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8 Best Shirts for Short Men – Easy Tailored Looks For 2023

  • Oct 26, 2023
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8 Best Shirts for Short Men – Easy Tailored Looks For 2023

Short guy problems? You’re not alone. With the average American male standing at 5ft 8 inches, there are plenty of men that find themselves tiptoeing for the gram. But it’s not just taking photos that’s a challenge—buying clothes is too.

Securing the best shirts for short men can end up causing you a real headache. If it’s not the cuffs covering your knuckles, it’s the baggy chest drowning your torso. However, fear no more. I have a solution. With this guide you can settle your sartorial worries and start adding some real quality to your week-to-weekend wardrobe.

Keep reading for my list of the top shirts every short guy needs. There’s a range of brands and plenty of options for all kinds of occasions and budgets.

Key Takeaways

To ensure I only share the very best shirts for short men, I’ve made my way through the endless styles available across the web—gathering up all of the details, as well as finding out what existing customers have to say about them.

What started as a shortlist (excuse the pun) of 30 designs, has now been narrowed down to eight of the most loved and worn. From Asket’s button-down Oxford to Blugiallo’s everyday essential, allow me to introduce you to the finest shirts in the game.

Why it’s great: Short and stocky? Small and thin? The Oxford shirt is a universally flattering style that’ll ensure you’re suitably dressed for the days in the office, drinks at the bar, and everything in-between. This one from Asket is available in a range of sizes in a short length (yippee) and features vertical stripes that’ll help elongate your torso.

How it feels: It’s made from a soft organic cotton fabric that washes up well and has no problem surviving the bumps and pulls that come with day-to-day life.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It may feel a little too casual for formal outfits, but it’s perfect for pairing with jeans, khakis, or shorts.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton |  Colors: 7 | Sizes: XS-XXL | Style: Casual Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Luca Faloni Siena Pique Shirt

Why it’s great: Money can’t buy you height, but it does get you this Luca Faloni shirt. Suitable for year-round wear, it’s undoubtedly one of the best shirts for short men. Its versatility means it can fall into a number of categories—from summer staples to casual favorites and office must-haves.

How it feels: Cut from a soft and breathable cotton-pique fabric, it feels just like a polo top—boasting a subtle diamond texture you only notice once up close. The light-washed effect gives it the look of an old classic.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The fabric makes this shirt quite casual, which means it’s not ideal for super formal events. If you’re looking for something to wear with a tie, this probably isn’t the shirt for you.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 11 | Sizes: XS-XXXXL | Style: Casual Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Wahts Fleming Jersey Button-Down Shirt

Why it’s great: The Fleming shirt is a cross between the trusty polo and a classic button-down—making it the perfect blend of comfort and style. It’s versatile enough to wear with jeans or khakis, and can be worn alone or on top of a T-shirt from your favorite brand.

How it feels: Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re wearing a polo shirt. This comfy classic is made from pure jersey cotton that has a seriously soft touch.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It’s not cheap, but can you really put a price on comfort? And while the tailored fit will help you in the height department, there’s no option to choose shorter sleeves. If you find them too big, you may need to roll them up.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 9 | Sizes: S-XXXL | Style: Casual Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Asket Overshirt

Why it’s great: A classic addition to any wardrobe, this Asket overshirt will help solve your sartorial headaches. Perfect for those in-between-seasons outfits, you can wear it with a T-shirt on warm days or layer it up as the temperature drops. As with all Asket tops, it’s available in a ‘short’ length.

How it feels: If you’ve ever felt one of those old school military jackets for short men (you know, the kind you can pick up in your local thrift shop), this feels a little like that. The cotton twill fabric is durable, soft, and easy to care for.

Flaws but no dealbreakers: I’ve gone with the khaki version, but I’m aware it’s not going to be for everyone. If you’d prefer something a little more classic, you may want to opt for the navy or dark black. It’s also worth noting that a few customer reviews comment on the snug fit. Check the sizing as you may want to go one bigger if you plan to layer it on top of sweaters or hoodies.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 6 | Sizes: XS-XL | Style: Overshirt | Care: Machine Wash

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Flannel Shirt

Why it’s great: Wallet-friendly and easy to wear, it has a slim-fit silhouette that works well for smaller frames. The rounded hem should fall perfectly around your backside, plus you can roll up the sleeves if they feel a little too long.

How it feels: It’s made from pure cotton, that’s surprisingly soft considering the modest price tag. The medium weight means it’s better suited to winter months.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The casual style means the styling opportunities aren’t endless, yet it pairs perfectly with a wide range of pants—especially when you wear it open with a T-shirt underneath.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 12+ | Sizes: XS-XXL | Style: Flannel Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Mango Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

Why it’s great: Decorated with vertical stripes (great for adding the illusion of extra inches), this summer-ready shirt from Mango is not only affordable but seriously stylish. You can pack it for vacations or wear it at the weekend with your favorite khakis.

How it feels: You may often forget you’re wearing this one. It’s made from a light cotton-blend fabric that’s ideal for the summer.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The lack of sleeves is great for short arms, but it does mean you’ll require warm weather to wear it. If you’re looking for more versatility, you may want to try something else.

Material: 79% Viscose,18% Cotton, 3% Polyamide | Colors: 1 Sizes: S-XL | Style: Short Sleeve Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Savile Row Company Non-Iron Shirt

Why it’s great: Not only can you shorten the sleeves on this Savile Row Company shirt, it requires no ironing. You simply wash it, hang it up, and let it dry. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of convenience I live for.

How it feels: While the shirt has been given the non-iron treatment, it’s still made from cotton. The handle is super soft with a subtle texture thanks to the twill weave.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Unless you’re wearing formal shirts often, you may find this one stays in your closet for long periods collecting dust. But seeing as it comes with an affordable price tag, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Sizes: 14.5-18” | Style: Dress Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Blugiallo Cotton Flannel Shirt

Why it’s great: As a short guy, the easiest way to ensure your shirt fits is to get it custom made. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such luxuries. Getting a tailor can be expensive, let alone time consuming. This Blugiallo shirt can be made to your exact measurements from the comfort of your own home. The process is super simple and ensures the perfect fit.

How it feels: This one is made from brushed cotton, so it’s as soft as a lived-in shirt. There’s no stiffness and it certainly doesn’t cause any itching.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The texture and weight of the fabric makes it ideal for the winter months. While you could wear it on milder days, it’s definitely better suited to cold weather.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Sizes: Custom | Style: Flannel Shirt | Care: Machine Wash

Buying Considerations for The Best Shirts For Short Men


Which style of shirt you choose will depend on personal preference and the occasion you’ll be wearing it for. However, as a short guy, you should always pay particular attention to detailing and patterns. For example, vertical stripes or patterns can help create the illusion of height. In comparison, bold horizontal stripes or large-scale patterns can widen your frame and make you look extra stocky.


Pay attention to the length of the shirt. The ideal length should fall just below the hip or mid-hip to avoid overwhelming your frame. Avoid shirts that are too long, as they can visually shorten your legs and create an unbalanced appearance.


The best shirts for short men have a tailored or slim fit. Avoid shirts that are overly baggy or loose, as they can make you appear smaller. Properly fitted shirts that hug the body without being too tight create a sleek and proportional appearance.

Why You Should Trust Us

As a fashion writer that has been in the business of men’s fashion for over a decade, I’ve held, worn, and wrote about more shirts than you could imagine—accumulating a list of go-to brands, as well as gaining an understanding of how to separate the good from the bad.

Having worked on London’s iconic Savile Row, I also know a thing or two about finding clothes that fit. Using all of my experiences and retail knowledge, I’ve made my way through hundreds of options and narrowed them down to just a few. By keeping my hitlist short, I’ve ensured I only share the very best shirts for short men.

Final Verdict

Finding the best shirts for short men involves careful consideration of length, proportions, fit, and details. By opting for slimmer shirts with the optimum length, you can avoid overwhelming your frame and drowning in fabric.

For an excellent all-rounder that you can wear for pretty much any occasion, Asket’s button-down Oxford is the perfect choice. The vertical stripes help elongate your top half, while the soft yet durable fabric ensures ultimate wearability.


    • Short guys should opt for certain shirt styles that can create the illusion of height and proportion. One of the best options is a slim-fit shirt. These help to create a streamlined silhouette and avoid excess fabric that can overwhelm shorter frames.

      • Short guys can wear long shirts, but it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure a flattering and proportional look. Avoid oversized styles and make sure it doesn’t extend too far past your mid-thigh area. A shirt that is too long can visually shorten your legs and create an unbalanced appearance. Aim for a length that falls around mid-hip or slightly below the hip to maintain proportion.

        • The ideal sleeve length for shirts for short guys is typically around the wrist bone, where the sleeve meets the base of the thumb. Avoid sleeves that extend beyond the wrist or ones that leave too much excess fabric. These can make your arms appear shorter.

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