, and step counter. It’s also one of the better-looking rectangular watches I’ve come across, digital or otherwise, so go for it if that’s your thing.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some users report that it can sometimes be hard to connect the watch to your phone. In my experience, this is a pretty common thing with smartwatches, so it’s unlikely it’ll be a big inconvenience.

Screen Size: 4.69 cm | Movement: Digital | Material: PC/ABS upper casing, TPU strap

Michael Kors Men’s Watch

Why it’s great: A dress watch is a must for swanky get-togethers, and Michael Kors has some great dress watches for young men. The case on this one is large and in charge – it’s eye-catching without burdening your wrist since it’s so thin. Also, some of these color palettes are outrageous in the best possible way.

Who is this for? Do you attend a lot of fancy events where you need to dress to impress? From cocktail parties to meetings with the boss, I guarantee that people will take notice if you wear one of these.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you don’t go for the chronograph models, you may find the face slightly too minimalist. At the same time, this is what gives the watch its allure, in my opinion.

Case Size: 44 mm | Movement: Quartz  | Thickness: 10 mm | Material: Stainless steel

Buying Considerations for the Best Watches for Young Men

Case size

Generally speaking, you’ll want the case size to match your wrist size. For dudes with medium-sized wrists, a case diameter of 38 mm to 42 mm tends to work best. Anything more than that can look out of place, especially with the wrong outfit to go along with it.


As far as the case goes, stainless steel is usually the safest pick. It’s extremely sturdy and resistant to corrosion, although some people can develop allergic reactions to it. Titanium can be a great lightweight alternative, although you’ll find it’s a bit more prone to scratches.


Quartz and automatic are the two most popular kinds of watches today, with the occasional manual watch here and there. Quartz watches are battery-powered and extremely low-maintenance, not to mention they tend to be more affordable.

Automatic watches are wound by the movement of your wrist. The second hand moves in a sweeping motion which some people prefer, but this also makes them more expensive.

How We Chose

Picking out the best watches for young men was no easy feat. After all, there are loads of brands in the wristwear game, and they all claim to manufacture the best of the best.

With that in mind, it took a lot of research to narrow the hundreds of choices down to just eight. In doing so, I considered everything from the companies’ image to forum discussions and reviews.

Customer reviews: What do buyers actually think about the product? The best way to get an idea of a product is to consult the opinion of someone who owns it. If reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then the product makes it onto the list.

Price: Does the product price align with what you’re getting from the deal? At the end of the day, it’s important for us to include picks for every budget range, and this list is no exception.

Company reputation: Does the company have a long line of successful products? If the manufacturer has many quality products under its belt, I’m more inclined to look into what it’s selling.

Why Trust Us?

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Final Verdict 

And that’s a wrap on the best watches for young men. Fossil Townsman is the best option by a mile – it’s got a timeless design, an incredible chronograph build, and a very easy-to-navigate interface. All that at a very fair price.


    • The best watches for young men come in many shapes and sizes. Generally, what you want to aim for is a reasonable price coupled with a modest case size that doesn’t jump out much. Water-resistant options tend to be a good idea too if you’re still not in the habit of taking your watch on and off.

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